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How to Choose the Best Broadhead for Elk 2022?

Best Broadhead for Elk ReviewsDo you love archery or hunting? Are you looking for the best broadhead for elk but are not able to find one with the whole wide range in the market? The comprehensive guide along with reviews will give insight and information on top broadhead arrow for brings down elk.
The arrow needs to be specific when it comes to elk hunting and that makes it important to make the right choice. The broadhead arrow is one of the best arrows to hunt for elk; same is agreed and used by even experienced hunters.

NameOur RatingPrice
G5 Montec Broadhead 3/PK4.7$
Muzzy Trocar 100 Grain Standard Broadhead4.4$
Trophy Taker Shuttle T-Lock Broadhead4.4$

What To Look For In A Broadhead Arrow?

The arrow needs to be effective enough to serve the purpose of hunting and there are certain features it needs to be integrated with. It should be constructed in a way that it helps in hitting the target with precision. So, here are the things you need to check in the arrow before purchasing it.

Top 3 Best Broadhead for Elk Reviews On The Market 2021

G5 Montec Broadhead 3/PK

The pack of three broadhead arrow is used by many professional hunters for bringing down elk and is very efficient in elk hunting. The design and manufacturing of the broadhead arrow is classy and made of superior carbon steel material. The diamond cut of the arrow is sharp enough to penetrate deep into the animal.
The one piece construction is easy to use and has a sharp blade edge. It is made of durable material ensuring re-sharpening and easy replacement.



Muzzy Trocar 100 Grain Standard Broadhead

It is one of the standard names in the archery and hunting world with the broadhead spear serving as best weapon to take on elks. One of the most prominent features of the broadhead arrow is its helix blade system which maximum the spinning through air and keeps the arrow stable. The impact on hitting the target is more and is generally accurate. It is one piece construction made of steel that imparts its robustness and durability.



Trophy Taker Shuttle T-Lock Broadhead

It is small broadhead which reduce the amount of drift and enables easy trailing of the elk. The construction is stylish, durable and made of one piece stainless steel ferrule. It has a stout blade locking system with tapered, non-vented blades that ensures deep penetration.
It is integrated with shuttle blade which inflicts hemorrhaging and blade tends to retain itself on the elk after penetration. It has razor sharp and chiseled tip for deeper penetration.




The broadhead arrows provide significant torque and precision of movement making it a reliable weapon to bring down an elk. With different types of arrows in the market, choosing the best broadhead for elk is little difficult but this guide with reviews is prepared to help you make the right choice. All the reviewed broadhead arrows are used and tested by experts. We can help you with the best among the three if you are still confused.
Amongst the three products, Muzzy Trocar 100 Grain Standard Broadhead is the best as it has strong, razor sharp Helix blade construction for deep penetration in the elk skin. It ensures maximum precision and efficiency in use with accurate target hitting. The blades can be replaced easily as well as re-sharpened.
If you are an elk hunter, it is time you use the best hunting weapon to bring down the elk at one go. Use broadhead arrows and feel the difference in elk hunting.


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