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ChillaX Accessories Make It Better

ChillaX accessories make it better
Tired of carrying around so much stuff just for a weekend trip? Stock up on these essentials that will make your next campout much more pleasant. Enjoy a sand-free beach blanket with a comfy inflatable pillow. And if those don’t relieve your anxiety, release your stress with a fidget spinner.

ChillaX Sand Free Beach Blanket

This is the beach blanket you’ve been waiting for. Forget lying on towels that collect sand. You’ll only get it all over your body, too. Then it’s such a pain to shake everything out afterward.
The sand-free blanket from ChillaX repels sand and water. It doesn’t get hot in the sun either. Plus, you and your friends can enjoy it together because it’s so huge. But when it’s time to leave the beach, it packs up small.
How is it possible for a simple beach blanket to be so awesome? For one, it’s made from lightweight ripstop nylon. It’s sewn from the same material used for parachutes. That means the whole 9-foot by 10-foot blanket only weighs one pound.
And because it’s ripstop nylon, you can lay it down on dewy grass and not get wet while sitting on it. If it does get wet, it dries super-fast. If you spread it out in the sunshine, it won’t get too hot to enjoy, unlike some kinds of fabric or plastic.
But wait, you’re concerned about all that wind by the ocean? No problem! The ChillaX beach blanket might be lightweight, but it’s not going to fly away. It comes with 4 metal stakes to secure it to the ground. Or you can fill the 4 attached pockets with sand or rocks to weight it down. The pockets are made from the same sand-repellent material, so the sand won’t stick to them either.
At the end of the day, simply fold up your ChillaX blanket to a compact 4-inch by 8-inch size, then place it in the accompanying compression sack. Oh wait, you forgot to bring the sack? No—it’s right there with you, sewn onto the edge of the blanket.

There’s one more bonus that comes with the Sand Free Beach Blanket. ChillaX is sending a Universal Waterproof Case with it. The case fits your smartphone or your money and keys so they’re protected from water and sand.
ChillaX offers a no-questions asked satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t love the beach blanket, they will replace it or refund your money.
Top features of the ChillaX Sand-Free Beach Blanket:

But what if you want to take a nap on your beach blanket? Check out the inflatable pillow below. It’s the perfect accompaniment.

ChillaX Ultralight Inflatable Pillow

Don’t roll up that towel for a pillow. Forget laying your head down on a lumpy backpack. Either of those things will just give you a stiff neck. Try the ChillaX Ultralight Inflatable Pillow instead.
We’ve probably had the same experience you’ve had with typical blow-up travel pillows. They stink, literally. Their plastic smell makes them unpleasant to use. But the ChillaX pillow is made from TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). It doesn’t have a strong odor, but it’s a very tough material.
It only takes a few breaths to inflate the pillow. It fills up to a maximum size of 16 inches long by 12 inches wide and 4 inches thick. Plus, ChillaX includes a 100% silk sleeping mask so you can get quality shuteye time.
You can also use this pillow as lumbar support for those long hours in a chair at the computer. The ergonomic curved shape supports your lower back perfectly. And the two-way air valve keeps air from leaking out while you enjoy it.
Once you’re done with the ultralight pillow, it folds up to a compact 2 by 5 inches in size to fit in its carrying sack. Since it weighs less than 3 ounces, you won’t even know you have it with you.
Of course, ChillaX offers a no-questions asked satisfaction guarantee on the Ultralight Inflatable Pillow. They will replace it or refund your money if you don’t love it, so there’s no risk to you in giving it a try.

Chillax Fidget Spinner – Tri-Spinner Fidget Toy for Anxiety and ADHD

Finally, you’re ready to relax with your new pillow on your new beach blanket…but you’re still feeling anxious. It’s normal. It takes a little time to decompress. Just put yourself in a meditative state with ChillaX’s Fidget Spinner.
You’ve probably seen plenty of fidget spinners. This one spins for at least two minutes because of its improved design with R188 bearings. These bearings have very low resistance and they spin very quietly. This little toy will help you pass the time until that video loads, or your friends come back with drinks.
If you think fidget spinners are all played out, then you haven’t seen the ebook that ChillaX will send you for free. It has the ten best tips and tricks for doing cool stuff with your new spinner.
And of course, if you don’t love the fidget toy or any other ChillaX accessory, they will give you a replacement or refund, no questions asked.


Imagine stuffing all these three ChillaX accessories ( especially Chillax air couch) in your bag for a weekend getaway, or even just a lunch break outside. All together they weigh less than a pound and a half and take up very little space. But their potential to help you relax is huge.
If you love technology and gadgets that make life better, come back soon to see new reviews of all the cool stuff we’ve found.

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