Go hands-free with top 5 best tool backpacks on the market

Looking for a comfortable bag to carry tools and accessories easily and organized? That is where a tool backpack comes in. They are specially designed, aesthetically beautiful bags which are very handy for technicians like electricians, plumbers, etc. to carry the tools and accessories in an organized manner. This type of backpack will have separate internal compartments to keep the equipment so that your work becomes easier and comfortable. Tool backpack is your perfect solution when you need to carry all the work essentials in specially designed slots and make your work hassle-free!

What makes tool backpacks so special?

In comparison to a general one slot bag, tool backpacks are extremely convenient. Ever thought of having an organized tool kit where everything that you need is easily accessible? Yes, the tool backpack is efficiently designed with a number of categorical slots in it. These slots are padded to ensure that the tools are not damaged while in the backpack. Moreover, it protects them from constant friction and collision.

The all-in-one facility of the tool backpack helps you to have an easy access to the required tools which you need at that moment. After all, it is always better to have things handy than wasting time on searching for it. The multi-storage compartments also enable you to transport tools to and around job sites in a highly organized way. These are generally both waterproof and durable.

Maintenance technicians and electricians are commonly seen to sport huge tool backpacks. Doesn’t it strike your mind as to why? The answer is pretty simple. They can get a hands-free experience. Plus, the light weight material of the tool backpack weighs lighter on their shoulders. Not just that the softly padded straps and the weight distribution mechanism of the tool backpacks make the experience smoother and much more comfortable for sure.

Moreover, the backpacks are ideal for adventure sports like trekking and hiking. Not to mention, even we take the minimum requirements for the trip, the backpacks turns heavier. Tool backpacks come as the solution to this problem. As the weight is commonly balanced, you won’t feel difficult of fatigued even when you have to walk for miles.

How is tool backpack different from tool bag?

In order to carry tools to a job site, brief cases were used first, which later changed into tool bags. Obviously, tools bags later have its own benefits like storing the tools and essentials in one place while on move. However, once you start carrying it in tool backpack, you never want to go back to tool bags anytime. Tool backpacks are easy and comfy as the weight goes on the shoulders, and not on the wrists. The weight will be balanced, that you don’t feel pain on the shoulders. And guess what? Your hands are free and you can move hassle-free.

The benefits do not end there with the lightweight and comfortable features. Furthermore, easy visibility and accessibility of tools help you save time. You don’t need to take out everything for finding a screw. There are no worries about unpacking and repacking at the workplace when it is a tool backpack.

You might think that it will be hotter to carry the backpack all the time? No worries, you will have a lot of benefits with the tool backpack, and it is particularly designed to give you more comforts.

What to look for while selecting the best tool backpack?

  • Sturdy shoulder straps
    First of all, you should look for the one having durable shoulder straps that curve smoothly and fit your body. Since the weight will be distributed to the hip belt, the straps don’t need to have heavy padding but comfortable to wear.
  • Padded back support
    You cannot risk your health anyway. That is why you should look for padded support in backpacks. It will not give stress to your back, and there is no worry about back pain or muscle sprain.
  • Durable zippers
    Check the zipper mechanisms of all the pockets before choosing an ideal backpack. Make sure that the zippers are smooth both while opening them and closing. Good tightly stitched zippers also ensure no water leakage in case of rains.
  • Fabric breathing holes
    Tools backpacks with fabric breathing holes in the backpack will make it comfortable for you as well as the tools inside. Check the quality of the fabric as well as the durability of it.
  • Solid and waterproof molded base
    The waterproof molded base is crucial to resist all impacts on both the backpack as well as the tool constituents in it. The base should also be sturdy enough to take the entire weight of a packed backpack allowing it to stand up.
  • Load-bearing harness included
    Load bearing harness has two types i.e. slightly padded and non-padded. These load displacing or distributing straps are particularly beneficial for the heavy weight carried in tool backpacks as it reduces the strain on the back.
  • Large capacity and multi pockets
    The capacity and multi-utility compartments are the best things about tool backpacks. You have your checklist of tool ready, just match it with the capacity or volume of space in the tool backpack and choose the one according to your requirement.
  • Waterproof
    This is of utmost features that a tool backpack should have. Why? It is simply because the tools that are to be carried must not be prone to rusting or any damage.
  • Easy to unpack
    In the case of tool backpacks, the contents are very easy to unpack. It is due to the compartmentalized interior structure of the bags that you can easily know where to take out the tool.
  • Accommodate tablet or laptop
    You’d surely need to carry a laptop in the workplace. Then why not have it in the same backpack? The improved designs also have a separate slot for tablets and laptops.

What are 5 best tool backpacks on the market?

It’s time to go through some of the most popular options of tool backpack options today. The following products have been chosen based on their excellent online reviews. We aim to help you reach an informed decision by choosing the right tool backpack.

Custom Leathercraft 1134 Carpenter’s Tool Backpack

Carpenters, technicians or any workers who have to carry many tools and pay customer visits in their profession, the Custom Leathercraft 1134 is an amazing tool backpack.

