Top 5 best inflatable pools for summer activities

Families always desire to enjoy a refreshing dip to beat the scorching summer heat. Almost all children love to play water games and splash their hearts out. However, enjoying a refreshing dip in a commercial swimming pool may not be an affordable option for many. Hence, more and more families are opting to buy an inflatable pool that can offer the joy of playing in a swimming pool. Inflatable pools are not only temporary but they are also easy to setup in the backyard. Additionally, inflatable pools are a safe option for children who aren’t old enough to play in the beach waters.

Why should you choose an inflatable pool?

Following are the most convincing reasons for buying an inflatable pool:

  • Durability: An inflatable pool is not made up of hard plastic that is prone to cracks. Even a permanent pool has to face maintenance issues due to broken tiles and the deteriorating effects of water treatment chemicals.
  • Safety: The PVC used in the making of an inflatable pool is soft and flexible. This makes the pool safe to children as it does not have sharp edges that may cause injuries.

    The PVC used in the making of an inflatable pool is soft and flexible

    The PVC used in the making of an inflatable pool is soft and flexible

  • Cleanliness and Sanitation: Most inflatable pools have filtration systems that ensure that the pool remains clean and hygienic while holding treated water. It is easy to clean the pool at home without worrying to empty it and refilling again.
  • No restrictions due to zoning laws: There are several constraints while constructing a permanent swimming pool on your property. However, no such restrictions apply when using an inflatable and portable pool.

What are inflatable pools made of?

Inflatable pools are made up high-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that makes them safe, durable and flexible. The flexibility allows you to wrap the pool and store it in a safe place when not in use. The PVC allows the pool to be designed even in the shape of house and fruits.

How many age groups are there using inflatable pools?

Inflatable pools are available in different sizes that depend on the age groups of the end users. The target customers usually fall into four main age groups; babies, toddlers, preschoolers, older children and adults. Pools for babies and toddlers are shallow and they have low slides. On the other hand, pools for preschoolers are 18 inches deep and pools for older children and adults are 3 ½ feet deep. Inflatable pools for adults are usually equipped with pump and filter systems. One significant difference between smaller wading pools and bigger pools is that small pools are made up of a single layer of plastic while larger pools are made up of at least three layers of plastic.

What should additional features be equipped?

Merely filling the pool with water isn’t sufficient to make the customers happy. Different users require desire different features that add value to their experience. Firstly, large pools must be fitted with a filter pump for keeping the water clean. There must have a drain plug or a hose that helps to quickly empty the pool. Secondly, pools must be provided with some seating arrangement and handle that will allow babies and toddlers to sit comfortably. It is desirable to provide sunshade with a built-in umbrella or heightened borders. Additionally, pools must have features that attract children and help them to recreate their magical world in the pool.

What is the average price of inflatable pools?

Inflatable pools come in varying sizes and they have different features as well as different layers of PVC coatings. The features and size heavily depend on the age group in which the target customer falls. The price of small pool ranges from $10 to $50 while the larger pools have prices over $50.

What brands should you choose?

Some of the main brands that sell inflated pool are:

  • Intex
  • Bestway’s H2O GO!
  • Banzai
  • Blue Wave inflatables

Out of these brands, Intex is the most popular and leads the market in terms of sales. These brands are available at major retailers like Walmart and they can be can be bought through popular online retailers like Amazon.

What are the main factors before choosing?

Following factors are some of the main criterions for buying an inflatable pool:

  • Size and Shape: The size and shape depend on the user’s age group as well as on the area in which the pool is used. Adults or older children may want to use a large pool indoors but it may not be feasible if the house area limits the use of a large pool.

    The size and shape of the inflatable pool for children

    The size and shape of the inflatable pool for children

  • Durability: Inflatable pools are susceptible to holes and hence a pool with a thick gauge must be preferred. The pool must have multiple air compartments so that a puncture in one location does not affect the pool.
  • Safety: Parents with younger children must make sure that the pool’s design does not allow the child to either tumble out or fall inside when left unsupervised.
  • Maintenance: Cleanliness and hygiene are important factors and it is always desirable to have an inflatable pool that comes with fittings to attach pumps and water hoses. Some pools also have covers to seal the pool when not in use.

What kind of air pump for inflatable pools?

You can use the hand, foot or electric air pump to fill air in the inflatable pool. Hand pump is usually used to fill air in toys or bicycle tires. However, using hand air pump may prove slow and tiresome to many. Nowadays, electric pump is the most popular pump type used.

How to set up an inflatable pool?

The very first step is to select a proper location for setting the pool. If it is used outdoors in a backyard then care must be taken to avoid keeping it on a surface with twigs or gravel. Even the presence of a small pointed object on the ground makes it susceptible to holes. Additionally, the pool has to be kept on a flat surface. Keeping it on a slope puts additional pressure on one side and the pool becomes lop-sided. This increases the risk of rupturing the surface. The pool must be filled with water after setting it on the floor. Every inflatable pool has a top ring that must be filled with air before the owner fills the pool with water. A handheld pump or a built-in pump must be used for the purpose. The air-filled ring rises slowly as water is filled and as a result, the plastic sides are pulled up. The pool is ready to use after water is filled. Children must be avoided to use sharp toys inside the pool. It is important to note that every pool has specific instructions that need to be followed for setting the pool. Even though most of the rules are same, it is advisable to go through the instructions set.

