Top 5 Best Electric Lunch Boxes; The Ultimate Buying Guide

With the modern-day creative innovations, enjoying a fresh, hot meal at your workplace, school, or any other event away from home has never been easier. Yes! Electric lunch boxes have spiced up the self-catering department in a special way.

What is an electric lunch box?

An electric lunch box is a kitchenware that lets you bring your favorite meal with you wherever for later consumption. With some food in your electric lunch box, whenever your stomach begins to growl, you can be sure not to stress.

All you will need is to connect the lunch box to a reliable power source, turn the power on, and alas! Your food will gain sufficient heat in minutes through steaming.  Also, an electric lunch box boasts the ability to prepare various meals from scratch through steaming. Some of the meals that you can make include rice and sandwiches.

A reliable electric lunch box features a plastic or stainless steel body with insulating properties that integrates with a PTC heating element. Also, carrying handles facilitate easy transport. A standard power outlet plug is all you need to get an electric lunch box to function. Again, some can also work with car power outlets to let you enjoy a warm meal while you travel.

On the market today, the available electric lunch boxes range from small, one-serving containers, to large ones that assume the shape of crock pots. Also, you will find the high-end models that come with detachable serving trays fitted with dividers that can serve as plates.

Which audience motivates the development of electric lunch boxes?

Well, the motivation behind the making of electric lunch boxes may not be fully specified. However, students, office workers, among other people who may not find time to go back home and prepare lunch could be the primary beneficiaries of this modern day food ware.

Worth mentioning, is that car travelers are also among the main beneficiaries of electric lunch boxes. On the market today, you will find electric lunch boxes that work with the power from the car cigarette lighters. Therefore, before setting out to travel, you may pack your meal in a heated lunch box. When your stomach begins to growl whilst traveling, all you will need is to plug in the lunch bank into the cigarette lighter, warm the food, and enjoy eating from the comfort of your vehicle. Again, this is a great deal for long distance workers with cars who are fed up with struggling to beat long queues at restaurants. You will no longer waste your working time in the name of fetching food.

Whether you are at school or your workplace, an electric lunch box will always serve your needs in the best way. Just pack your lunch before leaving to your outdoor destination and warm it with ease whenever hunger comes knocking.

What makes an electric lunch box exceptional and worth buying?

  •  Convenient, easy and safe to operate:

Running an electric lunch box is as easy as pie. You only need to plug it into a wall outlet or adapter, turn it on, and, within less than 25 minutes, your food will have attained the recommended temperatures for consumption. Also, it’s not mandatory for you to consume your food immediately after heating, thanks to the insulating services offered by electric lunch boxes.

Most importantly, your safety is guaranteed while you operate a quality electric lunch box with electric shock proofing. Even at times when the incoming voltage exceeds the recommended, you will always be safe from shock.

  •  Your food is always safe:

Since most of the recommended electric lunch boxes utilize low voltage, your food’s taste, moisture content and nutrition benefits are never at stake. You will never experience overheating or dry-heating of food. Your food’s taste, moisture content and nutritional benefits are optimally conserved. Therefore, despite you being away from home, you will still manage to stay healthy and enjoy every bite of your lunch through the help of an electric lunch box.

  •  Portable:

It’s undisputable that the portability of electric lunch boxes is an essential trait that contributes to their excellent services. Bringing your minimalistic and lightweight electric lunch box with you to any destination should not trouble you. Electric lunch boxes also come with carrying handles that further improve their portability.

  • Saves you money and time:

Enjoying homemade hot lunch is more economical, as compared to restaurant meals or takeout food. Again, home packed food is bound to offer more nutritional benefits than takeout food at a lesser cost.

Also, you will save significant time with a heated lunch box. No more queuing to access the office or school microwave.

  • Versatility- Enjoy unlimited food choices:

If you have experienced cold lunches, then you can attest that having cold sandwiches and burgers for your daily lunch can be incredibly annoying and unhealthy.

With an electric lunch box, your lunch menu becomes unlimited. You can bring any meal to any destination; school, workplace, among others.

Your lunch breaks will always be spiced up and enjoyable experiences to anticipate every day.

What are Key features of an electric lunch box?

Electric lunch boxes come with two key features – the heating element and insulation. After being plugged into a power outlet, the heating element plays the primary role of steaming the food. After heating the food to your preferred temperature, the insulation properties of the electric lunch box come into maintaining the food at the right temperature for consumption.

What are the different designs of electric lunch boxes?

