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Best Throwing Knife: 2022 Reviews (Top Picks) & Guide

Best Throwing Knives

Knife throwing is a hobby that has been picking up some new interest over the last few years. It’s unusual that a hobby that requires no technology would gain in popularity these days, but the art of knife throwing requires great skill and practice. It offers little practical benefit, but it can be fun and impressive, as well as performed anywhere it is safe to do so.


If you are interested in developing your knife throwing skills, or you are already an experienced knife thrower looking for new knives for your collection, your knives should meet certain criteria to ensure they are of high quality. These knives should:

While the hobby of knife throwing can be fun for all ages, we must advise that those under the age of 18 have adult supervision while practicing, as these knives are sharp and very dangerous if used or handled incorrectly.

Best Throwing Knives for the Money

BladesUSA RC-1793 Series Throwing Knife Set

The BladesUSA RC-1793 offers a three-knife set with stainless steel blades.

There is a spider design printed on the handle to identify them (I’m not really sure what spiders have to do with blades – I suppose it’s the element of danger?) and a sturdy nylon sheath to keep the sharp edge covered when not in use. The handles are bare, but they do have a section with a grippable texture – although it is advised to keep your hands clean and dry for the best grip possible. These knives have an 8-inch overall length, making them a bit on the larger side, but with practice you’ll be able to handle them with ease. For under $1x* for the set of three, including the sheath, these are a great choice for beginners and experienced knife throwers alike.

6PC 5.5″ Throwing Knife Set With Pouch – BLACK WIDOW SPIDER

If you want smaller blades, but a similar design to the BladesUSA product above, we suggest BLACK WIDOW 6PC 5.5″ Set.

These are shorter than the knives above, but with a similar design. Six knives offer you the ability to practice hitting your targets without having to retrieve your blades as often – which is definitely great for beginners! The knife itself is balanced for speed and precision, which gives you perfect accuracy (assuming, of course, you have developed your aim and your form). The blade itself is 2.5” long and has been designed to improve precision and maximize aerodynamics. In addition to these high quality knives, you will receive a nylon sheath for safety and convenience. This sheath can be attached to your arm for even greater convenience over other sets. At around $1x, this is a high-quality set that’s wonderful for beginners.

United Cutlery UC2772 Expendables Kunai Thrower Set

Once you get a bit of experience behind you, a knife with a larger blade may be in order. The United Cutlery UC2772 comes with three 12-inch knives with a cord-wrapped handle.

For $3x, these knives are an official replica of the ones featured in the movie The Expendables with Jason Statham. A nylon sheath with leg strap and belt loop straps the knives to your leg for convenience when practicing, and the anodized stainless steel double edge and cord-wrapped handle with finger hole make them a wonderful choice for hobby throwers as well as movie enthusiasts.

Perfect Point PP-028-3BK Throwing Knife Set

For those looking for a smaller blade that still offers the finger loops, Perfect Point PP-028-3BK Set is a great beginner choice.

Three knives with 6 ½” total length fit wonderfully inside the included nylon sheath. The black cord wrap offers an improved grip over solid metal knives, but these knives do not offer any precision enhancement features – your aim will depend entirely on your personal precision. At around $1x for the set of three, they’re an inexpensive basic addition to your collection.

Szco Supplies Kunai Knife Set

The Szco Supplies Kunai Knife Set is a higher quantity set for those who are dedicated to their knife throwing skills.

With 12 knives and a roll-up pouch for storage, this set will take a fair amount of damage. The handles are wrapped with a black cord for grip – this rope may come loose after heavy use, but it can be easily reattached when this happens. There is also a convenient finger loop. These are not the most high-end knives, and they definitely aren’t for display, but if you’re looking for knives that withstand the wear and tear of practice, look no further. Twelve knives of six-inch overall length, for under $2x – it’s a bargain for your practice sessions.

Final Thoughts

Overall, in terms of precision enhancements, the Black Widow 6-Piece Set is the clear winner. They don’t have built-in grip, but as long as you keep your hands clean and dry during practice, these blades guarantee a fine tuned practice experience that will look equally attractive in competition.

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