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Pro For Sho 34dB NRR Shooting Hearing Protection Earmuffs Review

best electronic ear muffs for shooting

best electronic ear muffs for shooting

One gunshot is loud enough to damage your ears. That’s because an ordinary handgun is louder than 140dB. And sustained exposure to anything over than 90dB will cause permanent hearing loss. That’s why it’s so important to wear the best hearing protection you can when you’re practicing on the range.

But it’s not only shooters that need earmuffs. Anyone doing tasks like mowing the lawn with a gas mower, drilling, or using power saws should also invest in high-quality hearing protection. If you plan to attend a NASCAR race or a rock concert, it’s smart to be prepared as well. And those adults and children who suffer from auditory sensitivity will really appreciate the relief that comes from well-made earmuffs. They’ll be able to enjoy fireworks shows and sporting events like never before.
So how do you know if you’ve chosen the right amount of hearing protection? Typical shooting earmuffs have a high NRR, or Noise Reduction Rating, over 20dB. That’s why we love the ones made by Pro For Sho. They have an astonishing 34dB NRR. That means you’ll hear less than half the amount of noise you would while wearing a pair of 22dB muffs.
How does that work? Since people sense each increase of 10dB as being about twice as loud, you can see that wearing Pro For Sho’s earmuffs will greatly reduce the amount of destructive noise reaching your ears. They diminish noise up to 14dB more than the typical hearing protection worn by shooters. And since these muffs are passive, not battery-operated or noise-cancelling, they are always ready to use.
You might argue that soft moldable earplugs are better. Maybe for some people they are, but they are easy to lose, and they get dirty and need to be replaced. The Pro For Sho earmuffs will stand up to repeated use. If you get a little sweaty, just wipe them clean with a soft cloth when you’re done. And if you really do need extra protection, some customers wear both kinds of hearing protection together. There’s absolutely no problem, in-the-ear plugs don’t get in the way of using the earmuffs.
Now for those of you who have already tried other brands of earmuffs, you know that some feel very bulky and heavy. You might have been tempted to take them off and give your poor head a rest. But the earmuffs from Pro For Sho weigh less than half a pound and they have a slim profile. With their padded headband, they feel lightweight and comfortable. Their design makes them safer simply because they are convenient to wear.
Shooters and shooting instructors who wear safety glasses appreciate the way they can comfortably wear both the earmuffs and their eye protection at the same time. Plus, they fold up easily into a 4-inch thick ball for easy transport. They are much more compact than some of the earmuffs from other well-known brands like Howard Leight.
If you’re not convinced to give them a try, check out the way Pro For Sho stands behind their claims. They offer a 90-day money-back guarantee on each pair. If you’re not satisfied, you’ll get 100% of your money back. And right now they are selling the earmuffs at a special price. With coupon code K4EMZU53 you’ll get 10% off every pair you purchase.

By the way, did we mention that there’s a color for everyone? Choose from discreet shades like black, grey, coyote brown, and Army green. Or be proud of your new purple, pink, teal, dazzling blue, and poppy red earmuffs.

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