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WindPouch GO vs WindPouch Lite Reviews 2022

WindPouch GO Inflatable Hammock

WindPouch air lounges are very comfortable, easy to transport, and simple to set up. Their GO Inflatable Hammock is one of the toughest air loungers we’ve reviewed because it holds up to 500 pounds of weight. Yes, this is the inflatable lounger you can share with a friend.
The GO is even more comfy because it has a headrest. Unless you’ve tried other similar products, you can’t know what a difference a head rest makes.
The WindPouch GO is made from polyurethane-coated diamond lattice 70D ripstop nylon with a PVC interior. The exterior shell is the same material found in parachutes, but it’s also coated with a durable water repellent coating. This is an inflatable lounger made specifically for taking on adventures.
The high-quality materials help this air chair stay inflated for 6 hours or more. That’s great when the other brands often need a refill every 2 to 4 hours. It’s not hard to fill—you won’t need an air pump or have to run in circles. See the official WindPouch video for how easy it is to swing and scoop the air to fill it.
The air bag itself measures 96 inches long when it’s not inflated. Once you’ve filled it with air, rolled over the end and clipped it shut, you might still have 7 feet of air hammock to enjoy. That makes the WindPouch GO one of the longest air chairs, perfect for tall people to stretch out on and enjoy. Or three adults can sit on it side by side.
You take it to all sorts of outdoor events because you can use it on pavement, sand, or water. It resists punctures and tearing, and it’s waterproof. WindPouch makes their air hammocks in an Atlanta, Georgia factory. They stand behind their product with a lifetime warranty, something few other manufacturers offer on their air loungers.
It has a large mesh pocket on its right hand side and an elastic bottle holder on the left side. The mesh pocket holds a magazine and your phone, or your tablet and a book. You can hook your sunglasses on the elastic loop or have it secure your drink. You can buy the GO in any one of 6 different colors, three more colors than you can get for the WindPouch Lite.
Besides the GO air lounger, WindPouch includes other goodies in the box. They offer a combination bottle opener and anodized metal carabiner that works with the anodized aluminum stake and stability loop to hold down the WindPouch on a breezy day. There’s also a water-resistant carrying case with a strap. Let out the air and roll it up, then it measures about 15 by 9 by 4 inches in size. Once you load up the GO with all of its accessories, the whole package weighs only 3 pounds 1 ounce.

How to inflate both the WindPouch GO and the Lite

WindPouch’s own instructional video does a great job of illustrating how to inflate the GO, but here’s a quick overview if you’re curious.

WindPouch Lite Inflatable Hammock

If you thought the WindPouch GO was really lightweight, wait till you see the specs on the WindPouch Lite. It weighs only 2.6 pounds, several ounces less than the GO. And that’s essential when you want to take an air lounger up a mountain or on a long hike. And like its brother, the GO air hammock, the Lite has a very comfortable head rest. That’s key to real comfort in an air lounger. If you want to see how it looks in action, watch this brief video.

There are some other differences between the Lite and the GO. Instead of parachute nylon, the Lite Inflatable Hammock is made of 100% polyester in a hexagonal weave. But each seam is triple-stitched for superior reinforcing. The buckle that holds the air bag shut once you fill it and roll it has a double closure for durability. Even though it’s a light-duty inflatable, it’s tough.
Even though the WindPouch Lite weighs less than the GO, it can hold up to 450 pounds. You can share this air lounger with a friend, no worries. It stays inflated up to 6 or 8 hours before you need to refill it. If it starts to sag, simply unbuckle the end and roll it a couple more times to tighten it up.
The Lite is a little smaller than the GO. Fully unrolled and uninflated, it measures 88-inches end to end. That means that once it’s inflated with its ends rolled up and sealed shut, it’s about 6 feet long.
The WindPouch Lite comes in three different colors. It has an elastic loop to hold a drink can or water bottle on the right side, and a large mesh pocket on the left side. The left side pocket is large enough to hold a book, a tablet, or your phone and a magazine. It comes with its own water-resistant carrying pouch with a strap. Once you let out the air and roll it up, it measures about 15 by 9 by 4 inches in size.
WindPouch sells the Lite inflatable hammock with a lifetime guarantee. They make it in an American factory in Atlanta, Georgia, the same as their GO air hammock. And they point out that it’s not made to serve as a flotation device even though similar inflatable loungers are sold as such.
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