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What Is The Best 1000 Yard Scope For The Money 2022?

Best 1000 Yard Scope ReviewThe popularity of 1000 yards scope has increased with tremendously with the fascination towards long range hunting. The scopes enable the user to hit targets at a distance of around 1000 yards. The scope makes it possible for the user to see the object even from a distance and sharpens the aim so that it reaches the target object. The scopes are designed to help one shot longer range by providing extra clarity and precision.
There are different types of scopes present in the market and if you are looking for the best 1000 yard scopes, this guide has everything you need to read. The guide has been prepared by experts after test and trial with each of the product being used personally. The scopes are available with a whole range of specs and power, depending on individual requirement. Read the guide and it will perhaps help you make a better selection.

NameOur RatingPrice
Target Rifle Scope from Mueller4.5$$$
LED Sniper Rifle Scope3.9$
Millet Long Range Riflescope4.0$$$$$

Important Components Of The Yard Scope

There are certain components that make the perfect and efficient 1000 yards scope and it is important for the user to focus on them before purchase.
Glass Quality – The quality of glass for long range scope must be exceptionally good because it helps the user to see clear even at low magnification. The quality of glass is important for crisp, clear and accurate image view.
Scope Reticle – Make sure that the long range scope reticle provides hash marks or dots that are evenly spaced along the vertical and horizontal axis. This helps in measuring the distance and aiming for the target accurately by rotating the turrets. The axis on the reticles ensures proper aiming.
Zoom Power and Range – The magnification and power of zoom are very important while selecting the scope. The power must be in the range of around 18 to 20X so that magnification can be adjusted accordingly as per requirement.
Size of objective lens – The size of the objective lens is a very important consideration and it is recommended to go for the large objective lens rather than using smaller one. It helps in managing and arranging stable alignment.
Turrets – Fingertip-adjustable turrets are very important and it may vary depending on the type of mildot reticles. For MOA type of reticle, turret adjustment is usually ¼ and most of the low to middle range scopes offer a mildot reticle which includes MOA adjustments which are not very comfortable to use. It is important to pick right turret and reticle adjustments.

Top 3 Best 1000 Yard Scope Reviews On The Market 2021

Target Rifle Scope from Mueller

The rifle scope from Mueller is an excellent long range shooting scope which is constructed using superior quality glass material. The magnification range of the scope is exceptionally great that starts with 8X magnification and goes up to a power of around 32X. With such precise level of magnification, the clarity is enhanced at one thousand yards and enables easy aiming with immense accuracy. The clearance of the scope is aided by eye relief of 4 inches.
The objective lens used in the scope is around 44mm which enables the user to use low or medium mounts. It enables the users to make fine adjustments with help of target turrets. If you are looking for precision, accuracy and fine clear view of the target, this scope is something that one must not miss on. It includes a micro-fine cross hair with target dot and allows side focus parallax adjustment.



LED Sniper Rifle Scope

The long distance rifle scope makes to the list of one of the best scopes with its rich and fully equipped features. The scope has a large objective lens of 50mm that ensure good and targeted focus along with 6 to 24 power optic. It is integrated with green and red illuminated Mil Dot reticle inclusive of 3 inches of a long sunshade. It gives a great windage and elevation.
The illumination colors can be switched over according to the environmental preference and are available in red, green and blue color. The sniper or scope is water, fog and shockproof along with various great features like fingertip adjustable turrets, rails, and multi-coated lens. It also is inclusive of 40mm Tube that ensures gathering of maximum light and has 5 level of adjustable reticle brightness for each color.



Millet Long Range Riflescope

The long range scope from Millet is excellent in terms of precision and accuracy. It is a heavy duty rifle scope that gives high-end clarity for shooting objects at long distance range. The magnification or power ranges from 6 to 25X and has a 56mm objective lens for brighter and clearer view.
The 35mm tube gives a great resolution. It gives a crystal clear image of the target with its wide objective lens. The rifle scope includes a fingertip adjustable target turrets and the deep grooves present in it ensure stronger grip.
The glare is prevented and enhances clarity with the integrated long sunshade. The quarter MOA adjustment gives precise adjustments. The scope has great windage and elevation with the equipped mil dot system.




Now, if you want a precise and accurate scope for shooting up to 1000 yards, it is important to pick the right scope. It is practically not feasible to shoot and focus long distance without the use of scopes. But with so many ranges and products in the market, it becomes difficult to even pick the best 1000 yard scopes. Understanding your concern, we have picked the top three scopes along with pros and cons after being tested and tried by shooting experts.


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