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Best Survival Folding Saw: Buying Guide and Reviews (2021)

What is a survival folding saw?

Best Survival Folding Saw
Survival Folding saws are products that have toothed blade which can be folded in a handle like a pocketknife. It is used for cutting and lacerating items. It should have the power of a regular saw but without the bulky body. Furthermore, the survival folding saw is known to provide easier control when cutting in. It allows the user to cut straight on rough surfaces.

NameOur RatingPrice
SOG Folding Saw - 8.25 Inch4*$
The Friendly Swede Folding Hand Saw - 8 Inch4.5*$$
EverSaw FOLDING HAND SAW - 8 Inch4.5*$$$
Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw - 7.5 Inch5*$$$$

Though there are many other portable cutting tools, survival folding saws are relatively cheaper. These are inexpensive tools that are convenient to bring anywhere. Furthermore, it requires less intensive technique in cutting. Thus, it does not limit you when it comes to usage.

When do you need the survival folding saw?

This tool is very useful to campers, hikers and backpackers. Here are some of the activities where you may need a survival folding saw.

  1. Building shelter – It is a great help in building you shelter. It cuts through wood and helps you shape the foundation of your make-shift house in the camp or woods.
  2. Clearing hiking trail – You can use a folding saw to clear your trail while hiking. Since it comes in a handy package, you can easily bring it along with you during hikes. You can bring it along inside your pocket.
  3. Cut firewood – Should you need a camp fire, you can easily cut firewood with a folding saw. Here, you are no longer bothered with a large saw to cut and chop wood. It does not take up too much space in your backpack.
  4. Gardening projects – Aside from outdoor use, you can also use it on household work. It is a great tool for gardening. You can cut grass, weeds and unwanted branches from trees in your garden.
  5. Do-it-yourself projects – With this tool, you can easily cut thin and small pieces of wood for DIY projects. It is a great way to save money as you no longer need services from your local cutting shop.

Basically, a survival folding saw presents a lot of uses. You can use it outdoors on your trail and hiking adventures. Moreover, you can also use it in your home. It is a multifunctional tool which you should consider getting.

Benefits of Survival Folding Saw

During survival or emergency situations, you need the right tool when cutting and sawing through hard material. Aside from the fact that it costs less than bulky cutting tools in the market, it is a very reliable tool.  It handles the same conventional cutting works without the fuss. If you have already tried one, you may be familiar with some benefits that it can provide you.
There are several reasons why you should carry around survival folding saw. These are some of the benefits of getting this too. Use these to guide you in getting the best one.

  1. Affordable – This tool is inexpensive compared with other cutting tools. You can even buy one for as low as 10 dollars. It is even cheaper than your daily cutting expenses.
  2. Portable – Survival folding saws offer you portability as it is light and compact. Its size is comparable with a pocket knife. You can carry it in your backpack or pocket without struggling. It is great to bring along whenever you are on the go.
  3. Storage friendly – Given that it is very handy, you can easily store it in your tool box or backpack pockets. The sharp edges are not protruding, thus, eliminating the risk of cuts and accidents.
  4. Safety – Speaking of risks and accidents, this tool is the safer option when it comes to cutting wood. You need to throw the tool like an axe when you need to split firewood.
  5. Versatile – Folding saws have a lot of uses. It provides you a wide range of applications such as gardening, trail clearing and tree branch trimming. You can even cut through plastics and pipes. The possibilities are endless.
  6. Maintainable – Every person wants to buy a durable tool. Survival folding saws are known to last long as it is packaged well and the teeth can be sharpened regularly.

Who needs a survival folding saw?

Anyone who needs a tool for cutting hard items and equipment is recommended to have a survival folding saw. Nonetheless, this tool is very useful for campers, hikers, gardeners and backpackers. It is very beneficial to adventure seekers are it does not only provide portability but it also delivers great cutting work.
Should you wish to travel with confidence and ease, try bringing a survival folding saw. This will surely make your life easier. From creating firewood for campfires to building your make-shift shelter, this tool is a great addition to your travel must-haves.

Functions of the survival folding saw

When looking for the ultimate survival folding saw, you must be able to use it for certain functions. Aside from the fact that it will give you a value out of your money, it also allows you to finish your cutting tasks on time and with ease.
Before getting one, here are some of the functions you need to note. Your survival folding saw must be able to have these key features.

