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Samick Sage Takedown Review

Samick Sage Takedown

Being an entry-level in archery, you may be looking for a recurve bow starter package and now you’re in the middle of research to finding the best one on the market. But before going on any further, let’s define what a recurve bow is. In a nutshell, it’s a type of bow, which has limbs curving away when unstrung, storing more energy and delivering more of it efficiently than the straight-limbed hunting bows.
Because it stores a greater amount of energy and gives better speed to the arrow, it is most chosen by hunters from Canada, UK and Australia. No wonder it is one of the most in demand types of bows for years.

A model that captures us is the Samick Sage Takedown.  We’ll reveal our distinct reasons below.

Among recurve bows for sale, it is one that can immediately grab someone’s attention, whether a newbie or a veteran archer or hunter. You know why? It has a majestic and classical looking riser, which looks elegant and astounding that can make you feel as if you were in one of those movies when using it.
It has the simplicity and toughness at the same time. Plus, it has a reliable built, which is supportive for beginners. We can say that it’s perfect for those who are looking for an effective design, which facilitates better speed and provides energy efficiency, ensuring you’ll have higher chances of hitting a target no matter how fierce or fast it is.
Its riser is drilled, giving users an option to install an arrow rest and not shoot off the shelf. You can also attach accessories like a bow sight, an arrow quiver or a stabilizer, but without taking much time.
The riser of the kit is made from laminated hard maple and olive dymondwood—both make the recurve bow durable for heavy use.
This model, we can say, is one of those that give buyers the top dollar value for their money.
From unboxing to using, we cannot find any flaws at all in this recurve bow. What we like about it best is its simple yet very effective design. It’s all meat without the fluff.
It is definitely what every hunter or archer desires for their bows to possess.
Aside from durability, it is easy to customize, too; in fact, we found users that drilled holes on it to install additional accessories they deem useful personally. Yet still, it comes out astoundingly lovely and effective in delivering what it’s built for.
Now, let’s talk about its limbs. Upon comparison with other models on the market right now, we almost fell off our chairs upon finding out that this thing saves us from the limb straightening process.
As bow and arrow lovers ourselves, it gives us so much time to spend in hunting and not on straightening the limbs when they twist. The limbs are resilient and dependable. Amazingly, the model is not high-priced as other bows that exist now.
You all know how limb-twisting could be so annoying, eh? With this recurve bow, there isn’t any single incident or report in archery forums about it happening. This is absolutely great!
Then, let’s inspect its built—hard maple. What else could be more durable?  Adding to that, it is also laminated with hard fiberglass (Wow!). That’s double the benefit for the price of one.
We couldn’t ask for more when it comes to the hard work on research and manufacture that Samick has invested on this model.  The hard maple plus the fiberglass lamination gives it better resistance and durability against bending and twisting.
The draw length is quite long, but we don’t see it a problem. With it, users can easily detach limbs from the bow’s riser, making transportation and storage easier and faster. And not to forget, you can unscrew the screws with your fingers, seriously. There are no hex keys or tool needs. (We’re not joking.)
Next, let us proceed to the tips, which are strengthened by phenolic plastic, making them compatible with almost any sort of string like Fast Flight. By saying so we can conclude that this model makes a string upgrade easy and convenient.  We just love that Samick is still able to add reinforcement in the tips for a very affordable price.

Now you may be asking, “How about its performance?”

We recognize that this is the most important aspect when shopping for a recurve bow, as it more often than not reveals much of the quality, right? Upon testing, we can safely say that this Samick model shoots well because its components work well together in harmony, eliminating any frustration on a user’s part.
From the setup to the shooting, this recurve bow is perfect. For an affordable price, we’re surprised of its great specs that we did not find on other brands on the market.
It has a smooth draw, minus any vibrations when released, something perfect for beginners. Plus, its flight is so quiet that a target won’t notice an arrow is coming. There are no ifs and buts for choosing this recurve bow. We cannot find any flaw at all.
With its 62” draw length, it shoots accurately and eliminates any issues on the user’s form and stance.
And for the flight, its performance depends on the drawing weight used, meaning the higher its weight—the straighter it will be in terms of the arrow’s flight and the deadlier its on-hit impact will be. Using it, you can shoot a target from afar and still look forward tight arrow groups over 30 yards.


Summing up,

The Takedown isn’t the smallest recurve model on the market, yet it is solid, making transportation and storage easier and faster. It is also one of the best to maneuver in its category. But remember that the idealness of any hunting bow varies, depending on factors including draw length and draw weight.
Overall this model is one of the best in terms of return on investment (ROI) with its durability, efficiency, resiliency, quality and simplicity. It is every hunter’s dream bow.

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