Top 5 best inflatable pools in 2017

1. H2OGO! Doodle Glow Inflatable Pool

H2OGO! Doodle Glow Inflatable Pool

H2OGO! Doodle Glow Inflatable Pool

This product is specifically designed to entertain children who want to play in the pool outside their house. The inflatable pool has been designed with some innovative features that are hard to find in other products. As suggested by the product name, this pool has a floor can be used to sketch fluorescent drawings or doodles with glow pens and stencils. Children can use the stencils to sketch various sea animals on the pool floor.

2 LED flashlights are also provided with the pool. The LED lights are operated by a battery and they radiate 6 colors one after another. This fun and entertaining feature give children a good reason to continue having fun even after the sun goes down in the evening. The pool has two rings and sturdy wide walls that make the product strong and durable. It takes roughly 5 minutes to unfold and set up the pool. Water can be drained easily by using a drain valve.

The pool can be wrapped up and kept in a box after it is deflated. Even though it is designed for children, the pool can be used by adults as well. This pool is available in the price range of $20-$30. The only disadvantage is that this product is specially targeted towards children and not adults.

2. Intex Inflatable Wishing Well Pool with Sprayer

Intex Inflatable Wishing Well Pool with Sprayer

Intex Inflatable Wishing Well Pool with Sprayer

This is another product that is designed for older children to want to have all sorts of fun when splashing around in the pool. The Intex Inflatable Wishing Well Pool has a sprayer that can be attached to a garden hose. The pool as two sections; an outer pool that can hold 193 gallons of water and an inner mini pool that can hold 55 gallons of water. The product has a drain plug that drains water speedily when removed.

The pool also comes with a repair patch that can be used to fix punctures. Toddlers usually enjoy in the outer part of the pool while older children prefer to take a dip in the middle pool. A standard electric air pump can be used to inflate the pool and the setup is completed in a jiffy. This pool is meant to be strictly used outdoors and it is not suitable to be used within the confines of spacious indoors. The product price falls in the range of $50 – $60.

3. Blue Wave 3D Inflatable Round Family Pool, 7.5’

Blue Wave 3D Inflatable Round Family Pool, 7.5’

Blue Wave 3D Inflatable Round Family Pool, 7.5’

This sturdy pool has a 7.5’ thick gauge that makes it extremely durable. The inflatable pool is for the entire family and it can hold about 248 gallons of water. It has 90” x 90” x 22” dimensions and it extremely easy to set up. All you need is a flat surface, an air pump, and a water hose.

3D goggles are provided along with this pool. Children can wear these goggles and dive underwater to see the 3D pictures of water animals come to life. The pool is truly a complete family pool as both, adults and children, can take a dip together in the pool.

This pool is sold in the price range of $60-$70. The product truly delivers value for money as it does not have any shortcomings.

4. Intex Inflatable Lazy Fish Shade Baby Pool

Intex Inflatable Lazy Fish Shade Baby Pool

Intex Inflatable Lazy Fish Shade Baby Pool

This is a typical baby pool that offers sun shade protection to toddlers and babies. The pool is made up of vinyl material and it has 49”x 43” x 28” dimensions.

The pool is small enough for one small child who will get entertained while splashing and paddling in the water. A repair patch is provided with the pool just in case it gets punctured.

This pool is not ideal for toddlers who want to play in the water with their friends. Its price falls in the range of $15 to $20.

5. SunSplash 70 x 14” Aquarium Pool

SunSplash 70 x 14” Aquarium Pool

SunSplash 70 x 14” Aquarium Pool

SunSplash is a plain children’s inflatable pool without any bells and whistles. It has two rings and the design of a colorful aquarium on it. The pool as two inflatable rings and it is made up of sturdy vinyl with a thick gauge. It is important to note that adult supervision is required when children play in this kiddie pool.

The dimensions of the pool are 70” x 14” and it very easy to inflate the pool. Just add water and see the kids laughing and splashing in the pool. This simple pool is not meant for older children and hence the simple design makes its price to fall in the range of $20 to $25.

How to maintain an inflatable pool?

Smaller pools are easy to clean as they can be washed with a hose and some soap. Larger pools have a filter system that needs to be cleaned for clearing out the debris that it blocks. Many times, leaves and small twigs fall into the pool and these things get entangled in the filter. The debris must be removed and chlorine must be used as an anti-bacterial. It is a good idea to buy cleaning tools like long-handled skimmer for removing floating debris. A pool vacuum proved effective in cleaning dirt from the bottom of the pool.


Splashing water in an inflatable pool under the summer sun can be one of the most enjoyable things that a child can cherish. An inflatable pool also provides a cost-effective opportunity for adults to be lazy in a pool under the summer sun. Though it sounds easy, investing in an inflatable pool must be done with due consideration. A number of factors influence the purchase and hence careful thought must go into selecting the right brand of the inflatable pools. This article provides valuable guidelines that must be followed while making the right purchase decision.

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