Looking for the survival folding saw may be hard at times. It should be reliable and inexpensive at the same time. You just need to weigh your options well by considering its design and structure quality. Make sure that the manufacturer guarantees you of its durability.

Survival Folding Saw Designs

There are a lot of survival folding saw designs in the market today. You can get to choose from a lot of options offering you precision, speed and durability. Here are some of the designs of the common survival folding saws.

  1. Black-coated finish – Blades may look common most of the time. Nonetheless, there are brands which offer sleek and elegant black design of folding saws. There are carbon steel blades which add sophistication to the folding saw design
  2. Curved blade – Saw blades are commonly designed to be straight. Nonetheless, there are curved ones offered in the market to allow cutting easier and faster.
  3. Short blade – Since we’re already talking about reaching on tight spaces, you can try finding a shot bladed one. It is handy but can handle hard cutting work.
  4. Slip resistant handle – The handle of a good survival folding saw must be designed well. There are some which come with a slip resistant handle, ergonomic enough to provide comfort and stability. It comes with a lock for security and safety.
  5. Paracord attachment – Some foldable hand saw designs have attachments such as paracord. Paracord allows the user to have a stronger hold of the saw while being in use. You can also use this for carrying and storing the saw.
  6. Adjustable bolt – There are folding saws that have an adjustable bolt. This is to allow the user to adjust the tightness or looseness of the bolt that holds the blade in place. It can also help in making the blade sturdy while being in use.

Generally, there are a lot of survival folding saw designs, colors and sizes. At the end of the day, it is the quality that is important. Look for a folding saw that provides you durability, reliability and value for your buck. Nonetheless, you should consider adding features and functionalities that it can also offer.

Top Five Rated Folding Saws

It is important to get the ultimate survival folding saw in the market. A lot of brands are offering the same tool in different prices. With this, you should be keen in choosing the best one for your cutting tasks. Moreover, it is essential to know which brands whose customers loved the product. We are here to help you about this.
Enumerated below are the top five rated survival folding saws specifically chosen due to their excellent features, price and overall performance. We included the features and benefits which you can get from purchasing one.

SOG Specialty Knives’ Folding Saw

This compact folding saw is great for outdoor activities like camping, hiking and backpacking. It is made from a high carbon steel blade coated with black powder finish. The blade is 8.25 inches long and can work on hard wood. On the other hand, the handle is also made of high carbon steel and finished with black coating.
This tool has a limited lifetime warranty, ensuring you that you get the most out of your money. Included in the items is a black sheath with a snap closure and belt loop attachment. It is easy to carry and is extremely useful on practical survival conditions.
We applaud this folding saw’s blade. Furthermore, the level action lock allows the users good alignment even when frequently closed. The carrying case is also made of good quality material. A couple of suggestions coming from the customers include making the blade heavier and easier initial unlock.

Sportsman Industries’ 10-inch Folding Saw

Sportsman Industries’ Folding Saw, is the best hand tool trimmer for your next camping, gardening and landscaping activities. This 10-inch curved blade is made from a durable material. With its blade length, it can easily rip through any material such as limbs and bones of meat. The blade is also curved which allows the user to cut with longer strokes. It makes the cutting time faster than other brands in the market.
The blade is made of high carbon with extremely sharp razor triple-ground 65Mn steel teeth. This has been tested by quality control personnel extensively. It is truly a great addition to your travel gear. On the other hand, the handle of this product has an ergonomic design, employing a Tough ABS + TPR (thermoplastic rubber) rubber grip. It is light weight measuring only 12 inches. With this, you are guaranteed of a comfortable usage throughout its life.
Aside from the quality of the product, you are also assured of great customer service. In fact, there are upgrading each order by giving tough nylon sheath with belt loop. You are guaranteed full five years’ warranty. Moreover, there is a 100% money back guarantee should you not feel satisfied with the quality of the product.
Most hikers find the design impressive and works well on their daily cutting work as the blade is very sharp. One point to consider is that the handle is mostly made of plastic. Nonetheless, customers still find it thick and tough. Moreover, the locking mechanism is sturdy.

