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The 4 Best Pool Filter 2021 – Just Sand Filter enough for Pool?

If you have a swimming pool at home, it follows that there is a need to have a reliable filter. With the use of the best pool filter, you can be confident of being able to get rid of dirt, debris, and impurities, among others that could affect the quality of the water in the swimming pool. It makes the water look new and sparkling, eliminating the need for too much maintenance.
Looking for the best filtration system for your pool, however, is not an easy task. You will most probably be overwhelmed with the abundance of the choices that are available. To help you out, keep on reading the rest of this post and we’ll let you know some of the top products worth considering, as well as how you can narrow down the possibilities.

Three Types of Pool Filters

Before we discuss some of our top picks on the market, let us have a quick look at the types of pool filters to help you decide which one is most appropriate for your needs.

#1 Cartridge Pool Filter

If you are on the lookout for a cost-effective and energy-efficient pool filter, this is one product that should be on the top of your list. This is also perfect for those who do not have the luxury of time in maintaining their swimming pools. It has cylindrical cartridges that are made of pleated mesh, which is the one responsible for trapping impurities as the water is filtered. If you want the best of both worlds, this is the type of filter that you should choose.

#2 Diatomaceous Earth Pool Filter

This type of filter uses powdered fossilized exoskeletons to remove the impurities in water that are as small as 5 microns. It can filter even microscopic particles, which is why it is great in making sure that the pool water is clean and pure. They are considered to be the most reliable of the three, although the steep price can make some people hesitant in having it chosen. While it is powerful, it should be noted that it also requires heavy maintenance.

#3 Sand Pool Filter

For those looking for a budget-friendly alternative, this is the right filter of choice. It looks like a big ball and it uses sand as the filtration medium. There is also a drain pipe at the bottom of the tank. During the filtration stage, the water will be passing through the sand to trap the impurities before the water is sent back to recirculate in the swimming pool. You simply need backwashing and rinsing to maintain the filter. The sand itself can last up to seven years, depending on the product that you will choose.

Top 4 Best Pool Filter – Our Top Pick

#1 Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump (Editor’s Choice)

If you are on the lookout for the best above ground pool filters, this is one product that should be on the top of the list. After all, it is made by Intex, a popular brand when it comes to swimming pools.
The highlight of this filter is the all-natural sand, which provides excellent filtration capabilities, making sure that no traces of dirt will be left behind. Plus, there is a six-function control valve that comes with the filter. The latter will allow you to carry out different functions, which include filtering, backwashing, rinsing, recirculating, draining, and closing.
For convenience and safety, the filter also comes with a 24-hour timer. Meanwhile, there is also an automatic shut-off feature.
The unit comes in four different configurations, each delivering a variety of capabilities. The least powerful has a flow rate of 1,050 gallons per hour while the most powerful is capable of generating of up to 3,000 gallons per hour.
Lastly, you will also love this filter because there is no need for extensive maintenance. However, the manufacturer recommends that the sand should be replaced once every five years to keep it working at its best.

#2 Pentair 160301 (Best Cartridge Pool Filter)

This is an ideal choice if you are on the lookout for the best cartridge pool filter for inground pool. Among others, one thing that makes this an impressive choice is the filtration capacity, which is 420 square feet. Meanwhile, with the flow rate of 150 gallons per minute, you can expect that it will do the job quickly. It should be noted, however, that the speed will still depend on the plumbing system that is installed.
With the large capacity of the pool cartridge, you can also expect that there will be a lesser need to have the system maintained, basically because it can handle more dirt than its smaller counterparts. For most owners, cleaning the cartridge should be done only one or two times every month.
The durability of this pool filter is also hard to doubt. The tank itself is made of fiberglass reinforced polypropylene, which can resist chemicals and withstand the test of time. There are also unionized connections that are already included as a part of the kit, making it a snap to have them hooked to an existing plumbing system. To add, it comes with a lock-ring that will prevent leaking.

#3 Hayward S244T ProSeries (Best Pool Sand Filter)

While there are several choices for sand filters for inground pools, you can never go wrong with this product from Hayward. Since it uses sand as the filter medium, this is a good pick for those who are looking for a budget-friendly alternative. The tiny gap in between the sand particles will make it deliver effective pool water filtration.
Looking at its construction, it is safe to say that it will last for many years. It is made of corrosion-proof materials, allowing it to withstand external elements that could speed up wear and tear.
There are two variants that are available – top and side-mounted models, both of which are capable of delivering a performance that is hard to match.
It is also worth noting that it comes with a six-position multi-port valve, which is an exclusive feature developed by the manufacturer. This patented technology makes it almost effortless to make adjustments as you deem fit.

#4 Hayward DE4820 (Best Diatomaceous Earth Filters)

This specific model is built for large pools with a maximum size of up to 48 square feet. It is quite expensive, but the price should not hold you back from having it chosen as it promises to deliver an effective filtration job.
The main material that is used in the construction of the tank is known as Perma Glass XL. The latter is a glass-reinforced copolymer, which will be hard to match when it comes to its strength. It also has a tamper-proof clamping system, which will make cleaning a lot easier. For a user-friendly pool filter, this will not disappoint.
Another exceptional feature that you will find in this product is the pressure and cleaning cycle gauge. The latter provides easy notifications to let you know when there is a need for cleaning to maintain the optimal functionality of the filter.

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How to Choose the Best Pool Filter

If you are clueless on which one will make the best choice, here are some of the most important considerations to help you pick the right product:

#1 Type of Pool

Whether you have an inground or above ground pool will have a significant impact on the filter that you should buy. Those for above ground pools are simpler and easier to install. Since inground pools are larger, the requirements can be more complicated.

#2 Size of the Pool

Most manufacturers will indicate the recommended maximum size of the pool suited for their filter. This will often be expressed in square feet. The larger the pool, the larger should the filter be.

#3 Ease of Use

From the installation to the use of the filter, it should be designed in such a way that it will be user-friendly. Look for those that are free of complicated features. Maintaining the filter at its best and having it cleaned should also be effortless for you.

#4 Durability

Especially if you are buying an expensive pool filter, you have to take the time to look at the overall construction. It should be made of top-notch materials that could resist environmental factors that can possibly speed up its wear and tear.

#5 Warranty

If you want to have peace of mind on the product that you will choose, it is important to consider the duration of the warranty. At the very least, the unit should come with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Wrap Up

Indeed, a top-rated pool filter is a must-have to keep the water crystal clear and free of dirt that will make the pool look unattractive. Whether it is a sand, diatomaceous earth, or cartridge pool filter, you need to carefully decide which one will be most suitable for your needs and budget.
If you ask us, we would say that the Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump is the best choice. It is an economical product that is packed with powerful features. There is no maintenance cost and it is also user-friendly.

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