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Top 5 Things You Must Have When Going Fishing for Best Result

Fishing is an activity that brings immense serenity to your soul. At any point, if you feel the need to get away from the urban hustle and enter the tranquil world of nature, the best way to achieve that is just to plan a fishing trip, an escape to a quiet lake where the fish await you.
When thinking about a fishing trip, there are a few technicalities to consider. You will need a few essential supplies. In this article, we aim to provide you with a checklist that you can refer to while planning a fishing trip.

5 Essential Fishing Supplies

Fishing line

This is one of the most crucial things to have when fishing. The purpose of the fishing line is to connect the fish hook to the fishing rod and reel. There are few things to be considered when deciding upon a fishing line. Your choice will largely depend on the area where you are going fishing.
In a clear area like a stream or an open lake, opt for a transparent line. However, if you are going to a place which has dense greenery, you should go for a green line. This helps camouflage the line and prevents the fish from running the other way. Moreover, a fishing line should also be sturdy enough to hold the fish that you are planning to catch.
Avoid buying lines that are too thin since they might collapse under the weight of the catch. Furthermore, there are two major kinds of fish lines based upon design. They are monofilament line and braid fishing line. The former is the most popular due to being inexpensive as well as effective.
The braid line is sturdier than monofilament line and is better for catching heavier fish. This also goes deeper than the monofilament line.

Spincast Reel

This is a very versatile item when it comes to fishing tools. We all know that fishing requires a rod and a reel. This item will fulfill the reel based need. This is a popular choice for people due to its ease of use as well as versatility.
It is deemed suitable for use in a lot of water types, from freshwater such as lakes and streams to saltwater such as oceans. The spin cast reel also works to catch several kinds of fish, fresh as well as saltwater. The multipurpose nature makes it a favorite among anglers.
Moreover, it is also very effective from the price point. This tool is very beginner friendly and ensures a catch. The ease of use lies in the fact that the reel is designed to keep away line twists and tangles. This type of reel is best used if you are planning on pan fishing.
This is also a great tool to be used if you are a family with kids since these easy reels are very kid-friendly. So now you can enjoy a family trip to the lake where everybody can participate, thanks to spin cast reels.

Spinning Rod

This item is the superstar in all fishing kits. Their design makes them best to be used in freshwater fishing or lake fishing.
However, they are so versatile that they can be used in several fishing situations like fishing in a river, pier fishing and some light fishing in the boat. Their multiple advantages include ease of cast on and the ease of spool replacement. On top of that, the spinning rod offers minimal backlashes as compared to its other counterparts.
These lightweight rods are widely used in fishing along with the spinning reels and these two in combination are a very effective fishing method in any location. They usually have lengths between 4 to 7 feet. Their multi-purpose design makes them suitable for several purposes. These usually are made to fit on to the spin reel.
They offer a major advantage regarding usability. This is because the spooling system keeps the line from tangling in the reel which can be the big issue for you especially if you are an amateur fisher. If you are somebody who goes fishing to a lot of different locations, this might be your best choice.

Bait and Hook

Everybody knows you need bait when fishing. There are 2 major options to choose from. You can get live bait which includes marine worms, shrimps and razor fish among others.
The second type is dough bait which comes in a variety of colors as well as flavors. When opting for bait, it is crucially important to keep in mind your choice of hook. They must be appropriate to hold the bait you are opting for.
However, if you are somebody who cannot digest the idea of handling live bait, then your best bet would be sung lures. These can attract the target just as well. As mentioned above, this should be chosen in accordance to the bait.
Moreover, the type of fish you are hoping to catch must also be kept in mind when choosing the hook. Fortunately, hooks are one of the most inexpensive items you will have in your kit. It is a very good idea to keep a variety of assorted hooks to suit every situation so that you may never be caught off-guard.

Sinker and Float

Sinker is the thing that takes your bait to a certain depth in the water. These are heavy articles that will give some weight to your line. These are usually made of lead. The float is what it helps it stay there. This is very essential when targeting a certain kind of fish. Certain fish are found at certain depths and the float comes in very handy when trying for a certain species.
This was all about gear. Apart from the fishing gear, there are other important things to bring. When going on any outdoor trip, it is of crucial importance to wear appropriate clothing to avoid any hazards. Dress per the weather. Try to wear some waterproof clothing especially if the weather is cold.
Moreover, always remember to opt for colors that blend in well with the surroundings to camouflage yourself. This will prevent you from alarming the fish.  Try to wear waterproof clothing. This will protect you in the case of any water splashes.
Moreover, sun protection is also crucial. This includes essential items such as sunglasses and sunscreen. Fishing is done in large and open spaces usually, and this means getting a lot of time under the sun. It is a good idea to protect yourself well against the Rays especially in hot weather to avoid sunburns and hypothermia.
Furthermore, bring a basic first aid kit with you. This is essential in case any big or small mishaps occur on your trip. This kit should include an antiseptic solution of some sort, band-aids, and basic gauze and medicated tape. This will be very useful in case of any minor cuts that may happen during fishing since you will be handling a lot of sharp equipment. It is always good to be prepared.


If you have finished the list, congratulations! You are halfway to preparing for your fishing trip. You know what they say, well begun is half done. Did you enjoy reading the checklist? We hope you did and it helped.
These items are the holy grail of fishing. I, for one, always refer to this list whenever planning a trip since this includes items in all categories. We often think of just the gear or just the personal items.
This is an all-in-one, foolproof list that covers it all. If you have these in your fishing gear, you are good to go! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fisherman, there is something in it for everyone. We hope you learned something new. It is always better to be overprepared than under; better safe than sorry!

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