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Make The Right Choice For The Best Appendix Carry Holster 2022

Best Appendix Carry Holster ReviewsHandling and keeping a firearm or weapon is as challenging a task as working with it. When not in use the firearm needs to be kept close to the user and in the right way to ensure that there are no chances of any mishaps for unsafe conditions. Choosing the best appendix carry holster is not a matter of joke.
One has to be very judicious and think properly and weigh out all options before making the final selection for the appendix holster. There are many companies selling various products and thus the choice becomes trickier.

NameOur RatingPrice
S&W M&P Shield 9/40 IWB Holster Veteran Owned Company by CYA Supply Co.4.8$
Can Can Concealment Women’s Concealed Carry Holster4.4$
Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster: fits GLOCK 19 23 324.5$
BLACKHAWK! Leather Inside-the-Pants Black Holster4.2$$
BLACKHAWK Appendix Reversible Carry Inside the Pants Fits Glock 19, 23, 324.4$

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best Appendix Carry Holster

There are many factors which need to be kept in mind while choosing the best appendix holster. They are:


The tuck of the Appendix Holster is one of the main features that draw the rifle users to this kind of holster. The more the tuck of the holster the more popular it becomes among the users. This makes use of the fact that everyone has a body which is more or less oval near the abdominal area. The tuck of the holster ensures that the L-Shaped firearm when tucked in your waist it will ensure that it is concealed completely.


This is another feature which can be explained by the tilt of the firearm in the holster. This can be left or right and it can be determined by the ease of the user to draw the weapon out of the holster at ease. During duty hours if the holster is creating trouble or delaying the time of drawing time of the weapon then it is a big issue for the user. The Cant also ensures that the weapon is tucked in, in the right way ready to be drawn out.


The wedge of the holster will ensure the ease of drawing out of the weapon from its holster. It will be a determining factor given the fact that the holster along with the padding and its make will make sure that the appendix carry holster will hold the firearm in the right place, slightly away from the body so that the user can have a proper grip. If the grip seems inappropriate then a muzzle-end wedge holster will be suitable to sort out the problem for it. Most holsters come with built-in wedges.

Make and Padding

The padding of the holster and its make is also important points to consider while buying new holsters. If the make is durable then it is better for the user as the holster will last long and will serve the purpose well.
The padding again will make sure the comfort factor of the holster and performance of the user has increased altogether. Especially in the case of appendix carry holster, the comfort of the user is essential. If the comfort is compromised then the performance of the user might be in question.


The price of the appendix carry holster is also another point to be considered. The price of the holster varies depending on the number of features that are available with it. You must be able to choose between the features before buying and decide which factors you should be able to give up on and which features of the appendix carry holster you will not be able to do without.


There are many features available in the holster and the price varies accordingly. Thus there must be some features that must be an essential quality of your next holster. The features must be chosen and selected from judiciously before buying. The budget must be decided beforehand so that the features can be selected accordingly.
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Taking Care of Appendix Carry Holsters 2021

Appendix holsters are mostly made of leather and other such materials. Thus taking care of it on a regular basis is essential to ensure that the holster lasts long and serves the purpose right. Some of the points to help taking care of appendix carry holsters are:

Top 5 Best Appendix Carry Holster Reviews

S&W M&P Shield 9/40 IWB Holster Veteran Owned Company by CYA Supply Co.

This is one of the leading concealed appendix carry holster available in the market today which is known for its quality. This USA made product is known for the best features and great quality and longevity. The holster is known to work under stress conditions and adverse of temperatures.



Can Can Concealment Women’s Concealed Carry Holster

This new concealment carry holster by Can Can Concealment is one of its kinds. This is one of the best products available for women. The design of the holster is made especially to suit the women body and the curves.



Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster: fits GLOCK 19 23 32

This holster is suitable for Glock 19, 23, 32. It has a good Cant of 0 to 15 degrees and makes sure that it is easily adjustable and has the pressure retention feature.



BLACKHAWK! Leather Inside-the-Pants Black Holster

BLACKHAWK! Is one of the leading sellers of top-class holster these days. This Black Leather Holster by them looks extremely classy and is very elegant to look at. This holster is suitable for both rights as well as left handed users.



BLACKHAWK Appendix Reversible Carry Inside the Pants Fits Glock 19, 23, 32

This is another versatile holster with cutting edge design by BLACKHAWK! It is known to be one of the leading ambidextrous holsters available in the markets today, that is, both left-handed as well as right-handed users can make use of this holster at ease.




There are many products available in the markets these days and thus making the right choice from them is a very important. Making a judicious choice by keeping in mind the above-mentioned points is essential. There is wide range of prices and features to choose from.
Deciding the budget ahead ensures that you choose the right option. The best appendix carry holster is something that depends on the comfort of the user, thus the comfort is the priority for the makers. Make the right choice for your next appendix carry holster.

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