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Best Recommended Winter Hiking Gear List

Winter Hiking Gear

Though summer is gone and winter is here, there are still a lot of folks who enjoy outdoor activity. But before you can go out into the wilderness you have to be prepared for anything. Even the simplest outdoor activities, such as hiking, can require several pieces of must-have gear. Here are 10 of the top items needed for hiking in winter. Don’t leave home with these.

Good Hiking Boots

A sturdy pair of hiking boots will go a long way for hiking. They should be waterproof, if possible, with good traction for any terrain. Make sure to get high-top style to protect your ankles.

A Waterproof Jacket

A well-lined thick waterproof jacket is a must. This will keep you warm and dry if you get stuck in rain or snow when hiking. They are usually lightweight for easy packing into your backpack if needed.

Extra Thick Gloves

A good pair of gloves is always needed during winter time. Be sure they are extra thick for premium insulation and warmth. Nylon gloves are best to avoid frostbite from cold or wet weather extremes.

Walking Poles

Walking poles are necessary if you may be in a place where the terrain is rough. They help you maintain your traction while walking. They also offer great protection if you must scare something away, such as a wild animal.

A Head Torch

Don’t get caught in the dark without a head torch. Hiking in the dark is never a good thing in the wilderness. A head torch is a great piece of gear to have in your backpack for emergencies. They are bright enough to light any campground and can help you be spotted if necessary.


A compass is mandatory gear for hiking, day or night. They are great to have even for driving trips. You will never get lost again.

First Aid Supply Kit

You never know when injury may strike. Having a first aid kit on hand is imperative when out hiking. These kits are necessary for any hiking trip you take.

Fire Starter

When you are out of matches and don’t have a lighter this is the next best thing. Fire starters work great as a backup when you need to spark a flame. These will even work under extreme cold and rainy conditions.

A Water Filter

Portable water filters are great to have on hand when hiking. You can filter water from just about any stream or lake. They are sturdy and made to last a long time.

Hiking Socks

Thick (and preferably wool) hiking socks are necessary for long hikes. They will keep your feet warm and insulated during harsh weather. They are thick enough to keep your feet cushioned for comfort as well. Don’t leave home without a pair of these.

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