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Fly Underwater with these Diving Boards

Be Superman underwater. Be a dolphin, be a submarine. Ride on the surface, dive underneath. Experience something new that combines a little bit of waterskiing, a lot of free diving, and, of course, underwater swimming.
Glide close to underwater reefs, race a dolphin, amaze the fish with your acrobatic skills. That’s what dive boarding is all about.
There are two kinds of diving boards that provide a similar experience: Subwing and Nautboard. Let’s look at them both to see which one will make your summer water adventures even more exciting.


The Nautboard was created by AquaNaut International, an Israeli company staffed by people who love to boat, swim, surf, and spend time in the water.
Someone had the bright idea to take waterskiing under the surface of the waves, and the result was the Nautboard. Lay on the surface and hold the board; it floats. Let a friend tow you behind a boat or jet ski and enjoy the ride. Then take a deep breath, tip the Nautboard down, and you’ll submerge.
Glide along with the fish, view a coral reef up close, and feel like you’re flying through the water. When it’s time to take a breath, tip the board up and you’ll surface.
See the Nautboard in action in this video. This could be you in the water. Tell your friends to being their cameras to catch you in the act of having a blast dive-boarding.
The Nautboard is made from polypropylene plastic that is lightweight, durable, and flexible. It’s resistant to sunlight and comes in various colors. AquaNaut offers a 5-year warranty.

2.Subwing Hammershark

The Subwing Hammershark has a different surface design than the Hexagon, but is the same in every other way. It comes ready to go as soon as you add water, a tow rope, and a vehicle to pull you. You can even practice in a pool first if you have someone to pull your rope.
The Hammershark is made of the same durable, lightweight ABS polymer as the Hexagon. It has wings that move independently or together so you can dive and do twists and turns. Subwing suggests practicing a bit before trying to control the Hammershark with just the rear rubber triangle grip.

Accessories for your dive board

Kingii – The New Standard in Water Safety

Kingii is the new wearable for all of you who love the water. If you need help to stay afloat, pull the lever and an inflation bag pulls you to the surface.
Even strong swimmers get tired. And if you doggie paddle into an unexpected current, or get separated from your waterfaring vessel, life jacket or not you may have some trouble getting yourself back to shore. Tom Agapiades created the Kingii as a low-profile complement to water baby pursuits. The wearable device secures at the wrist and, at the pull of a lever, releases an inflation bag that will pull you to the surface.

AIRHEAD AHTR-6000 Super Strength 6 Rider Tube Tow Rope

Get a nice, strong, brightly colored tow rope that you can use for more than just dive-boarding.

Speedo Adult Recreation Dive Mask

Speedo is a top name in water sports. This mask has a soft silicone skirt so it seals nicely and feels comfortable. The polycarbonate lenses are coated to resist fogging.

GoPro Dive Housing for HERO3+

Protect your camera underwater for the ultimate dive board selfies.

When you’re done dive-boarding for the day

You can have a hot shower and change your clothes without going home first. See these portable pressurized showers that make it fast to clean up after a fun day on the water.
If you’re camping, catch some Zs on the most comfortable air mattresses on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are diving boards dangerous?
A: Living is dangerous! We say no, diving boards like the Nautboard and Subwing are not dangerous if you don’t panic when you’re under the water. For obvious reasons, you can’t wear a flotation device and dive, so non-swimmers should not be using these boards. Learn to hold your breath longer and you’ll enjoy dive boards even more.
Q: Do I need a boat to tow me to use a dive board?
A: No, you can have a friend tow you with a rope from the edge of the pool, or use a winch. Even a jet ski can tow you. Your best experience will come with a speed of 2 to 4 knots, or 2.5 to 4.5mph. (That’s pretty slow, but it feels fast underwater.)
Q: What do I need besides water and something to tow me?
A:  A dive mask or goggles will make it more enjoyable because you’ll be able to see. And don’t forget to bring a 50-foot tow rope.
Q: Can I use a snorkel while I use a diving board?
A: Yes, but make sure you know how to use one properly first. You can also use fins, but they really aren’t needed for either the Nautboard or the Subwing.

Get ready for maximum summer fun

Camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, fun on the water, there’s no limit to the adventures you can have. Grab your bug-out bag and get out there!
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