Everything You Need To Know About Motorcycle Amplifiers

Doing what you like is Freedom. Liking what you do is Happiness”- Frank Tyger

The above quote stands true from the aspects of bikers. For a man, it is a proud moment to ride home on a brand new motorbike of his choice from the showroom. What fascinates a man apart from the engine sound of the bike is the bike’s design, pick-up, engine capacity and the comfort. These all characteristics of the bike ignite a man’s passion to own a bike. Since the day the motorcycles were first introduced in the market, what have remained unchanged for the people are the comfort and the sportiness that they always preferred before locking their choice. A neat looking motorcycle with a little sportiness has always been on the top of the priority list of the people.

Apart from the basic features and the functionalities of the motorcycle, the accessories attached to the motorcycle also play the crucial role to enthrall a crazy biker. The electronics segment of the bike plays a significant role in making the bike not only attractive but also biker friendly.

Amplifiers – From Bikers ProspectiveThe amateurs or the professional bikers

An avid rider’s diary reads, “All I want is the Long Stretch of Road and Music”.

True! The amateurs or the professional bikers search for every moment to take a ride around the countryside. The vroom of the bike that can be the pride feeling for few miles can turn into a sound ripping through the silence of the journey. Therefore, to keep the bikers on the seat, it is necessary to provide them with the music of some sorts.

Now just think of MUSIC. How about a journey that is musical? A musical tune playing in the foreground of vroom-vroom-broom-broom will always soothe the mind and make the ride memorable. Bikers prefer the sound amplifiers as a special attachment to make the ride interesting. Bikers believe that no road is too long when you have the same interest as you had when you rode for the first time. To ignite the same interest compiled with music, using the different types of available amplifiers is the best option.

An Introduction to Motorcycle Amplifiers

Motorcycle amplifiers are the electronic devices that help to boost the signals from any inputs like radio, or CD player by changing the amplitude of the signal. It powers the various sound system of the vehicle. The other aspect of the amplifier is that it unfailingly increases or makes alterations in the voltage, power and the current of a signal. The amplifiers offer greater power and better quality of signal during any types of wireless communication and audio equipment.

Based on the working of the amplifiers, the amplifiers are categorized into two broad categories-

  • Weak signal amplifiers
  • Power amplifiers

There are other areas of categorization for the amplifiers. Based on the number of speakers that an amplifier can power or the channels, the amplifiers are divided into the following different types-

  • 1-channel amplifier
  • 2-channel amplifier
  • 3-channel amplifier
  • 4-channel amplifier
  • 5-channel amplifier
  • 6-channel amplifier

The technological advancement has also set the platform for the transformation in the world of amplifiers. The recent days have seen the introduction of a special type of amplifier that has speaker and FM attached to it. This amplifier has been impactful and the bikers prefer them too.

The operation of a Motorcycle Amplifier

Amplifiers are manufactured from the semiconductors. The amplifiers are the non-type of semiconductors where one n-base is the collector, another one is the emitter and ‘p’ is the base electrode. The output signal is connected between the emitter and the collector terminal. This part drives the signal. The input circuit is connected between the base and the emitter terminals.

The continuous shift in the charge of the terminals results to the increment in the conductivity within the semiconductors. When the current flows in the input circuit, it causes a boost in the voltage at the base electrode. The process makes the movement of the electron a continuous one. This continuous movement of the electron shrinks the depletion zone, as a result, the resistance across the terminal drops. Yet again, the movement of the electron starts. The base electrode holds a significant role in determining the resistance and the power output.

 Motorcycle Amplifiers- Where are they Installed?

A comfortable long drive soothes the mind, rejuvenates the soul, and restores the confidence. To add a cherry on the top of the cake, the amplifiers do the rest of the thing. A lonely drive soon turns to an interesting one when the amplifiers are fitted on the handlebars, tank bag, saddlebag, under head light tool bag or if there is room, under the seat of the bike. The rhythm of the music is always going to drift the motorcycle and make the ride interesting. Music is never going to make a long drive boring and exhaustive.

The amps are installed at places where the connectivity to the devices like the mp3 player, radio, and CD is done easily.

Need for Motorcycle Amplifiers

As already discussed, an exciting, cool and edgy bike ride can fall apart and can turn into a boring and weary when the road to a destination is too long. To add the color to the riding, amplifiers have been a helping hand. It also boosts the signal and enhances the quality of the sound by reducing the noise and distortion.

Since the motorcycle amplifiers have the low power source, therefore, they are designed on a different concept. The designs of the amplifiers ensure that they are compatible with the bike and hence consume low energy.

Shaping the Future Sounds on Motorcycle- An Insight on Tech Intervention

The technology has been the Almighty in the development of the amplifiers. With the introduction and the development of the advanced technological methods, the companies that manufacture amplifiers have been successful in refining the structure of these essential electronic bike gadgets.

The compactness in the size rendered to the amps has not affected the boot space of the bike. This is one of the reasons behind the long-lasting craze for the small amps in the market.

