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Simrad GO7 XSE Review

Simrad GO7 XSE Review

More and more fish finders are now being designed just like smartphones and tablets. For consumers, this is great news. Using a modern fish finder is extremely convenient. Fishing hobbyists do not have to spend time tinkering with a fish finder to enjoy a boating trip. Coming into this fray of “smart” fish finders is Simrad GO7 XSE. It’s a chart plotter and a fish finder designed like a hip tablet. It costs little north of $500, so you might want to find out what this device can do before investing in it. Find out more in this Simrad GO7 XSE Review.

Designed like a Tablet

Simrad GO7 XSE sports an impressive 7-inch screen. Along with a vibrant display, this fish finder looks more like a personal tablet than a marine tech tool. The screen resolution is impeccable. The LED screen is multi-touch enabled. You can view it even in direct sunlight without an issue. It’s easy to hold and mount. A non-physical power-up button is placed on the bottom left corner of the device, which is a nod to the superior design of Apple devices.
Staying true to the tablet-design, this fish finder is also highly user-friendly. Controls are similar to what you find on smartphones. Even the display of the operating system is kind of like a Windows phone (but without the lag issues). It has a home screen with options to select a task like finding waypoints. With just a simple tap, you can create a waypoint or access a saved object.
The multi-touch functionality makes actions very easy to perform. You just have to pinch the screen to zoom, and charts can be dragged across the home screen. The screen layout is customizable. Split screen is available to multitask without losing quick access to sonar or imaging features. This fish finder has both DownScan imaging and ForwardScan sonar. Also, the icons are distinguishably captioned. It’s very easy to find useful items like the plotter quickly.


Obviously, a fish finder designed to work like a tablet will have plenty of features on offer. Some of the features are familiar, like CHIRP sonar, highs-speed 10 Hz GPS. There are plenty of other features to drool over too (including the bright LED screen). This fish finder has a built-in Echosounder, high definition StructureScan, GoFree Wi-Fi, autopilot and SonicHub 2 audio. The device is powered by a TripIntel processor. It’s less powerful than the chips you find on most new smartphones, but it’s more than enough to power up this fish finder.
Features have numerous uses that most people don’t think of right away. The built-in sounder can be coupled with the anglers and the transducer to track the depth of submerged objects in real time. Data generated is highly precise. Having this fish finder will make is much easier to mark waypoints and return to favorite fishing spots. This fish finder can generate almost professional-grade imagery of the sea floor with marine objects thanks to ForwardScan capable of HD imaging.
There are multiple options to plan fishing routes as well. The fish finder can go as far as to calculate your fuel needs, tide levels and time for detours when you plan a journey. The device can store data of completed trips as archived files that you can access easily later when needed. Mapping out your route and planning the trip could not be any easier with Simrad GO7 XSE.
The chartplotter featured in this tablet is definitely worth mentioning. The chart plotter comes with numerous cartography options, including Navionics, NV Digital Charts, C-MAP, MAX-N, Insight and Insight Genesis. You can plot routes and navigate very long distances in the open ocean with these tools. You can record all these destinations and manage waypoints with a touch. You can even name the waypoints as you like. Mapped destinations can be found with a search tool. So, you can mark a thousand waypoints and not have trouble finding the one you want in an instant.


There’s no debate that Simrad GO7 XSE is a high-end fish finder with numerous features fishers will find extremely useful. The question is whether the price is worth it. Surely, you can find a cheaper fish finder without this many features. Some may also not need all the things on offer. However, this fish finder is definitely worth investing in largely thanks to superior technology and precision.
You will not get similar access to data as the Simrad GO7 XSE provides. It’s a big data collector, mainly intended for boaters. If you are serious about game fishing, you will need a fish finder like this to manage your trips. However, even casual hobbyists can benefit from advanced features like sonar. If you plan on using a fish finder for years, there’s no point in overlooking this device. As this Simrad GO7 XSE review shows, there are plenty of benefits that far outweigh the expenses for purchasing this fish finder.

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