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Best Walleye Rods: 6 Thing look for when purchasing Best Walleye Rods (Reviews 2021)

Best Walleye Rod Reviews

The pleasure of fishing is hard to dispute. If you’re interested in catching the well-regarded walleye, then this is a great excuse to get yourself some new fishing kit. Whilst these aren’t the trickiest fish to catch, having the correct rod for the job is vital for a successful catch. If you’re looking for the best rods for walleye fishing you’ve come to the right place. Read on to see everything you need to know before purchasing the best new walleye rod for you and see our top picks.
Best Walleye Rod Reviews

Our Top Picks

Best Walleye rods for ice fishing: St. Croix’s Mojo Series Ice Fishing Rod

For a walleye fishing rod under 100 bucks that is ideally designed for ice fishing, this rod is great for beginners and makes it easier to bring in even the largest of walleye.

Best walleye rods for jigging: Fenwicks’ Elite Tech Walleye Spinning Fishing Rod for Jigging

For a fast-action walleye rod ideal for jigging, this well-priced mid-range rod makes it easier to catch big fish and bring them in quickly even in particularly windy conditions.

Best custom walleye rods: Tuned Up Custom Rods’ Quick Tip 28” Cork Split Grip Ice Rod

For a fast-action fishing rod designed for people with good technique, this custom rod is great for those who have mastered the art of walleye fishing.

Best walleye rods and reels: Ugly Stik’s Walleye Round Combo

For a rod and reel combo ideal for beginners, this setup offers smooth casting and a medium light action ideal for perch and walleye.

Top SalesProduct LinkPrice
Penn BTLII4000701M Battle II 4000 Spinning Reel Combo Inshore 7 Feet Medium Powerfrom $96.33
KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods Casting Rod 7ft 1in-Medium Heavy - Fast-1pcfrom $54.14
KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rods Spinning 7ft -Fast-MH Powerfrom $49.99
Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod 7' Medium/Heavy 1pcfrom $39.95
Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rodfrom $19.99
Berkley Cherrywood HD Castingfrom $27.75
Okuma Celilo Graphite Lightweight Ultra Light Trout Rods CE-S-662UL-1from $27.70
Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod 7' - Medium Light - 1pcfrom $49.95
St. Croix Mojo Series Ice Rod (28inch Ultra-Light)from $49.99
Cadence Fishing CR5 Spinning Rods | 30 Ton Carbon | Fuji Reel Seat | Stainless Steel Guides with SiC Inserts | CR5-662S-MLMFfrom $56.99
St Croix Triumph 7ft Mf 1pc Spinning Rod (Trs70mf) Titaniumfrom $99.99
Fenwick Elite Tech Walleye Spinning Fishing Rod 5'9inch - Medium - 1pcsfrom $149.95
Dobyns Rods Fury Series Casting Rodfrom $109.99
St. Croix Rod Avid Inshore Spinning Rodfrom $249.99
Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod 6'6inch- Ultra Light - 2pcfrom $48.45
St. Croix Eyecon 6.3ft MXF 1pc Spinning Rodfrom $139.99
Okuma Calynn Light Weight Graphite Spinning Rods- CY-S-701MLfrom $49.99
St Croix Premier Spinning Rodsfrom $130.00
Okuma Scott Martin Tournament Concept Rods TCS-S-701M+from $153.75
Ugly Stik Elite Casting Rodfrom $44.46
Okuma's Dead Eye Technique Specific Walleye Rods-DE-S-661-MLFT (Dark Green 6-Feet/6-Inch)from $84.92
Okuma's Dead Eye Technique Specific Walleye Rods-DE-S-761M (Dark Green 7-Feet/6-Inch)from $81.59

What is the best way to catch a walleye?

If you’re reading this article we’re sure you are already aware that a walleye is a freshwater fish that is native to Canada and parts of North America. But what is the best way to catch one? Walleyes are especially drawn to live bait and, as they’re schooling fish, you will often find that when one arrives you will soon have a whole group on your hands. Walleyes like to reside structural elements so this is the best place to strike. Ensuring you have the right equipment is key in helping you to catch walleye.