Electric lunch boxes come in two different designs:

  • Dual compartment design:

This type of electric lunch boxes features 2 or 3 compartments. With the dual compartments, you can prepare and pack up to two or three different meals without mixing. The compartments are all on the same floor allowing the electric lunch box to assume a minimalistic size.

  • 2-3 level design:

On the market today, you will find electric lunch boxes with 2-3 floors. Each floor comes with its compartments. With more than one floor and numerous compartments, you can bring with you a broad variety of food to your destination for later consumption.  The separate floors ensure that your food doesn’t mix up easily. The only drawback to electric lunch boxes with various floors is that they are quite large to fit in a small carrying bag.

Regardless of design, electric lunch boxes are known to be lightweight, reasonably small, and fashionably stylish. They also come in various color options to suit a broad range of user preferences.

Your choice of design will depend on your personal preferences and budget. An electric lunch box with 2-3 floors is bound to be more expensive than that with only one floor.

It’s wise to purchase a unit that will serve you with no limitations while not compromising your budgetary prospects. Go for an electric lunch box whose color and design compliments your design in the best way.

What are the materials used in the construction of electric lunch boxes?

On the market today, you will find electric lunch boxes made of stainless steel or plastic. Also, in addition to stainless steel or plastic, manufacturers improve the performance and reliability of electric lunch boxes by utilizing durable, high-insulation materials in their making.

As experts propose, electric lunch boxes made of stainless steel are the best. As compared to plastic, stainless steel is a durable material. A stainless steel heated lunch box will survive several accidental falls without depreciating. Also, stainless steel is a material that’s not affected by various depreciating factors like rust and extreme temperatures. Therefore, with a stainless steel electric lunch box, you can be confident of its long life even with exposure to extreme weather conditions like heat and moisture. Even more, stainless steel lunch boxes are deemed more stylish and fashionable than the plastic ones. Their sharp appearance will improve your style significantly.

Your health is enough reason to prefer a stainless steel lunch box to a plastic one. It has been proved that when plastic is heated, various harmful chemicals are released. Therefore, whenever a plastic electric lunch box is used to heat food, some of the released chemicals from the plastic might stick to your food. Therefore, even while you evade the health risks that come with eating cold meals, you might end up contracting fatal illnesses as a result of the chemicals released by the plastic. You may be lucky to find a high-quality plastic electric lunch box. But until then, stick to the stainless steel models.

We recommend the purchase of electric lunch boxes with approved PP plastic covers. The food-grade, BPA-free, PP plastic covers are known to bear excellent insulation properties.

How does an electric lunch box work?

Electric lunch boxes perform two functions:

  • Warming food

To warm your food, you only need to follow these few easy steps. You start by plugging in your electric lunch box into a wall power outlet or a compatible car adapter. After plugging in, you should proceed to turn on the lunch box. You should then allow the lunch box to heat your food until it automatically goes off.

  • Cooking food

The high-end lunch box models can be used to prepare hot meals like rice. In this case, some water should be added to the lunch box’s body. Then, the food should be placed in the compartment and covered using the compartment lid and the upper lid.

The user should proceed to plug in the lunch box into the power source before pressing the power button. With that, the lunch box will begin to cook the food. When the food is ready, the lunch box will go off automatically. Now, you can serve and enjoy your well-cooked hot meal.

What are the key benefits of using an electric lunch box?

  •  Convenience:

With the lightweight nature of most electric lunch boxes, as well as the firm carrying handles, you can now bring and use your heated lunch box anywhere and at any time.

  • Food taste:

Unlike microwaves that make your food dry and hard, as well as foods at your nearing restaurant that may not suit your preferences and taste, an electric lunch box, thanks to its steaming method, will always leave your food hot and fresh just as you cooked it.

  • Nutrition and safety:

With a high-quality electric lunch box, you no longer need to fret about food hygiene or the life-threatening microwave radiations. You will now manage to prepare your food through the traditional cooking methods and warm it through healthy steaming. Your food’s nutritional value will also be maintained in a better way, as compared to the use of a microwave.

  • Comfort:

Your electric lunch box will eliminate the stress that comes with visiting crowded and hot centers just to have lunch. You can now enjoy hot and fresh meals from the comfort of your work space or study room.

 The Top Five Best Electric Lunch Boxes in 2017

 5. Taipove-Electric 110V/1.05L Heating Lunch Box

The professional design and development of the Taipove-Electric 110V/1.05L Heating Lunch Box allow it to rank among the top five best electric lunch boxes in 2017 with no hassle.

