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Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Review

Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer

Kids go to school, we go to work, and then on weekends we run errands and stay home;
A real exciting life – that’s what we had here. I was out to change all that. But how?
That’s when I had a brilliant idea. It was a camping trip -that’s what we needed.
A trip out to the lake.
But would that be entertainment enough for the kids? “Hmm,” I thought. I needed to look around for a few lake toys. Something to keep us all entertained on the week-long trip I had planned for us.
I started searching online and I came across this coolest paddle boat. I decided to give the Tower Adventurer 9’10” Inflatable a try. It wasn’t that expensive and definitely looked like fun.
The Tower Adventurer was the perfect paddle boat, especially for us. We aren’t professional or anything. We just like to go for spins, jump out and go swimming.  This was perfect.

What Do I Like About It?

Here are 10 things we like about the Power Paddle boat.
1. It’s Inflatable
This is a high end inflatable boat, which means it won’t easily puncture and adults can use it too. The best part is that it’s easy to carry in the car as you can inflate it with a motorized pump when you get to the lake.
2. It’s Compact
This paddleboard is easy to take anywhere. When inflated it measures 9’10” x 32″ x 6″, but when the deflated it only measures one point in diameter by 33 inches wide when rolled. That means I can put it in any sized car, or even carry it in a backpack when traveling.
3. Durable
This inflatable board is highly durable because it’s made with military grade PVC material. That means you don’t have to worry about it being up against rocks or anything like that – it won’t puncture.
4. Rigid
For an inflatable, this is extremely rigid – enough to take the weight of up to 350 pounds on the water. Really it feels just like the rigid, hard board.
5. 2 Year Warranty
We really like that this is an inflatable with a two-year warranty, which proves to me that the company stands behind their product and believes in the material with which the board is made.
6. Package
The board comes in a package deal that includes a pump and a three-piece adjustable aluminum paddle for easier rolling on rivers or lakes.

7. Not Just for Kids
We really wanted to buy something that we knew that would work for both adults and the kids. This paddleboard does the trick. We can use it for rowing and exercise while out on the lake, and the kids can have fun, too. Best of all when it’s time to go home; we just deflate the paddle board and stick it in the trunk of the car.
8. A Good Way to Get Exercise
We all know that exercise can be boring unless you make it fun. This paddle board makes it fun for us to exercise and get the cardio we need while out on the water.
9. Easy to Learn
Paddle boarding is a fast-growing water sport because anyone of any age and skill can learn how to do it pretty quickly. It offers a great way to get the family to do something together, or to mix up your workout routine.
10. Easy to Clean
This paddle board is one of the easiest things we’ve ever had to maintain. When we are finished at the lake, all we have to do is rinse it off. After a few months it does need a little extra cleanup, which can easily be taken care of with mild soap and water.

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