Buying Guide: What to look out for when purchasing Best Walleye Rods

#1 Types of Walleye Rods

If you’re wondering what is the best rod and reel for walleye fishing? Then check out what the different types of walleye rods are below – these are trolling, spinning, and jigging. Spinning and jigging, generally, require the same setup and tend to use the same rod type. Whereas trolling requires a heavier and slightly more complicated setup. Make sure you think about what type of fishing you’re going to be undertaking to catch your walleye so that you know which type of rod you need to purchase. For trolling it is likely that you will need to look out for the best 2 piece walleye rods.
There are four types of walleye rods available in the market including:

#1 Spin-Cast Rods

Spin cast rods are one of the easiest walleye rods to handle and perfect for beginners. Their guides are designed to be large at the reel and grow smaller as you advance toward the rod tip. The rod’s flexibility in fishing also determines how many guides it comes with.
Spin cast rods comfortably handle heavier lines and handle the fighting pressure of fish better. They also have a unique grip trigger operated by the forefinger to release the lure into the water.

#2 Spinning Rods

These rods have bigger line guides to minimize abrasions on the line while casting. This feature makes the spinning rods ideal for lighter and flexible monofilaments. Grip handle of spin rods is either made from Cork or EVA form; with some anglers preferring the quality Portuguese cork handle.
Modern spin rods have grips made from both Cork and EVA foam. This combines the strengths of both materials providing a sturdier grip handle. Spinning rods also use strong reels that stabilize the rod while battling with fish.

#3 Bait Casting Rods

Bait-cast rods are frequently used with low braided monofilaments. They can also be used with nylon or fluorocarbon lines. Modern bait casting rods have a length of up to 9 feet increasing casting distance and accuracy.
Bait-cast rods have their reels mounted on top of the grip. The guides have eyelets ideally to make it easy to spool the line onto the rod.

#4 Fly Rods

Like bait cast rods, fly rods are long and flexible. These types of walleye rods are likely to be used by professional anglers and not beginners because fly rods rely more on the line itself to cast as opposed to the lure.
A characteristic feature of fly rods is that the reel is fixed under the upper part of the rod. This helps hold the reel secure while spooling the line or out fishing. The rod has a disc-like feature to provide ample adjustment to reel in oversized fish like the walleye.

#2 Length

The length of the rod is an important consideration as this affects the casting distance and accuracy of the rod. A longer rod will extend your reach, however, with a shorter rod you can have more precision and it will be easier to handle. Most expert walleye anglers go for a walleye rod that measures between 5 to 7 feet as a ballpark figure for you to aim your choice around. The length required will also depend on the type of rod you go for.

#3 Power/Action

Of course, a major consideration for a walleye fishing rod is the amount of power it has. Remember, the most powerful isn’t necessarily the best as it depends on both your fishing style and experience. For walleye fishing a medium powered fishing rod would be optimum, however, if you are more of a pro, then you may well be able to handle a slightly more powerful model.

#4 Weight of the Line

The weight of the line is something you should also think about before purchasing the best walleye fishing rods and reels. A lightweight device will help you to achieve your optimum performance, especially if you are a beginner. However, for a more powerful device, the line weight is likely to be heavier so only go for this if you know what you’re doing and are confident in your performance.

#5 Construction

Clear criteria for a quality walleye rod is what it is made out of and the quality of construction. The material of the walleye rod needs to be both high-quality and also comfortable for you to handle. For this reason, look out for rods made out of either graphite or carbon fiber for ultimate quality and usability.

#6 Ice fishing

If you are planning on ice fishing for walleye then you will be looking out for the best ice fishing walleye rods. When it comes to ice fishing you want a rod that is sensitive and small enough to suit the requirements of the job, whilst also being strong enough to deal with the freezing conditions and the strength of the fish you hope to reel in. Look out for rods that are specifically designed for ice fishing if you’re going to be doing this type of angling.

Top 5 Best Walleye Rods Reviews

So now you know a bit of the basics about walleye fishing rods, let’s take a look at some of our favorite rods for different needs and budgets. Here, we outline 5 of our favorite rods to help you make the right choice.