To introduce the impishness in the sound effects, the amps are based on the technology of frequency extension that has the following features-

  • The amps developed with the modern technology use the concept of missing fundamental to create a sense of low frequency by generating calculated series of harmonics. The missing frequency stimulates the auditory experience.
  • The technology has enabled the amps with harmonics to extend the frequency response without distortion
  • The rider experiences an improved system performance and quality of sound.

What Defines the Best Motorcycle Amplifier?

It’s obvious, the sound! The quality of the sound that the amplifier can produce is the main determining factor that holds the nerve of the amplifier manufacturing companies.

Buying the best-suited amplifiers for the motorcycles is easier said than done. The riders make sure that the amps successfully pass the expectation test of the riders. Unless the sound produced from the amps is soothing, the ride will never be relaxing. Therefore, the qualities of a good amp are as follows-

  • The power rating of the amp
  • The ability of the amp to rectify the distortion level
  • Signal-to-noise ratio

It must be kept in mind that many of the people or the prospective buyers have the wrong understanding of the power of the amplifier. They judge the amps based on the power rating. However, it should not be like that. According to the companies that manufacture the motorcycle amps, the power rating is sometimes one of the most misleading indicators.

As such, it becomes crucial to have the understanding of all the specifications that rate a motorcycle amp. The best the assessment of the amplifier would be; the best would be the sound quality.

Selecting the Best Amplifiers

1. For Speakers

Not all speakers support all the amplifiers and vice versa. Therefore, there are things that need to be kept in mind for selecting the best amplifiers for the speakers. The things to consider are as follows-

  • The watt rating of the speaker and the amplifier

According to many of the people, the greater the wattage, better the speaker would be. However, it is not the fact. The greater wattage indicates the power a speaker can physically take without distorting or breakage.

  • The RMS and the Peak value of the amplifier

This determines the current and the voltage that an amplifier can deliver without clipping.

2. For Motorcycles

The selection of the amplifiers for the motorcycles too takes into consideration a number of factors. These factors need to be kept in mind at the same time. Usually, a biker’s amps are 12V in power.

Assessing the Power Needed on the Bike

It is true that many of the audio equipment have different or multiple power ratings on them. To get the best from the attachment, it is advisable to look out for amplifier’s RMS power rating. RMS power rating rates the amplifier’s ability to put on the power for a consistent performance. To get the best result, the two ratings should match or should be in proximity as per the power requirement of the bike.

Features that Motorcycle Amps Hold

The good features of the amps provide the biker with a smooth experience. The motorcycle amps must have high and low pass filters, bass boost, rock and speaker level inputs to manage the type of sound one desire to have.

Must-Have Characteristics of a Motorcycle Amplifier

For the amplifiers of the motorcycles, the following things are needed to be considered-

  • Size

As the space in the motorcycle is very less, therefore, the size of the amplifiers for the motorcycles should be small.

  • Design

Amplifiers must have the capacity to withstand the vibration and the various elemental exposures. The designing aspect of the amps must also ensure that the amps are dustproof, weatherproof and waterproof to stand the toughest conditions.

  • Adjustability

The amps need to be flexible in usage and installation.

  • Warranty

Since the electronic devices are prone to breaking down more frequently, hence, the buyers need to make sure with the sellers about the warranty and terms and conditions of the amplifier.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Amplifier – Technology’s IntroductionBluetooth Motorcycle Amplifier

One of the quotes from Kurt Busch, a professional race driver, says, “I am technologically challenged, so I finally hooked up Bluetooth in my vehicle so I can ride listening to music while riding down the road”.

It’s true indeed! The introduction of the Bluetooth motorcycle amplifier is considered as a leap bound step towards making the amps more flexible. The problem of messing with the electric wires has successfully been replaced by the introduction of this variant of the amplifiers. The Bluetooth amps have successfully replaced the wire connection with the wireless connection thus making the connection a simple one.

Essence Lies in Music during Long Journey

A good company in a journey makes a journey seems shorter. During the long distance motorcycle ride, the riders feel the loneliness that comes their way. Over the years, music has remained the true companion for the riders. The charm of nature, countryside and the roads that are not taken is quadrupled with the tone of the music that goes in accordance with the riding.

Music holds the emotional connection. Research shows that the effect of music during a ride is exceptionally nourishing. It relaxes the body and the tiredness that sneak in during a long driving. It placates the mind and increases the concentration. Music from a good motorcycle amplifier has the power to keep the rider engrossed in the ride.


Choosing a bike and an amplifier is equally difficult. Men spend a large part of their time searching for the best amplifiers. In order to give the motorcycle a touch of melody along with the vroom, the bikers research on the different aspects of the amplifiers before sealing the deal. They are of the opinion that the amplifier is a necessity for every biker who loves to ride adventure. The bikers who travel long distances add memories. They also add harmony to their ride. With the amplifiers attached to their bikes, the ride would seem more beautiful and the riding will never be a tiring one.