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Condor Chest Rig (MCR5 Recon) Review

The Condor MCR5 Recon is an affordable chest rig that keeps you below the fifty-dollar mark. This is a great option for men looking for a great chest rig at a reasonable price. This battle gear is not just cool for airsoft but can also serve well in a real “Without the Rule Of Law” (WROL) situations. Before anything else, know that the MCR5 is unlike conventional plate carriers because it can’t carry ballistic plates. There’s a reason why it’s called a chest rig and not a carrier.
Despite that, there are still a whole lot of features this rig can boast for. It is designed with a built-in kangaroo / stacker style mag pouches which are quite handy for quick and smooth reloads. Here’s more:


Not just for airsoft

Some consumers may say this product is only good for airsoft. But the knowledgeable ones would beg to disagree. This rig might be priced low but it doesn’t mean it’s not up to something more challenging. There is something in the look of this rig that tells you it’s not for “kids”, and therefore not intended for playful activities (though it could, occasionally). You can actually use this rig for some serious combat.


Considering the price, this rig undeniably has a good build. It is essentially more rugged than necessary. It is made with tough materials that you can hardly find in rigs in this price range. However, it might be threatening when you see the “Made in China” tag but don’t stereotype. This one is worth giving a chance. And it’s not like you’re taking risks because a lot would agree when one says this one possesses more than its value.

Removable and Adjustable Flaps

At first glance you might say this rig can only carry three reload mags and a couple of additional gears. But there is more to it. The flaps are actually adjustable and removable at the same time. This makes the pockets at the front versatile when it comes to putting items to it. By being modifiable, the pockets become flexible enough that they’re the ones that will adapt and not the items that you want to put into them.
Now you can customize your gear better than other rigs out there. For instance, you might want to use only two of them as mag pouches and use the remaining pockets for flashlights, knives, or any item you need to bring with. Thus, you can absolutely configure it the way you want it.

Hold lots-a-stuff

The main Double AR Mag pouches alone is already a form of wonder. Each pouch can actually hold two mags. This means you can carry up to six reloads! This allows you to become more prepared and advantageous in any battle. Furthermore, you don’t need to set the pouches up because they already come with the rig itself.
The bottom AR Mag pouches (the ones with adjustable / removable flaps) makes this rig even more appealing. Each of them has two pistol mag pouches. You don’t have to worry about size fitting because the flaps allow you put any mag size.
And there’s more. Behind the main Double AR mag pouches is a discreet document pouch. If you are still fond of using traditional maps then this narrow space could become quite handy. It’s secure and built-in so you can put any kind of paper document there (aside from maps).
There are bungee retention pouches on each side of the rig. This balances the weight that pulls you down at the front and diverts it to your center. With that, your movements become much easier and more stable. That is if you also put some items there. You can put more mags, if the main pouches are still not enough. Nonetheless, these side bungee pouches are suitable storage for medical kits, satcoms, beverages, and the like.
You will also appreciate the PT pistol holster that could carry just any size of pistol, even those ones that have flashlights or add-ons underneath the barrel. Plus it’s strategically located in the corner side of your body so you can easily draw it smoothly when needed.
On the other side, a GPS pouch can be located. It also has a mini front pocket for additional storage. Underneath is a 4 x 4 webbing so you can set it up with more pouches and combine them the way you want it.

Comfortable Enough

With all the stuff you carry, you can’t really expect a tenderly soft comfy feel when you wear the rig. But the fit is just comfortable enough. At the first place, it is a battle gear and not some shirt infested with fleece or some other polyester fabric. So you should be proud if you’re able to wear this ALL day long.


Thumbs up to MOLLE webbing. Again, the build of this rig is actually heavy duty. This is not your ordinary china-made product. The manufacturer has put some serious thought on quality before producing this item.

Fits right

It’s not just the pouches you can adjust but the rig itself. The straps are highly adjustable so it’s only a matter of time and a little effort before you can adjust it to your own physique.



Overall, the Condor MCR5 Recon is a recommended chest rig for people who value their money and at the same time expect something more in return of their affordable investment. This chest rig is great regardless of the intensity of your desired activities.

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