Top 10 best LED garage lights buying guide and review

So are you looking for some good LED garage lights and aren’t sure which one to get for yourself? Or are you looking for someone to guide you out on buying the best LED garage lights? Or you are not sure whether you should go for the LED garage lights or the fluorescent garage lights? Well you have landed to just the right place. This article will take you through the specifications of the LED garage lights and what to look into them once selecting the best LED garage lights.

A little thing you may want to know about garage light

best LED garage lights

When it comes to selecting the lights for your lovely garage, it is always better to have a little technical information reading the lights before you make your purchase. Having a little technical knowledge makes sure that you and your garage ends up with the most suitable type of lighting required.

When selecting the light for your garage, it is always better to see what lumens are the lights of. Lumen (lm) is the unit that is used measure the total quantity of the light that is emitted from any lighting source. Higher the lumen from the light source, brighter the light.

Once buying your garage light, you will also see the colour temperature listed in the specifications. The colour temperature for the lights are in kelvin (K).

On the lighting specs that are written on the box of your garage lights, you will also see a section stating the colour accuracy or the colour rendering index (CRI). The CRI of the light shows is the ability of the light emitting source to show the colours of the objects that it shines on as accurate as it is seen in the normal day light

There are in general many types of garage lights that are used all over the world. However, the most commonly used garage lights are the fluorescent garage lights and the LED garage lights. Florescent lights for the garage lighting has been used for a long period of time. However, with the advancement in technological, the LED garage lights are now considered the best choice for the garage

What makes LED lights the best choice for garage?

Here is a chart that shows why LED garage lights are better as compared to the florescent lights.

Fluorescent garage lights LED garage lights
What is the initial cost? They are a bit cheaper as compared to the LED garage lights The initial cost of buying the LED garage lights is a bit higher as compared to florescent
How long do they last? They last up to 35,000 hours They last at least 50,000 hours
How they light up? Fluorescent garage lights light up with the electrical discharge of electrons in an ionized gas LED garage lights light up with the movement of the electrons through a semi-conducting material
The primarily materials used? The primary materials used are argon, mercury vapours strontium or tungsten LED garage lights are free of mercury and light up with the semiconducting material mixed with little impurities in order to create a p-n junction
Which one is more energy efficiency They are less efficient than the LED garage lights LED garage lights are by far the most efficient lights for your garage
Do they turn on instantly? It takes some time for them to warm and then light up They light up instantly
Are they temperature sensitive?


Yes, they are. Extreme temperatures can dramatically reduce their lifespan. There is none effect of the led garage lights being exposed to extreme temperature.
Do switching on and off effect their life span? Yes, it can reduce their lifespan There is no effect of it on the LED garage light

Things to take into consideration before buying the LED garage light

There are several LED garage lights that are out there in the market and before you decide which one are the best LED garage lights, here are some of the point to consider before making the final selection.


One of the main things to consider before selecting the best LED garage lights, is the brightness of them. The higher the lumen, the brighter the LED garage light. Lumens however, must not be confused with Watt. Watt is the energy consumed by the light. It is not necessity that the high energy consumption will make the light shine brighter. For example, a 4000-lumen florescent light uses around 75-100 watt of energy as compared to the LED light that uses around 40.5 watts for the same lumen output. This is why LED garage lights are much more energy efficient as compared to any other type of garage lighting.

Colour temperature

Another point to take into considering before purchasing your LEDs for the garage, is the colour temperature. The lower the kelvin, the warmer the light hence, more yellowish it may appear. The lights with higher colour temperature have a more daylight like feel and are usually preferred.

Easy intallation

One of the other factor to keep into mind while making the purchase for your LED garage light is the ease of installation that the LED has. Not all the LEDs that are in the market have the easy to install feature causing inconvenience and rely on technicians to install them for you which is obviously no that cost effective. The LEDs that are easy to install and move around in the garage are usually preferred by many buyers.


The CRI is something that has to be considered to a great extend if you are doing some work in your garage that is colour sensitive such as painting some car body parts. The LED garage lights that have a CRI usually greater than 80 are the best. A better CRI for a light helps to differentiate better between colours at night.


Once it comes to the lifespan of the LED garage light, they have a great lifespan as compared to any of the garage lightings out there. Almost all the LED garage lights have a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours. Just like with any consumer product, the LED garage lights with the longer lifespan should be selected so you get the best out of your money.

