Eno Hammocks Reviews

Eagles Nest Outfitters is also popularly known as Eno. It was founded by two brothers Peter and Paul Pinholster from North Carolina. From a small business the two brothers have made this company large and now it is one of the most popular and best hammock selling companies.

Eno mostly produces extremely light, super-strong and easy-to-carry nylon hammocks which are specially designed for the campers who love to spend their night under the sky without any shelter. This company is extremely focused on producing cocoon style hammocks which are available in easily affordable prices. The Eno hammocks not only provide comfort but also save a lot of time and energy as setting up of the Eno hammock is very easy.

Overall supreme features

Eno manufactures its hammock products differently and in unique way with many amazing features. Eno has also invented a tree friendly fabric known as Slapstrap, which can be hung to trees or other rigid objects within two minutes. So let us take a look on the key features of the hammocks produced by Eno;

Breathable nylon

Eno uses a high quality and very strong nylon as a material in manufacturing the hammock. The nylon is usually called parachute nylon and it is extremely thin, which also makes the Eno hammocks super-light.

Super-strong rope

The rope used by Eno is another factor that keeps the strength of the hammock, due to which the hammocks produced by Eno are capable to taking heavy loads.

Interlocking stitching and carabiner

The nylon is strong, but the way of stitching of the materials together makes the hammock stronger. The nylon material is stitched in a triple interlocking process which gives the hammock maximum strength and durability. The carabiner is also one important feature that increases the strength of the hammock produced by Eno.

Product category review

Here are the main categories of product offered by Eagles Nest Outfitters and product information of the types;

Single nest hammock

The single nest hammock falls on the simplest category, which is specially designed for a single occupant. This hammock comes in a ball sized soft sack. The single nest hammock can be easily set by just clipping it to the Slapstrap. This hammock is very light and easily fits in the backpack and also looks luxurious. The single nest hammock is usable for any occasion.


  • Single nest hammock has capacity of maximum 400 lbs.
  • It has aluminum wiregate carabiners that are totally a new production.
  • Seams are triple stitched specially designed for heavy duty enabling.
  • Attached stuff sack that can be easily compressed when necessary.
  • Breathable and quickly drying nylon as fabric material.

Double nest hammock

The double nest hammock is one of the supreme hammocks produced by Eno. It is like the bread-butter of the Eno hammock products. This hammock offers great relaxation and it is big enough for two occupants and kingly for one occupant. The double nest hammock is large but it can be easily stuffed inside its attached stuff sack. It can be carried around easily and set up in no time.


  • It has 400 lbs of maximum capacity and it weighs 19 oz.
  • When folded, the dimensions are 4 x 5 inches diameter and length respectively. When stretched, the dimensions are 9.4 x 6.2 ft length and width respectively.
  • Made of breathable, quickly drying and strong nylon fabric.
  • Comes with attached and easily compressible stuff sack.
  • Aluminum wiregate carabiners
  • It best used and recommended for family or car camping and backpacking.

Double nest hammock with insect shield

This hammock has all the features of a double nest hammock along with an additional insect shield which is attached to the hammock. The double nest hammock with insect shield is treated with an insect repellent called Permethrin. The repellent wards off any bugs or insects effectively and safely for at least 6 months of being exposed to the weather elements. All the features and specifications of this hammock is same as the double nest one and this hammock has only one different feature, which is the durable and highly effective insect shield. This hammock is best for family camping.

Double deluxe hammock

Double deluxe hammock is a very good choice for those who want to spend their time sitting together with friends and family. This hammock is large and offers the feeling of king and queen. It is also an ideal choice for those who have pet and want to spend some time outdoors on their hammock.


  • Has capacity of up to 400 lbs
  • Carabiners are made of aluminum
  • Seams are triple stitched
  • When folded the dimensions are 4 x 5 inches and when unfolded the dimensions are 9.4 x 8.4 ft.
  • The hammock weighs 26 oz and material used is breathable and quickly drying nylon.
  • Attached stuff sack comes alone with the hammock.

Pro nest hammock

The pro nest hammock is the leanest product category of the Eno hammock categories. It is very thin, light and extremely comfortable. The pro nest hammock is an ideal choice for those campers or hikers who cannot carry heavy backpack and each ounce counts.


  • Maximum carrying capacity of 400 lbs and it weighs only 13 oz.
  • Fine and new aluminum wiregate carabiners.
  • When folded the dimensions are 4 x 4 inches and when the hammock is stretched, its dimensions are 8 x 4.6 ft.
  • Seams are heavy duty and triple stitched.
  • Made of breathable and quick drying nylon material.
  • Comes with attached and compressible stuff sack.

Reactor hammock

Reactor hammock is the most versatile Eno hammock. The reactor hammock consists of a sleeve that allows the user to attach a sleeping pad to the hammock. With the Eno reactor hammock, the occupant doesn’t have to worry about the sleeping pad being displaced. It is an ideal choice for those who love to spend their night in the most comfortable way.


  • Light aluminum carabiners that makes the hammock ultra-light.
  • Integrated sleeping pad sleeve for placing sleeping pad securely.
  • Maximum carrying capacity is up to 400 lbs and it weighs.
  • Comes with an attached and easily compressible stuff sack.

Jungle nest hammock

The jungle nest hammock is one of the best Eno hammock products. It is a perfect choice for those campers and hikers who want a bug-free and mosquito-free sleep. This hammock offers complete defense from insects without the need of sacrificing any suspended comfort. The jungle nest hammock has features like internal loops, organizer pocket and height adjustment capability.


  • Maximum carrying capacity of this hammock is up to 400 lbs and it weighs 27 oz. it has aluminum wiregate carabiners.
  • Seams are triple stitched and heavy duty.
  • The material for netting is super-fine no-see-um.
  • Nylon Taffeta Ripstop, which is super-strong and ultra-light.
  • Full length side zipper that allows the occupant to have access to breeze if necessary.
  • Attached compression stuff sack for the hammock.

Camo nest hammock

Camo nest hammock comes in different colors that make the hammock have camouflage ability. One can purchase colorful hammock and get mixed up with the camping environment or can be totally odd in the camping environment. It is an ideal choice for the hunters or hobbyists who want to hide away easily. This hammock is made from same materials as other Eno hammocks, but has a unique and additional feature of being colorful.


  • Carrying capacity of up to 400 lbs.
  • Selectable color and made from breathable and quick drying nylon material.
  • Seams are triple stitched and heavy duty with aluminum wiregate carabiners.
  • Comes with an attached compressible stuff sack.

Camo nest XL hammock

The Camo nest XL hammock is same as the Camo nest hammock and it allows the occupant to hide away. This hammock is way larger and it can fit in two or more occupants. It is best for family camping as it can fit a whole family in.


  • The hammock weighs 19 oz and its carrying capacity is up to 400 lbs.
  • Selectable color and made from breathable and easily drying nylon material.
  • When folded its dimensions are 4 x 5 inches and when unfolded its dimensions are 9.4 x 6.2 ft.
  • Triple stitched heavy duty seams and aluminum wiregate carabiners and it comes with an attached stuff sack.


Eno hammocks come in wide variety of size, shapes and colors. All the hammocks are of same type as the others, but each category fulfills a unique requirement. All the Eno hammocks are made from same materials and processed in the same way and the only things that make the categories different are the size, weight and some special features. Eno offers great quality and extreme durability and with Eno hammocks one can be very comfortable and reliable. The best point is that one doesn’t need to worry about the price as Eno hammocks are available in quite low prices.