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Keep Your Phone, Wallet, and Keys Safe at the Beach with the Beach Vault

The Beach Vault is one of those simple things that get two instantaneous reactions from us:
“I want one of those!”
“Why didn’t I think of that?”
This simple container lets you bury your valuables safely in the sand. It works on the principle of “out of sight, out of mind.” Keep your stuff out of view of potential thieves. This is so much better than wrapping your things in a towel or stuffing them in a shoe.

What is the Beach Vault?

No, there’s no lock, just a screw-top lid. This isn’t a safe that needs a combination to remember or keys to lose. You are the lock, protecting your things by laying on top of them. And no, it’s not lumpy or uncomfortable like laying on top of items hidden under beach towels.
Twist the container into the sand, place the towel on top, and slide the pillow into a sleeve on top. The pillow disguises the opening to the container, but you still have easy access to add and remove your valuables.
The whole container measures about 8 inches in diameter and 12 inches in height. That means there’s room for phones, iPods, keys, money, credit cards, and jewelry. No, sorry, you can’t fit your iPad Pro in this. But you can bring other things to the beach by carrying them inside the Beach Vault because it has a convenient handle on top.
Sure, Beach Vault can be used without the towel and pillow. But the towel is made of Microfiber, so it’s nice and soft and it dries quickly. We think you’ll like it.
If you’re not a fan of laying on the sand, try one of these inflatable lounge chairs that don’t need a pump or your lungs to fill them.
Other reasons to love the Beach Vault:

How to place the Beach Vault into the sand

Here’s how to place the Beach Vault so that it’s planted safely on the beach.

See a video on how to set up a Beach Vault right by the ocean.

Instead of only being a beach box safe that needs sand, you can use it in more locations outdoors.

The AquaVault Portable Outdoor Safe

The Aquavault Portable Outdoor Safe is made from tough plastic that can take a beating. The combination lock can be reprogrammed to your favorite three numbers so you always remember how to unlock it.
It measures 9.4 inches long by 5.4 inches wide by 6.5 inches tall. You’ll have room for more than one phone, a wallet, your keys, and more.
If you don’t have beach or poolside furniture to lock up your outdoor safe, there’s always the next option which has more flexibility.

SAFEGO Portable Travel Lock Box Safe with Key and Combination Access

The SAFEGO travel lock box offers a great deal of flexibility. The steel cable is like a bike lock, long enough to fix this portable outdoor safe to a wide range of objects. The box opens with either a key or a combination code. The ABS plastic body is rugged enough to resist drops and the zinc alloy lock doesn’t rust. The best part? The case is waterproof. Anchor it underwater if you like!
The inside can hold a smartphone, keys, a wallet, and more. It measures 7 inches wide by 7.5 inches tall by 4 inches in thickness.

At the end of your fun day at the beach

After you’ve had all the sun and fun you can stand, you’ll see it’s easier to unscrew your Beach Vault out of the sand than it was to screw it into the ground.
You can clean yourself and hose down the Vault with one of these excellent portable pressurized showers. Then keep the fun going by rolling home on a Trikke.
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