Purchase A Cooling Pillow: Discover the Reasons Why You Should!

There is nothing more uncomfortable than sweating at night when you go to sleep. Whether this is a medical condition or brought about by inclement weather, it is important to maintain a temperature that is not too hot to prevent potential health hazard.

Investing in a cooling pillow can allow you to alleviate risks in sweating at night. If you encounter hot flashes, this is a great solution to keep your temperature down. There are many cooling pillows out in the market in today’s time. However, these pillows may come on different types. Thus, it may offer different benefits for you.

What are the advantages of owning the best cooling pillow?

There are several advantages of owning a cooling pillow. Here are some of the benefits of using one to get a good night’s sleep.

  • Cooling pillows offer the best cooling effect. This may help you feel comfortable at night when experiencing sweating or hot flushes.
  • You can also have a value for your bucks as you no longer need to buy air coolers to maintain a certain temperature in your area.
  • With the relaxing cooling effect, you can easily sleep and have enough rest to help you get going on the next days ahead.
  • These pillows also support you on different sleeping positions. Whether you’re sleeping on your side, back or stomach, your cooling needs are well-attended to.
  • Cooling pillows are great for those people who are suffering from medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis and women suffering from hot flashes.

 How many types of cooling pillows are available?

In general, there are three types of cooling pillows – breathable, water or gel-based and phase-change material (PCM) made. Here are some details that can be useful in deciding which type of pillow you should purchase.

  • Breathable pillows – This type is great when you need to allow air for freely move on the pillow’s fill. As air flows, moisture evaporates. Thus, this results in a cooling effect.
  • Water or gel-based pillows – Regarded as the most common type of cooling pillow, water or gel-based pillows cool the user’s skin. The heat is transferred from your body to the water or gel. This makes your body feel cooler. 
  • Phase-change material (PCM) pillows – PCM pillows can transfer heat to and from your body. The change in state from liquid to solid based on the temperature they are exposed to. This is useful when heat is exchanged to and from the material.

What should you know about cooling pillows?

Cooling pillows must be replaced every two to three years. This is to make sure that the pillow you are using remains sanitary. Moreover, multiple uses of cooling pillows may degrade its cooling performance. Therefore, it is important to replace it regularly to make sure that it still provides the best cooling performance.

It normally takes two hours to fully cool the pillows. Once completely cooled, you can use it as a regular pillow. The temperature can easily be adjusted on both sides. Thus, you are assured to maintain a temperature which is aligned with your preference. 

What are your preferences in firmness?

Your choice of firmness should be decided based on your sleeping position. Different positions require different firmness to support your neck, head, and other body parts. Here are the common sleeping positions and preferred firmness for each.

  • Side sleeping position – Sleepers who utilize this position are recommended to get the firmest pillow. This is to align your head with spine well.
  • Back sleeping position – People who sleep on their backs are prone to neck and back aches should an inappropriate pillow is selected. It is recommended to get a medium firm pillow. 
  • Lying on stomach – Those who are stomach sleepers can use the thin and soft pillow. This is to allow the face to rest comfortably on the pillows.
  • Combination sleeping positions – People who move around during their sleep are suggested to get a dual-sided or medium pillow.

 What are the cooling pillow material types?

There are four common materials used in cooling pillows. These are memory foam, shredded memory foam, gel fiber and naturally occurring raw material. Here are some details of each you can refer once you decide to invest on one.

  • Memory foam – This is most popular material among others. It provides firm support to your neck and head. Thus, it is best for side and back sleepers. On the other hand, this is not advisable to stomach sleepers due to variation in height.
  • Shredded memory foam – Pillows made from this material are relatively lighter and more moldable. Among its benefits is that provides better airflow than solid memory foam. Thus, its cooling performance is better.
  • Gel fiber – This material aids in the cooling capability of the pillow. It is breathable and fluffier than memory foam. It provides a good plush, giving you a nice sleep at the end of the day. Moreover, it is easy to wash and can last long after multiple uses.
  • Naturally occurring raw materials – Some pillows are made from natural materials such as buckwheat and bamboo. These offer great breathability. Thus, it allows you to experience a cooling effect when in use.

 What features you should look for in the best cooling pillows?

There are many pillows in the market in today’s time. Cooling pillows are essential if you experience sweating and hot flashes when sleeping. With this, it is recommended that you get the right cooling pillow for your needs. If you are on a hunt of the best cooling pillow, here are some of the features you should look for.

  • Breathable fabric

Cooling pillows must be made from breathable fabrics. These should have proper insulation such as those found in bamboo. Bamboos create a cooling effect even without cooling pads. They are also known for being water resistant. Thus, you are assured of comfort and durability if you select a cooling pillow with a breathable fabric.

  •  Easy to clean

As a customer, you want to experience comfortable sleep using cooling pillows without the fuss of cleaning or replacing it. With this, it is essential that cooling pillows are easy to clean. Most pillows are machine washable wherein you can throw them or their covers directly into the wash. However, make sure to check the cleaning instructions of your pillow as some of them can only be spot cleaned.

  •  Reversible design

For sleepers who constantly change their position at night, you are recommended to get a dual- sided pillow. In this way, it can easily adjust to any position that you will be. This reversible design shall help you feel comfortable and experience no potential aches that you may incur the day after your sleep.

  •  Removable cover

Cooling pillows with removable covers are great for people who are too lazy to clean the whole pillow. With this, you can just throw the cover in the wash. When you slip it on again, it will just feel good as new. Furthermore, pillows with removable covers are known to last long as it minimizes the wear and tear of the material.

 What are the top-rated cooling pillows?

Are you looking for the best cooling pillow? Here are some of the top-rated cooling pillows in the market in today’s time. The users deem that these pillows have an edge on different features such as firmness, support, design, material, and cooling performance.