Top 10 LED garage lights

This list comprises of the top 10 best LED garage lights. So read along to find out which LED garage light is best for you.

Barrina LED T5 Integrated Single Fixture, 4FT, 2200lm, 6500K Super Bright White (Pack of 6)

Barrina LED light

This light is super bright has an output of 2200 lumens and has a very low power consumption of just 20W. The Barrina LED is one of the best LED garage lights because it has proven to save the electricity bills to up to 65%. The light also has easy installation process which makes it an ideal LED garage lights choice. It can be extended easily and six tubes can be joined together to make it more functional. The colour temperature for the light is 6500K. The light also come at a 3-year warranty under which easy replacement is offered by the company in case of fault occurs.


Hykolity 4ft 36 Watt Integrated LED Shop Light3600 Lumens 5000K Daylight White (Pack of 4)

Hykolity LED garage lights

The reason why this light stands out from all the other LED garage lights is its super cool daylight white light temperature of 5000k. Just like all the other LED garage lights, this one has 75% electric bill saving ability along with an on/off switch making it more convenient to use well. The Hykolity can be used in many locations due to its compact design. The light also comes with a 5-year warranty making it one of the best LED garage lights out there.


Linkable LED Utility Shop Light 4ft 4800 Lumens Super Bright 5000K Daylight 

Linkable LED garage lights

The linkable LED is a mid-range LED which comes into our top 10 best LED garage lights. As the name suggests, the LED can be used along with other LEDs to be linked together in order to form one long LED light. This LED has an light output of 4800 lumens at 40W. The light also has a temperature of 5000K which is natural light making it suitable to be used in garage where colour accuracy is required.


Brightech LightPRO LED Shop Light
Brightech LED garage light

Brightech as the company advertise is brighter than the sunlight. This comes at 4000 lumens with the light temperature at 4000K. The feature that makes it stand out from all the other LED garage light is the frosted white lens used as the outer layer making it glare free while you are in the garage itself. It is advertised to last more than 60,000 hours or a staggering 20 years. This LED light comes with a complete installation kit making it easier to be installed at home by the user without having any experience. The Brightech comes at 3-year company warranty.

LED T5 Integrated Single Fixture 4FT,20W,2200lm,6500K Super Bright White by Hypergiant

Hypergiant LED garage lights

This LED light has 6500K Super Bright White temperature and 2200 lumens output. The light comes in our top best LED garage lights because of its easy installation  and the 3-year warranty.




50W New Craft LED Flood Lights  4000Lm, 6500K White 

Lepower LED garage light

The reason why this LED ranks in our best LED garage lights list is because of the fast that it is ultra-portable and has is super effective. It has a 4000 lumens output and has no compromise on light because of its small size and portability.



Hykolity 4ft 42 Watt LED Shop Light 5000K Daylight White 3700 Lumens 

Hykolity LED garage light

This LED is just like the other Kykolity LED in our list however, it uses 42W power and delivers a brighter light of 3700 lumens.




Lithonia Lighting FMLWL 48 840 4 ft.  4000K White LED 

Lithonia LED garage light

The Lithonia LED lighting has a lift rating of 50,000 hours and can last up to staggering 23 years. The LED comes with easy installation features and is proven to lower down your electricity bills by up to 75%. The LED is a perfect match for your garage owing to its CRI>80 and cooler light temperatures. The light has a colour temperature of 4000K and light output of 1204 lumens.



50 Watt LED Corn Bulb,5000 Lumen, 6500K Cool Daylight White LED

Doovii LED garage bulbs

This LED comes into our top 10 best LED garage lights because it has extremely high brightness and delivers a power light of 5000 lumens. When it comes to this product you don’t have to worry about replacing bulbs thanks to  an astonishing life rating of 35,000 hours,or 19 years with 5 hrs/day of use. The LED also comes with a complete 5-year warranty.



Barrina 4ft 45 Watt Extendable Utility LED light 6500K Super Bright White 4500lm 

Barrina LED garage lights

The LED comes with an output of 4500 lumens with an extremely low power output. The LED has shown an energy reduction of 68% in the electricity bills. The LED is also easy to install with a service life of 50,000 rated hours and warranty of 3-years.



The final verdict

Choosing the best LED garage LED differs from person to person according to their needs and demands. However, looking at our top 10 best LED lights, the one that really stands out is the one which comes with a long warranty as well as delivers bright daylight light at very low power consumption.