The Friendly Swede’s Folding Hand Saw

Equipped with an ergonomic TPR handle, this folding saw is the perfect tool for people who love to go outdoors. It can cut through green and dry wood, hard plastic and bones. Furthermore, this tool can also help you on had cutting tasks involved in building shelter, clearing the trail path and meals preparation.
Its 8-Inch Blade is perfect for gardening, camping, and survival packed activities. The blade is made of 65mn steel which is equivalent to 1064 carbon steel. Moreover, it has a measurement of seven teeth per inch (TPI). The total saw length is 17 inches which provide you a great reach for your cutting work.
This survival folding saw has two 27.5 inches 550 type para cord. These cords are very useful for outdoor situations when you need the extra grip on your folding saw. You can also use these to carry the saw or through storage.
For security purposes, there is a safety lock which allows you to prevent the blade from swinging outside the handle. When unfolded, it makes the survival folding saw sturdier. This is also a great function to keep things from being trapped in between the blade and handle.
You are assured that it will last long as you are offered a lifetime warranty upon purchase. Should you have questions or concerns, you can contact the manufacturer’s customer service team. They are more than willing to assist you with your request or concern.

Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw, 7-1/2 -Inch Blade, 7 TPI

This general-purpose folding saw is great for cutting green and dry wood, plastic, bones, etc. It is recommended for outdoor activities like hunting, camping and backpacking. The XT toothing blade is coated to protect it from rust and friction. With a light weight plastic handle, you are guaranteed a perfect grip. It is also wrapped on a leather strap. Allowing you to cut on a material with ease.
The handle is equipped with a safety lock. It prevents the blade from slipping uncontrollably outside the handle when not in use. Thus, you are guaranteed with safety and security for every use.
The manufacturer offers a limited warranty which can be requested upon communication with customer service. Nonetheless, you are assured that every Bahco product is made with great workmanship and are free from defects. It is very durable and can last for a long time.
We rated this folding saw 4.8 out of five stars. The customers appreciate that the locks are very sturdy. It does not allow the blade to swing outside the handle when not in use. Furthermore, customers are very satisfied with its performance and price. Though it does not cost a fortune, it works well and can cut through any material easily.

Home Planet Gear’s EverSaw Folding Hand Saw

The EverSaw folding hand saw has a blade of 8 inches. The handle is approximately 9.5 inches and thus, the extended full length of this too is 17”. Its 9 teeth per inch (TPI) allows the user to create smooth cuts on utility sewing work. Moreover, it has triple cut teeth which stay sharp even after multiple uses.
The blade is made from a durable carbon steel blade. It is light and flexible, thus, offering you ease in usage. Unlike other blades, Eversaw’s foldable saw is uncoated to reduce the friction during the pull and push flow. On the other hand, the handle is ergonomically designed to avoid slips. The blade is connected to handle with an adjustable bolt. You can easily adjust the bolt if you want the blade tightened or loosened.
You are guaranteed with a lifetime warranty. With this, you are sure that you get the best product with value for your money. For a short period only, you can purchase this survival folding saw at a discounted price. There are also promos offered should you buy this tool in wholesale.
Eversaw folding hand saw priced at a very reasonable amount. It is durable and offers good quality of cutting work. It works great on gardening, camping, hiking and much more. It fits well in the hand with it non-slip grip handle.
These top-rated survival folding saws have the functions and qualities which are preferred by the customers. Nonetheless, it is still important to weigh your options well before investing on one. Select the right one for your cutting needs.

What to look for when buying the survival folding saw?

If you are a beginner or already an experienced cutting worker, you should know that now all survival folding saws are the same. They are not created equal and thus, needs further observation before investing on one.
In this article, you will be able to understand the difference in the quality of folding saws. Along with this, you are to know the details on design, price and core functionalities of different saws. With this, you can get to know the right folding saw in line with your preference and intended use.
We recommend you to check out these tips when choosing the survival folding saw:

Blade Thickness

You should note that thin teeth incur a lot of saw dust. Nonetheless, they give a precise and nice cut. The Medium thickness of teeth is preferred by many woodworkers as it provides finer cuts. The coarse teeth blades, on the other hand, may present a rougher cut. On the other hand, you should also consider the side of the blade. Small blades normally have finer teeth while longer blades tend to have coarser teeth.

Type of blade

Most of the time, folding saws are designed with a curved or straight blade. One must note that different blade curvature corresponds to different purposes. Curved blades are great for trimming small branches. It easily grabs into the area, providing an easy and smooth cut. On the other hand, straight blades are best for larger branches

Length of Blade

The length of the blade determines the swing of the folding saw. For longer blades, the user can easily swing further and thus, cut on the material faster. On the other hand, shorter blades are preferred to be used on delicate materials that need cutting work. It can easily slice through ropes, boards and small twigs.