#1 Best Walleye rods for ice fishing: St. Croix’s Mojo Series Ice Fishing Rod

As winter progresses walleye fish tend to head for deeper waters that are close to shallow waters. This great fishing rod is ideal for finding the little critters when fishing conditions get harder. This rod is highly sensitive but stiff enough to cope with making quick and solid hooks. This ice fishing rod is also lightweight but has enough power to get big walleye up and out of the water and into your boat without any trouble. This is one of the best walleye rods under 100 dollars that is great for ice fishing walleye.
Other pros of this ice fishing rod for walleye are that: the split grip design makes handling walleye much easier so it is a good choice of rod for beginners; it has stainless steel guides which are highly resistant to freezing even in icy cold conditions, ideal for ice fishing in the depth of winter; it is comfortable to use on long days out fishing, and; it is great value for money. The downside of this rod is that it is a little cheaply made so you need to treat it with care and look after it well.
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#2 Best walleye rods for jigging: Fenwicks’ Elite Tech Walleye Spinning Fishing Rod for Jigging

Jigging is no simple fishing action and requires a rod with smooth action, good grip, and a lightweight but strong frame. This rod ticks all the boxes and is one of the best walleye rods for the money for jigging. Suitable for use in fresh and saltwater, you’ll find jigging for walleye a rewarding day out and a great way to bring in some decently sized catches. With this rod, you’ll feel the fish strike and be able to catch those walleye that love hanging out towards the bottom of deeper water.
Other good things about this jigging rod for walleye are that: it is made with high-quality titanium guards; it is lightweight but extremely strong and durable; it has mid-range power with an impressively fast action which means the rod doesn’t flex too much, helps you catch bigger fish, and bring them in quicker; it has a handle which has a good grip ideal for catching bigger fish, and; you get good quality materials for your money. The downside of this rod is that it is not the most powerful.
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#3 Best custom walleye rods: Tuned Up Custom Rods’ Quick Tip 28” Cork Split Grip Ice Rod

If you are looking for a custom walleye rod with light power and an impressively fast action then this rod will be right up your street. This rod works great with lures in the 1/16-ounce range and great with light-biting fish like the walleye, trout, and panfish. You will need to be good at casting with reasonable timing and technique to enjoy working with this rod, but with those skills, you’ll be good to go. Ideal for people with a bit of experience fishing, this is a truly impressive custom rod for walleye.
Other things to like about this custom rod are that: it has a split grip cork handle making it easier to grip on to and better for catching larger walleye; it has built-in recoil guides that cannot corrode and stay in their shape regardless of conditions;  it has an extra fast tip that is nice and lightweight which works well for walleye, and; it is durable and easy to look after. The downside of this rod is that it is not really suitable for beginners as you need ot have a good technique to use it properly.
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#4 Best walleye rods and reels: Ugly Stik’s Walleye Round Combo

If you’re a beginner to walleye or perch fishing looking for a rod and reel setup that is ready to go, then this is probably the best perch and walleye rods out there. At an incredibly reasonable price, this is an excellent rod and reel combo to learn on and will help you get to grips with casting with a smooth action. It won’t be long before you reel in your first fish to enjoy on the BBQ or back at home. Beginners will love the way this rod feels and the impressive smooth action reel.
Other advantages of this rod and reel combo are that: it has a medium-light action, making it easier to catch walleye and perch; you can an impressive 7-year warranty on the rod so you know this is built to last in spite of the great value price; at 7 feet and 6 inches, this rod casts incredibly smoothly; it has a medium power so is relatively stiff and will not bend too easily, and; it is versatile. The downside of this rod is that it is slightly cheaply made, but the warranty at least gives you some protection.
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#5 Best walleye trolling rods for the money: Okuma’s Great Lakes Trolling Rods

If you’re on the hunt for a durable walleye rod for trolling but don’t have a massive budget, then look no further than this trolling rod and reel combo. This setup is actually good for beginners and advanced anglers alike. The aluminum guides allow for a nice smooth operation that puts less strain on you and the rod as you fish. The non-slip grip is ideal for bringing those catches home and this rod is actually nicely versatile for a whole range of fishing conditions.
Other things to like about this trolling rod and reel combo are that: the softness of the rod means it is able to compensate for limited stretch in your core line; you can get a good 100 yards of braided fishing line on the reel up to 50lbs (just make sure that the backing line is monofilament to avoid spinning on the reel); it is ideal for off-boat fishing, and; the price cannot be beaten for the quality you get. The downside of this rod is that it isn’t super fast to reel in your fish with.


When considering what are the best walleye rods it is important to think about a variety of factors. First of all, consider the type of fishing you will be doing – will it be trolling, spinning or jigging? As this will determine the type of walleye rod you need to purchase. Other key considerations include the length of the rod, the power it has, and the weight. If you want to catch some walleye via ice fishing then also take into consideration the specialist equipment you need for this. Check out our top picks of the best walleye rods around to get you started and happy fishing!

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