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Garmin Striker 7SV Review

Garmin Striker 7SV Review

Garmin is a solid brand that continues to deliver high-end fish finders. The brand’s echoMap 43cv is definitely one of the best budget fish finders ever. The company released Striker 7SV a while ago, and it has been garnering a lot of attention. Unlike the echoMap, the Striker is not for those on a tight budget. It costs close to $500, but comes packed with features. Here is a Garmin Striker 7SV review to find out whether this fish finder delivers as promised.


There are a lot of patented and branded specs on this fish finder that some users will love. This fish finder has a 7-inch color screen that displays data maps in vibrant clarity. The screen resolution is 800×480 pixels and is backlit to generate sharp images. It has a built-in GPS with high sensitivity settings, and a proprietary CHIRP sonar. An updated version of the chart plotter seen in echoMap is also available in this Striker. Other hardware includes a branded transducer and a CHIRP SideVü with 350w of power. Accessories for mounting on motor or a flat surface are also provided.
In addition to the hardware, there are plenty of software programs as well. Notably, the fish finder has Smooth Scaling software installed to provide depth range readings and adjustments. Software supports savings hot spots, and marking and returning to docks or boat ramps. Speed data is almost instantly displayed with a built-in flasher.


No one can doubt that this fish finder is designed to be user-friendly. You will not have a difficult time reading data or mounting this device. It weighs only a pound and a half. Exact measurements of the device are 9..5 inches with 2.3 inches of thickness.
This fish finder is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. Electricity is sent to a GT52 transducer which is used to generate sonar pulses to “view” schools of fish underwater. The signal strength of the supplies transducer is 77, 200, and 455 kHz signals, which is quite impressive. Overall, the design is of excellent quality. Garmin Striker 7SV is kind of like a smart fish finder. It looks and acts like any modern consumer electronic.


What’s most notable about this fish finder is not the design or superior specifications, but the features. There are a number of them to drool over. First and foremost, this fish finder provides surprisingly clear sonar scanning images. The color screen is just perfect to view these images in crisp quality. The sonar is powerful enough to generate data about what’s under the sides of your boat. You will see clear sonar images of objects underwater, including fish. The secret here is the combination tech. Garmin has connected a wide CHIRP sonar with two ClearVü and SideVü scanners combined as a single transducer. The results are simply amazing.
Then there’s the GPS, which sports a much higher sensitivity than most other fish finders. It can provide the location of your boat almost instantly and very precisely. You can get a good GPS readout regardless of how wide the body of water you are floating on is. Plus, the GPS tech makes it possible to mark important locations, like spots where fish are abundant, docks or boat ramps. The GPS will give your position in relation to a waypoint map. This makes navigation easy and hassle free.
The screen shows the speed of your boat too. You can use this data to navigate at the right speed so the boat doesn’t scare away schools of fish. Plus, the Striker fish finder also has the capability of a flasher. If you are fishing without moving, as in ice fishing, the flasher can show you what’s on the bottom of the lake. It works regardless of how muddy the bottom of the river or the lake is.


Overall, this fish finder delivers truly exceptional features for the asking price. It has top-notch specifications. This fish finder is also highly compact, so you can take it anywhere without an issue. This fish finder is highly recommended for kayaking, ice fishing, canoeing or motor boat fishing trips. The sonar imaging power is quite unrivaled and you can gather highly accurate data without a long wait. Overall, this fish finder is perfect for those who are willing to invest in a superior product. This Garmin Striker 7SV review shows how superior technology makes this fish finder completely worth the money spent.

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