  • Physical features: With the dimension of 8.5″ x 13.3″ x 16″ and 44 pockets, the item is an ideal choice for workers whose work involves a wide variety of specialized tools.
  • Review: The product is equipped with a cushion padded back support that makes your daily experience of lugging tools within long distances absolutely comfortable. You get the exclusive feature of additional shoulder and waist straps that evens out the weight and doesn’t cause much back fatigue at the end of a long tiring day. Leathercraft 1134 is a designed with  41 inside compartment pockets and 7 external ones. Don’t mix the battery and drills with the main tool compotes. There are 2 zipper enclosures for that. If you want to relief weight on shoulders, carry the bag in hand with the double top handles. One of the major drawbacks of the product is that it lacks a specialized base material to help the bag stand on its own. A few of its users feel there is a lack of small pockets in the bag to carry smaller materials like screws, nails etc.
Klein Tools 55421BP-14 Tradesman Pro Organizer Backpack

For a trade personnel or contractors and technicians, this tall Klein’s backpack is one of a kind. They have been one of the initiators in manufacturing tools in America and have been in the business for over 150 years. Offering a well organized compartmentalized interior the backpack makes the on-site carrying of electronics and tools extremely easy.

  • Physical features: Klein tool backpacks are particularly famous in the market for the following reasons. With a total of 39 pockets, the dimension of the product is 18.6 x 14.7 x 12.5 inches and comes in Polyester material.
  • Reviews: The best thing about this product is that it has a highly durable molded bottom that acts as a shield and the front pocket are safe to keep supposedly fragile and safety items as it is hard molded. It also has an outstanding feature of tall interiors that can smoothly fit longer screwdrivers. Besides, the extra padded straps are easy on the shoulder.
Custom LeatherCraft 1132 75-Pocket Tool Backpack

It is one of the dream come true heavy-duty tool backpack. It’s one of the safest and organized tool backpack available in today’s market. Custom LeatherCraft 1132 has 99% online rating with regards to quality and value for money and is a highly recommended one. This high capacity tool backpack of Leathercraft shines bright with innumerable inside pockets and fantastic construction.

  • Physical Features: The product is available in black and comes in the DuPont Cordura Plus fabric weighing 5 pounds and is 9 x 13 x 17.5 inches in dimension. The shoulder straps are adjustable and it also has added two padded handles. You will be amazed to know the pocket and sleeves range which totals to 75 that is further segregated by 6 padded zipper compartments.
  • Reviews: Quick access to tools is a time saver. Yes, its stand out is that it holds almost an ocean of tools but its shortcoming is that the backpack base is not molded and tools are thus, susceptible to damage and the bag can also not stand upright on its own due to the same.

DEWALT DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack Bag, 57-Pockets

The DEWALT DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack is a high-end tool bag in terms of numerous compartments and LED inside and outside lighting. The LED lighting is what distinguishes it from all other tool backpacks. You can very well imagine the benefits especially if you are an electrician. Working in the dark with all tools and equipment in place with required lighting is now easier than ever.

  • Physical features: As a priority tools, the backpack has 48 multi-utility inside pockets and 9 additional external compartments. The bag weighs 5 pounds and the product dimension is 21.6 x 18.8 x 11.3 cm. It comes with its own battery.
  • Reviews: Straps are padded and adjustable. The 3 level light output facility is too good for close-up works. The product echoes convenience and versatility yet lack in the terms of protected or molded base.

Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC Service Technician Bag, 1-Pack

This nylon made master hard tool backpack is almost invincible. It is a star performer. Hard to believe, is it? Use it and see by yourself. Truly designed for all professional trades person who is exposed to long distance walking on a daily basis, this bag is durable, comfortable and highly safe with an EVA thermal-formed ergonomic back padding and a hardy water-resistant base.

  • Physical features: Its weight and dimension are 9 pounds and 14.2 x 9.9 x 21.5 inches respectively. This tool backpack has ample space for accommodating tools in 56 inside-out pockets.
  • Reviews: Its standout feature is an innovative release handle that enables quick access to the bigger bay minimizing the weight strain on shoulder straps. The bag is entirely water-proof with several adjusting loads displacing strap points. Nothing about this tool backpack can drive you away from it, except for its weight.

How to wash a tool backpack?

The longevity of a tool backpack is also dependent on how clean you keep it. Moreover, you surely wouldn’t want to carry smelly tool backpacks for a customer visit, would you? A minimum of twice a year wash is necessary.
First things first, empty every pocket, keep pocket unzipped. Generally, backpacks are either machine or hand washed.

Second thing is to dismantle the metal parts and removable straps. (Straps can be separately hand cleaned in warm water with liquid detergent. When the dirt loosens scrub the area with a soft toothbrush and after cold water rinse let it air dry.

It’s now turn for the backpack. When opting for a machine wash, do so in a mesh bag. Firstly, use a water solution and detergent liquid dipped soft toothbrush to scrub off the residue if any. Then put it on washer’s gentle cycle. After wash, hang in shade for air dry.

Handwash in a spacious sink or tub. The backpack needs to be entirely under lukewarm water. Soak for 15 minutes and when the soil leaves the bag, drain the soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Use same air-dry technique but never twist the backpack as it may damage the zippers.

How to waterproof your backpack?

Only you know the value of the tools and mechanisms in your profession. So, you must also understand the importance of waterproofing the tool backpack. There are certain backpacks that are already water-resistant but some aren’t. There’s nothing to worry. A simple candle or bit of melted wax brushed onto the backpack and dried can do wonders.

Get a brush, two pots and a blend of bee’s wax and paraffin. In one pot boil some water and put the other pot with the wax-paraffin mixture inside it and let it melt. Next thing is the coating. It is actually a fun process. Take the brush and coat the backpack with melted wax. Coat well, put it into a pillowcase and let it dry in the dryer for around 30 minutes. Voila! It’s done. Now you have your very own water-resistant backpack ready in minutes.

Final thought

Now that you have known all about the benefits of having a tool backpack and its specialty over any general tool bag this is the time to decide which one to purchase. There is nothing called a perfect backpack. All you need to do is get the basics in place, identify your purpose and sync it with your budget to get your best tool backpack.