  1. Coop Home Goods-Premium Adjustable Loft

This hypoallergenic pillow is made from shredded visco elastic memory foam. With this, it has a better airflow than regular solid memory foams. It is one of the best sellers as customers appreciate its adjustable loft design. It also has the removable cover made from 60% polyester and 40% rayon derived from bamboo which offers its cooling effect. On the other hand, the inner case which encloses the actual filling is made of interlock fabric.

 Consumers think that Coop Home Good’s Premium Adjustable Loft pillow is soft but very supportive. It contours the neck but does not restrict you from moving in sleeping positions. They promote proper alignment of your neck and head to your spine.

 It is machine washable and is guaranteed to last long even after multiple washes. Furthermore, it is hypoallergenic, making it safe for your skin. It is also dust mites so you do not need to worry about feeling itchy when you use this.

       2. Snuggle-Pedic Pillow (Memory Foam)

Made from a mix of shredded memory foam, this pillow is great for people who enjoy loft as it has zippers on the side which allow you to adjust or remove the fill. The foam is a little denser and fluffier than other pillows. It has a good ventilation as its shredded design offers good ventilation. It also has a bamboo infused cover that offers the best cooling capability.

 This pillow is great for all sleeping positions. Its memory foam can be adjusted according to your desired comfort. Moreover, it provides sufficient ventilation that most consumers who are suffering from sweating and hot flashes need. 

 In addition to this, its foam is made from hypoallergenic materials. Snugglepedic is lightweight and breathable. On the other hand, its cover is made from 43% of bamboo viscose, 56.4% polyester and 0.6% Lycra. It is a great combination for soft but durable cover. It is also easy to wash as it is the whole pillow is machine washable.

       3. Human Creations-Gel’O Cool Pillow Mat 11×22″

Gel’O cool pillow is large-sized at 11 by 22 inches. It offers you comfort due to its soft material. This pillow uses a safe medical-grade gel material that will not leak out when accidentally opened. It is also easy to carry around and store as it is foldable.

 This pillow conforms to your body by allowing it to support your neck and head. Unlike regular pillows, the gel component of the pillow can easily dissipate heat quickly. It soon returns to its cool state as you move positions. With this, you can easily use one side first and switch to another as soon as you need the more cooling effect.

 To use it, just place the pillow mat in the refrigerator a few hours before sleeping. Customers think that this mat works best when placed under their pillow after freezing it. It works very well with thinner pillows.

      4. Classic Brands Cool Gel and Memory Foam Pillow, Standard  (Reversible)

This hybrid cooling pillow has gel and memory foam components. The gel side is great for warm nights where you need a cooling effect to keep you from sweating. On the other hand, the memory foam side is a great way to provide you a comfortable rise when sleeping. It also cradles your head and supports your neck and shoulders, gaining you the optimal sleeping position every sleep.

 This pillow is covered with a hypoallergenic performance mesh knitted fabric which is easy to remove and wash on a machine. Along with its quality memory foam, it promotes airflow through the pillow. You should also note that memory foams are naturally antimicrobial. Thus, this pillow is hypoallergenic and resistant to molds, bacteria, and dust mites.

 One con that consumers raised is that it may have a chemical smell due to the gel material it contains. Nonetheless, some customers said that this smell naturally wears off after a few weeks of use. Though this is experienced it is still rated with five stars out of five.

        5. Classic Brands – Cool Sleep Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Gusseted Pillow, King

Combining premium materials, this cooling pillow takes pride in its innovative design. It has a gel which offers cooling comfort to its users during warm sleeping conditions. It also contains memory foam which cradles your head and supports your neck. This is a reversible pillow where you can enjoy the cooling benefits of the gel-side and comfort of the memory foam side.

 This pillow is covered with a polyester material. This provides an additional comfort to the user. Some of its benefits include promotion of health as it minimizes the pressure points on your back, neck, and shoulders. It is also hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant to ensure that you are safe when using it. You are also guaranteed that this product will last long as it comes with a three-year warranty. 

 Some customers reported stains produced by the product when rubbed on beddings. Nonetheless, this characteristic may be eliminated after a few washes.

 How do you clean cooling pillows?

Some cooling pillows such as those made in solid or shredded memory foam are machine washable. On the other hand, cooling gel pillows are not machine washable. It can only be spot cleaned or hand-washed.

Spot cleaning requires only a few materials – water, dirty rag and detergent. Dampen the rag with water and add a little amount of detergent. Dab the rag on certain areas on the pillow that needs to be cleaned. Let it air dry before using again. This is a great way to preserve the loft and cooling capabilities of your pillow.

 What are some tips for usage and maintenance?

Cooling pillows are made from different materials. With this, there is a risk of getting that may potentially react with your skin. Some pillows may contain allergens and are not safe for all users. Thus, it is important to check the material of both the pillow case, cooling material and the actual pillow before purchasing one.

You can look for a hypoallergenic model which is generally safe for all users. Moreover, to avoid any skin reactions, regularly clean your pillow. This is to avoid dust termites from spreading and potentially harming your skin.

It is also important to keep your pillows intact and with good cooling capability all the time. You can do so by placing your cooling pillows in the cooler of your refrigerator. This will allow the people to maintain its cooling capability for a long time. You will definitely get value for your money as it will last a long time.

 Buy Your Cooling Pillow Now!

Different types of pillows allow users to select the best cooling pillow. It is also essential to look into the features it offers as you will benefit from them in the long run. Furthermore, taking care of your pillows by cleaning them is a great way to get the value out of your money. You shall get to enjoy the comfort that your pillow gives for a long time even after multiple uses.

Get a cooling pillow today and experience the benefits!