It’s a stainless steel electric lunch container that will spice up your meals while on the go in a unique way. It’s constructed entirely from stainless steel and food-grade PP plastic. Therefore, this unit is healthy, and its use brings no toxic effects. Its stainless steel interior container is detachable and dishwasher safe to allow for easy cleaning.

This unit features an original PTC constant temperature heating element that integrates with its insulation properties to deliver excellent food warming services. It will warm your food in 20 to 30 minutes. Its uniform temperature ensures that your food remains soft and tasty after warming.

This electric lunch box has a capacity of 1.05 liters which is sufficient to warm enough food for your lunch.

Its power supply is detachable to facilitate easy transport of the food after warming. It has a power rating of 110V.

The featured indicator light lets you know when this lunch box is turned on to avoid power wastage. Again, the indicator light will prevent you from damaging this unit through heating an empty container.

This unit weighs only 1.6 pounds and features a convenient carrying handle for easy transport.

It’s available in two color options; blue and green.


  • Sufficient capacity of 1.05 liters
  • Portable; lightweight and comes with carrying handle
  • Durable and safe construction
  • Power indicator light for safe operation
  • Detachable, dishwasher-safe inner container for easy cleaning


Limited color options

4. Tayama – EBH-01 Electric Heating Lunch Box

Whenever you are on the go, the Tayama – EBH-01 Electric Heating Lunch Box will always provide you with a convenient, stylish and healthy way to enjoy your favorite meals.

It’s a professionally built lunch box that features a convenient carrying handle.  Also, you won’t experience fatigue by bringing this unit with you to various destinations thanks to its lightweight nature. It weighs only 1.6 pounds.

We appreciate its energy efficiency as this unit only consumes 40Watts while heating your food.

It utilizes a well-concealed PTC heating element. Therefore, your safety from electric shock is guaranteed.

This unit is made of high-temperature resistant materials. It will withstand temperatures up to 70 degrees C. Hence, you can be sure of your safety from burns while using this electrically heated lunch box.

Also, the tight, anti-leak cover fitted on this electric lunch box, ensures high hygiene standards while preventing your food from getting cold immediately after warming.

The food containers in this unit are removable and microwave safe. Therefore, cleaning this lunch box is easy to clean.

We also appreciate spoon that comes with this unit.


  • Requires only 20-30 minutes to warm food
  • Easy to operate and portable
  • Energy efficient-consumes only 40 watts
  • Removable food containers-easy cleaning


Unsuitable for cooking of food-It can only heat food up to 70 degrees C

3. Koolatron – LBS-01 Black 12 Volt Lunch Box Stove

Among the best electric lunch boxes that you could purchase today, is this unit by the trusted KOOLATRON Company. It’s a product that ranks in its class in matters design and performance.

It works with a 12V power outlet. Therefore, it will function with a standard household power outlet. What’s interesting, this unit will also work when plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter. Whenever hunger strikes while you travel, you can always use this unit right in your vehicle to provide you with a hot, mouth-watering, fresh meal. Your pizza slices, soup or stew, will get ready for consumption within minutes.

Feel free to use this electric lunch box to prepare warm or cook various foods such as rice, hot dogs, sandwich among others.

We love its ability to warm food up to 300F without drying the food or affecting the taste.

Also, this electric lunch box can be used to warm baby food jars and bottles whenever you are away from home.

You won’t struggle with carrying this unit around thanks to its lightweight nature. It weighs only 2.5 lbs. Also, its convenient carrying handles make transporting this unit easy.


  • Superior quality stainless steel interior
  • Superior quality PP plastic exterior with a comfortable carrying handle
  • Suitable for both cooking and warming food
  • Works with a car cigarette lighter for added versatility


Heating time:

This unit requires about 1-1.5 hours to heat or cook food in the best way. Therefore, it tends to utilize a lot of power. When plugged into your car’s battery power for too long, this unit might drain your battery.

2. Zojirushi- SL-JAE14SA Mr. Bento Stainless Steel Lunch Jar

With the release of the Mr. Bento® Stainless Lunch Jar SL-JAE14, the ZOJIRUSHI Company now ranks at among the most trusted electric lunch box manufacturers.

The Mr. Bento® Stainless Lunch Jar SL-JAE14 whose performance speaks volumes about its maker’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

It brings you four microwave safe inner compartment bowls that are stack into three floors. Also, there is a forked spoon with a convenient cover for optimum hygiene.

Its superior quality exterior container features a durable stainless steel and BPA-free plastic build. The outer container has built-in vacuum insulation that allows this unit to retain heat in the best way.

