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Top 5 Best Night Sights for Glock 19 – Our Picks 2021

Best Night Sights for Glock 19

Making the selection for the best night sight for glock 19 is not an easy task… Or is it?
Well, it gets even more difficult if you are a novice and the market is flooded with the products of different prices and types.
Not at all!

5 Best Night Sights for Glock 19 – Comparision Chart

PictureNameRatingPriceReviewBuy Product
TruGlo Bright – Site TFO Handgun Sight4.8$Read Review CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE
Big Dot Tritium Sight4.7$Read Review CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE
Trijicon HD GL101O Night Sight Set4.7$$Read Review CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE
Meprolight Glock Tru-Dot Night Sight4.9$Read Review CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE
TRUGLO TG13GL1A Brite-Site TFX Handgun Sight4.8$$Read Review CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE


Gun cleaning kits, gun glock kits, and many other important things are needed when you are keeping a gun with yourself. But first, have a look at what you’d need to know before you visit a market and buy the best night sights for glock 19.

  1. Price
  2. Performance
  3. Durability
  4. Ease of use
  5. Built quality

Our Picks


Being the most important factor, the price is our first criteria to evaluate the effectiveness of the products. No doubt that budget is an important factor, however, it should not be the sole criteria. It is often observed that cheap products may not last long. A product which can determine the success or failure of a hunting trip should be carefully chosen.
But, I believe, buying a product on the basis of the price tags is rather easy. All you need is to look into your pocket and get an idea how much could you spend on a gun cleaning kit or a holographic sight kit.
This way you have to compromise on many things like performance, durability and built quality but at least you would have something at hands in the end.

Our Pick for Price: TruGlo Bright – Site TFO Handgun Sight

It is super affordable but has some exclusive features which may turn your hunting trip into a remarkable, lifetime experience. But this is not the end! You should look for more is price tag isn’t your problem.
So, you believe you need more features and a more satisfying night sights for glock 19 along with a gun cleaning kit or a 22lr scope.
If yes, make a decision on the performance of your required product. Here is what you need to know:


Either you are going to buy a gun cleaning kit or a holographic sight kit, performance is no doubt, the foremost important criteria.. The more tritium placed at the initial level, the brighter the light is at the first level and has a comparatively longer life.
However, the performance also depends on how much light do you exactly require. What kind of operation is to be performed with the help of a night sight? Keeping these things in mind, one can make the best decision according to the performance of the product.

Our Pick for Performance: Trijicon HD GL101O Night Sight Set

Still confused? Let’s categorized our products on the basis of their durability parameter.


Going for a relatively expensive product is only worth it if it is durable also. The material should be of high quality and long lasting. The tritium should be properly inserted so as to avoid any leakage or unwanted incidents.

Our Pick for Durability: Trijicon HD GL101O Night Sight Set

Ease Of Use

A complex launch system or a complicated system is entirely undesired for night sight. Since it is to be used in emergency situations, a night sight should be easy to use.

Our Pick for Ease Of Use: Trijicon HD GL101O Night Sight Set

Now, I believe, you are almost done and have made your choice.
But, there comes an important factor that you should not ignore.
Yes, I am talking about the built-quality.

Built Quality

All three sets mentioned above are of excellent quality and have been well built. The Trijicon HD night set has the TRITIUM-PHOSPHOR LAMP which is not present in any other gun cleaning kit, 22lr scope and holographic sight. Big Dot Tritium sight has the best built because it can be fit into multiple sized guns. It is designed in such a way that you can use any gun on it.

Our Pick for Built Quality: Big Dot Tritium Sight

Our pick for built would be going for the Big Dot Tritium sight which is going to perform in an excellent way on different sized guns.


On the whole, we would say that all three sets have their different uses and each is beneficial in their own manner and style. If you have a good amount of money in the pocket, go for option 3 because it is the guaranteed perfection and ultimate performance. In case you are short on cash; go for Big Dot Tritium Sight which is going to fit on multiple sized guns.
Well, I hope after reading this you are now clear about making a wise choice. I say again, keep one thing in mind, when you go to a shop, you’ll find many products. Those product will definitely distract you from making a wise decision, but NOW you know how to buy the best night sights for glock 19.

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