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Top 3 Best AR 15 Soft Cases – AR15 Accessory Review 2022

Best AR 15 Soft Cases
Are you searching for the most excellent soft cases? Be assured that you are going to obtain a top-rated quality. Let us guide you on the factors to consider when buying one and the best ways to keep it safe.
Truth be told, the AR15 Soft Cases do very well and most tactical gun case options on the market today universally fit a long gun. For sure, the gun case offers high-density foam that provides robust protection for your AR15 against the occasional bump. Substantially, this article will help you find reviews of the some of the high-quality rifle cases and choose the best since there are a number of important factors that vary from case to case.

3 Best AR 15 Soft Cases – Comparison Chart

NameOur RatingPrice
Exciting deals! Stack-On SS-22-MB-E 224.7$$
Stealth Defense Vault DV652 4.8$$
Stack- On E-040-SB-E4.9$$

Things to consider when choosing soft cases

Users who have reviewed the top 3 rifle bags have praised them for their specifications and designs. Ideally, the best rifle kit provides easier transportation along with maximum protection. Therefore, to select the best rifle bag, you must consider the following;


The rifle case material is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the best protection for your firearm. It is evident that rifle bags are made from a variety of materials that range from wood, plastic to aluminum. To select the most appropriate case to consider aluminum since it’s ideal for offering extra protection. On the other hand, wood makes rifle cases that are stylish with the superior aesthetic. Therefore, weight, the level of protection and ease of transportation that the material offers are appropriate factors to consider.


Is it important to consider whether the rifle bag is waterproof or not? This factor ideally plays a significant role when selecting the best AR 15 soft cases. A waterproof bag will protect your firearm from getting wet. The damaged caused by moisture can be prevented by choosing rifle cases that are valuable and waterproof.


The size of the gun bag is something you can’t ignore since it is important as anything else. Selecting the best gun bag is somehow determined by the size of your rifle. You will need a larger case if at all you are transporting more than one gun given the fact that each case is designed to accommodate a specific number of guns with their accessories. Size to some extent is proportionate to weight.
Now we can look safely at some of the best AR 15 soft cases available on the market, and they include the following;

1. Tactical Rifle Case by American Mountain Supply 36 Inches Fits A Scoped Rifle, Scoped AR 15 and AR 15 Accessories

When it comes to choosing a highly rated rifle case, this model is one of the most purchased and popular choices. It’s designed for extreme weather conditions since it can protect your rifle from rain as well as other wet conditions. The interior parts of this rifle bag are designed with customized and superior foam keeping the gun along with its accessories safe no matter where you place the case.
This lightweight case is entirely sealed and easy to open, safe and easy to transport. It has a handle that makes it easy to carry and the durability to last.


• Designed for protection
• Made for comfort
• Fits up to 36in rifle measuring 38 inches wide and 12.5 inches tall
• Spacious
• Dust resistant
• Completely waterproof
• Fair price and good quality


• Prices, availability, and measurement are subject to alteration without notice
• The item is not eligible for international shipping
Overall, this is a top choice because it keeps you and your rifle safe under the most extreme weather conditions. The entirely interior design of this product has soft customizable foam intended to manage as well as protect your rifle along with its various accessories.

2. Condor Single Rifle Case

This type of case has the versatility that is used with many different guns which are ideal for hunters. This case keeps your rifle safe giving hunters a great option that is affordable. It has pockets on the front of the case perfectly for knives.
This rifle case from Condor is extremely durable, easy to carry and secured. When it comes to affordability and quality, there’s no better brand you could choose other than Condor Single Rifle Case. The reliability of the product has proven to many gun users and hunters as a tactical case.


• It has plenty of storage
• It has good functional and durable
• Easy to carry and is perfect for taking all of your guns
• It’s water resistant
• The quality of the case is good because it posses tons of compartment
• The case is great, inexpensive and efficient


• Zipper gets stuck once in a while
• A bit expensive
• Not too heavy-duty
Evidently, this product is one of the best in the market today because it has an internal compartment. You can’t underestimate the durability of this item since it boasts a woven fabric of a stunning 600-denier that makes it incredibly durable as well as sturdy.

3. Voodoo Tactical Men’s Padded Weapons Case

The bag has an excellent design to carry a tactical shotgun and carbine to and from their squad car every shift. Tactical weapon case from Voodoo is a lockable soft case that holds two long guns and two pistols. Exterior pockets allow additional pouches to accommodate even more gear. The outer pocket is protected with a locking zipper pulls.


• Designed for the most extreme conditions
• The case has 2 plastic rolling wheels for easier transportation
• The case comes with the major locks
• The product has two holes to accommodate padlocks to keep the case secure
• Extremely durable and can withstand impacts
• It provides supreme security and protection for rifle


• Heavy when you have two rifles inside
• This item is not eligible for international shipping
This is, without a doubt, a great gun case since it’s extremely durable and can ideally withstand impacts through Copolymer material. It keeps moisture out from the product and detects atmospheric changes in pressure by proving its pinnacle durability even more.
Among our 3 products, we pick Tactical Rifle Case by American Mountain Supply 36 Inches Fits a Scoped Rifle, Scoped AR 15 and AR 15 Accessories. It is very powerful, more reliable and designed for extreme conditions. Therefore, we recommend this product to everyone without hesitation.


The best AR 15 Soft cases for rifles are undoubtedly the one you are comfortable with. Therefore, I suggest that you experiment and try each of the gun cases above and pick the one that appeals most to you. If you carefully go through the guide above, you’ll be able to get yourself the right AR 15 soft cases for the job.

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