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Best Recommended Camping Gear on a Budget

Best Camping Gear

Camping is a favorite outdoor activity for many people, both young and old. Exploring nature and hanging out with wildlife is a great experience. Before you head out into the open, you must be prepared for your stay. While you can’t take your household items with you, there are a few things you must have for your camping trip. Let’s take a look.

A comfortable thermal sleeping bag

Whether you are sleeping in a tent or outside under the stars, you want to be comfortable. A cozy thermal sleeping bag is the way to go. It may not be your bed, but you will be warm and safe.

A first aid kit

No camping trip is complete without a first aid kit. Injuries can be as small as a splinter or as large as a broken ankle, so you need to be medically prepared to cover any possible injury.


Ropes have many uses in a campground. You can use them for climbing, hanging wet clothes, and putting up tarps for extra coverage.

Large camping tent

A tent will keep you away from the elements. If it rains you won’t get wet. They are great for keeping out bugs and other animals. Make sure to get one big enough to keep you and your belongings cozy and safe.

Camping food

Camping food comes in many forms, but the longer it will last, the better off you’ll be. Freeze-dried food is great for long trips or when you don’t have access to a full kitchen. These food packets cook easily and store for a long time.


A GPS is the greatest invention in camping since the map book was created. With this modern technology you won’t get lost ever again. These are equipped with the latest maps of all areas and terrains. You won’t want to leave home without one.

A sturdy pocket knife

A multipurpose pocket knife is a major necessity when camping. With these you’ll have just about everything you need in a small, sturdy package. You’ll get everything from small knives to a can opener.

A lantern

When nighttime kicks in you’ll want to see what’s going on around your campground. Candles and fires will blow out. A lantern will stay lit longer and can be hung in a tree to illuminate the area more.

Portable camping dishware

Dishware is a must have when camping. You’ll need these once you start cooking. Even the smallest of food will need to be on a plate.

Bug repellent

Bugs are a nuisance everywhere. When you are camping they can be more bothersome than ever. You need to protect yourself and your campground from bug bites. A good bug spray will keep bugs at bay for a long time.

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