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Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow Review

Martin Jaguar Takedown

Are you looking for a Review of Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow to decide if it’s worth your dollar or not? We’ve been receiving requests from our readers to review this takedown bow, and so we’re here to shed some light for them (and for you, too). We all know that a takedown bow for hunting like it is a bow that is assembled out of a riser along with two limbs for it to work when strung. You sure also recognize that there are two main advantages of using it. One, it has an efficient design, which makes transportation easier when its disassembled; and two, an archer or hunter can modify its bow configuration if he needs to change limbs.

So what can you expect if you choose the Martin Jaguar Takedown?

In a nutshell, it is one of the best beginner bows on the market, not mentioning it is also an affordable one that gets much attention from users in many countries, including from UK, Australia and Canada. Aside from budgetary concerns, a takedown bow like it is a favorite among beginners and intermediate archers and for reasons we’ve highlighted below.
It can get anyone acquainted and excited in the world of bows and arrows, especially in terms of education about traditional hunting and shooting as well as of the sport itself.
It has a beautiful, modern look, which isn’t going to intimidate an entry level archer; instead, its striking design makes it even more inviting for people to pursue the sport. You’ll have a modernistic feel about archery with it.

Striking Design

For beginners, two of the most critical aspects of takedown bows are their assembly and setup. With this model though, no one will find it hard to assemble or disassemble, as compared to other models on the market right now.  Choosing it, you will only need two screws to assemble or disassemble and that’s all. It won’t hurt to take less than a minute in assembling/disassembling a bow, would it?  Plus, fear not of breaking any of its components in the process because it is tough, but of course, don’t get very excited, screw too tightly and break it or damage the limbs.

A Winner in Durability/Comfort

Its riser is both light and sturdy, even average size females and teenage males won’t have a hard time in using it.  The bow is amazingly light for its durable built, no question. It’s made possible because its maker successfully combined magnesium and aluminum in the riser.
When it comes to accessories, no worries, as you can configure it based on your preference. It is easily adjustable and customizable with your choice of accessories, such as a stabilizer, to attach or mount on it.
As compared to pure wooden recurve bows, this model is lighter, being it partly made from a both magnesium and aluminum aside from wood, so it is ideal even for average weight users. Just try it and you’ll get used to its weight fast.


Part of its comfort features, the Martin Jaguar Takedown bow is A+ for us. It does not vibrate when shooting. It just feels comfortable to hold or shoot with a sturdy and lightweight bow like it.
Plus, it won’t slip out your hand, even when it gets a little sweaty when aiming at or waiting for a target. It is possible because of its Thermal V protective dampening grip that can prevent it from slipping.

How about its arrow rest?

Yes, we reserve this section to elaborate this one, as we deem it’s another crucial factor when shopping around for a takedown bow. Upon testing, we can say that it is a promising model because it is easily adjustable, and all you need is to tighten up a couple of screws in repositioning the arrow rest based on your preference. Make it a bit closer or further from its riser, all up to you.
A flaw we found in this department—its arrow rest is plastic, increasing its tendency to wear out in time, so you may have to spend up to $10 for its replacement.


In terms of resiliency, the Martin Jaguar is promising with its wooden built strengthened with fiberglass lamination. In this case, the limbs become resilient against bending. So if you will take care of it properly, we can say that it can give you many years of service.

What about performance?

We recognize it’s a burning question you may be having in mind now after learning of these things about this bow model.  So, it all boils down to ‘accuracy.’
Every hunter’s desire is not only freedom but also accuracy in shooting a target, and this is where this model shines most in all departments. Aiming it is a no-brainer! In fact, it even works better than higher priced models and brands out there.
Even during first attempt, the arrows will group well, no matter what range 20+, 30+ or 40+. You will always get a good shot with it! That’s why we’re giving it an A grade when it comes to accuracy and performance. You can rely on it on any given day and it can last for many years, provided you give it proper care and maintenance.
So for those just getting into the sports of hunting,   this is an excellent starter kit that you can depend on. You can takedown any fierce target, like a deer or an elk from 30+ yards with this bow’s shooting efficiency that also makes flight even faster. But for bigger game animals as mentioned, we recommend you using a heavier bow version, probably 45-pound+ version or higher.



We firmly believe that the model is one of the most ideal for beginner to intermediate level hunters, even for average weight females and teenage males. It is a good buy for its design, reliability, comfort and performance. There’s nothing more we could ask, except that we’re suggesting the maker to consider a tougher material for the arrow rest. [We know they’re reading this review).
Final note: If you want the best deals on this takedown bow, we suggest you check it out at Amazon. By far, it is the best online store that sells this at lower prices compared to other sources.

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