This electric lunch box suits storage of cold and hot meals. When used to store hot food, it will preserve the food at high temperatures up to 153 degrees F for more than 6 hours. On the other hand, this unit will maintain your cold food at low temperatures of about 50 degrees F for more than 6 hours.

Maintaining this unit clean is as easy as pie as its inner bowls and outer container are nonstick coated.

This unit is easy to carry around thanks to the provided carrying bag.

It’s available in various color options including apple red, lemon yellow, silver and gun metallic.


  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Excellent heat insulation for optimum retention
  • Easy to clean thanks to its exterior and interior nonstick coating
  • Convenient carrying bag eases transport
  • Large food capacity with (15, 10, 9 and 7) OZ bowls
  • Various color options to match your style


None identified

1. Crock-Pot-SCCPLC200-R 20-Ounce Lunch Crock Food Warmer

With the Crock-Pot-SCCPLC200-R 20-Ounce Lunch Crock, you can now enjoy warm, fresh, and hearty meals without leaving your work or study desk.

This unit works as a food warmer and lunch tote simultaneously. It will let you enjoy delicious meals while on the go. It carries enough food for a single serving thanks to its 20-ounce capacity.

Its portability is enhanced by the featured tote-like handle that facilitates easy carrying to any destination.

Your food’s hygiene is maintained at high levels through the travel lid that seals the food from contamination during transport.

Also, we appreciate its detachable, dishwasher-safe lid and food container that facilitate easy cleaning.

Again, with the detachable cord and base, you can now transport food easily after warming to your preferred eating area without having to struggle with the stubborn cables.

It’s also lightweight, weighing only 1.6 pounds.

Lastly, this unit is available in various color options including red, blue and pink.

We highly recommend this electric lunch box.


  • Compact, lightweight and easy to transport
  • Warms food within 1.5 hours
  • No smell comes out of the dish as you warm your food until you open the lid
  • Inner bowl cools quickly for cleaning after use


Fairly limited capacity of only 22 OZ

How long does an electric lunch box take to warm food?

Typically, a standard electric lunch box will take about 20-30 minutes to warm your food. However, the amount of time necessary to warm food can’t be fully specified. It will depend on the power rating of a given unit, its power efficiency as well as your preferred food temperatures.

A quality electric lunch box should manage to maintain your food hot for more than 15 minutes after unplugging the power supply.

On the market today, you can find heated lunch boxes with the ability to keep food warm for hours before demanding to rewarm.

What can you make with an electric lunch box?

As we mentioned earlier in this post, an electric lunch box can be used to warm or cook food.

When used for cooking, there are various foods that you can prepare through steaming. They include rice, boiled eggs, hot dogs, sandwiches, among others.

A standard electric lunch box will take about 2-3 hours to prepare a meal like rice. However, on the market, you may find a high-end electric lunch box that requires only up to 1 hour to prepare well-cooked rice through steaming.

  • Cooking Rice Using an Electric Lunch Box:

To prepare rice using an electric lunch box, you will need to add sufficient water to its body. Typically, you should add about 200ml of water when preparing 250 grams of rice into your electric lunch box’s body.

After that, proceed to introduce the uncooked rice into its inner container. You should then return the container holding the rice into your unit’s body and then proceed to cover the container using its lid. Finally, cover the entire lunch box using the upper lid.

After that, you should plug your electric lunch box into a reliable power outlet and turn on the lunch box through the power button. Allow the lunch box to operate until it automatically switches off. Your rice will be ready for serving.

Plug out the power cord, serve the meal and enjoy.

Whenever you don’t eat the prepared food immediately, you can still use the unit to rewarm the food when the time is right for eating.

How should one clean and maintain an electric lunch box?

It’s wise to always wash your lunch box immediately after use. This is why we recommend electric lunch boxes with detachable, dishwasher-safe food containers.  You should always disassemble your electric lunch box for easy cleaning.

With proper cleaning, you can keep your lunch box from developing unpleasant smells. Ensure that you use a quality detergent to clean your lunch box thoroughly.

Also, we advise that you store your electric lunch box in a cool and dry environment for optimum durability.


We have come to the end of this post. It’s our hope that the information provided herein will be of utmost help to you whenever you set out to purchase an electric lunch box. Any of the reviewed products has all it takes to serve you in the best way. Your choice should be influenced by the discussed factors as well as your other personal preferences. Avoid the cheap, inferior quality products that will end up disappointing you. You deserve to use the best quality electric lunch box.