Weight of Blade

The weight of the affects the performance of the survival folding saw. If you are utilizing it for pruning which requires a curved saw blade, opt for a lighter blade weight. It helps in the flexibility of the saw. On the other hand, you can look for heavier blades when working with tough and hard materials. It adds pressure to every swing of the folding saw.

Handle Quality

Aside from the blade, you should also take into consideration the quality of the handle. It is also an important factor when you are choosing a survival folding saw. In ergonomics, you should be able to feel comfortable when handling the saw. With this, you should have a firm grip on the tool even on longer instances.

Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism should also be considered. Some foldable saws are prone to be loosened. When not in use, the saw should not slip out from the handle as it might cause unnecessary cuts and accidents. Furthermore, it should be sturdy when being used. This is

Left or Right Handedness

Looking for the right tool may appear challenging if you are considering your left or right handedness. Especially for left-handed people, there are many of garden tools that are designed for right handed users only. With this, it is important to test the folding saw first if it is comfortable to use. If it feels secure in your grip, it might be okay for you.
The blade and the handle are the key components of the foldable saw. You should be able to get the best quality blade and handle to be able to complete your cutting tasks. In addition to these, consider the material of the product. Look for products whose manufacturers put the effort in utilizing only the finest materials to create the tool.
Ensure that the survival folding saw that you purchase is made with quality material. This is because the material indicates the durability and reliability of the product. Look for a strong blade with a sturdy grip.

Tips for Keeping/Handling a survival folding saw

If you have already found the survival folding saw for your needs, here are some simple tips in handling it. These are some pointers which can double the life of your tool.

  1. Sharpen your saw teeth regularly – You want your survival folding saw to be on its great condition always. Thus, it is important to keep it sharp and ready for future cutting work. Nonetheless, do not sharpen it too often or else it will lose its shape easily.
  2. Use the correct equipment for the right material to be cut – Your folding saw is not a one size fits all tool. Keep in mind that it cannot cut all materials. Thus, assess the material to be cut first before proceeding with the work. If it requires a larger tool, use the appropriate one. Do not risk destroy your foldable saw.
  3. Clean foldable saw regularly – Each survival tool should regularly be cleaned. This is to maintain its quality and sturdiness even after multiple uses.
  4. Check the quality of the saw yearly – Most survival folding saw tools must be checked yearly. Though they are commonly offered with a warranty, it is still essential to check it yearly. Due to the common wear and tear of tools, degradation of quality may happen. Potential accidents may happen should the survival tools are not tested.

Note that even if your tool has lifetime warranty, proper care and handling should not be taken for granted. Furthermore, using it on inappropriate materials may damage it. Thus, consider asking the customer service of the manufacturer before partaking on a cutting activity if unsure.


Buying a survival folding saw can be challenging. You can also face issues during its usage and maintenance. Here are some FAQs by customers of this tool and responses which can assist you.

Can survival folding saw be sharpened?

Yes, they can be sharpened. However, contact your manufacturer to know the periods as to when the saw should be sharpened. If you are keen on maintaining the sharpness of the blade, there are folding saw brands that allow you to replace the blades.

How can I clean the blade?

There are manufacturers who offer cleaning kits on their product. You may also buy it separately should you run out of it. Nevertheless, you can use your good old trusty soap and water. If the blade is not covered with a strong chemical, you can bring it back to its original shape.

Do manufacturers offer customer service?

Most survival folding saw manufacturers offer customer service support. Check out their website to know more about their availability and contact information. You can easily contact them for any inquiries on usage, maintenance and warranty of the tool.


Survival folding saw is an important equipment in today’s time. It is very useful for people who are camping, hiking and backpacking enthusiasts. You can even use it at your home to help you with your cutting projects. This it is important to note the reasons as to why you should get one.
There are a lot of things to consider when selecting the survival folding saw. You need to observe the blade quality and length, handle sturdiness and right or left-handedness. These are key things to consider as it determines the saw’s durability and reliability.
Also, refer to the customer reviews and weight down the pros and cons of each folding saw product. You can contact the manufacturer’s customer service should you have questions and concerns.

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