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Best Picnic Cooler: Buying Guide and Our Top Picks for 2021

While it may be cold outside it will soon be spring which is why it’s a good idea to get your picnic equipment sorted now so you’re ready to go as soon as the sun shines. Investing in a good quality picnic cooler bag m   eans that you can enjoy your meals alfresco whilst keeping your food and drinks fresh and cool. Whether you want to drink crisp white wine on the beach or need a vessel to cater to the whole family we’ve got it covered in our Picnic Cooler Buying Guide and our picks of the best products out there.

Our Top Picks

#1 Best Picnic Cooler Bag: Inno Stage 40L Large Insulated Cooler Torte

The perfect picnic cooler bag for a romantic evening supper for two. It comes with a foldable bamboo table with slots to keep your glass of wine secure on a bumpy surface. Perfect!

#2 Best Picnic Cooler Box: Coleman Excursion Portable Cooler, 9 Quart

Looking for an economical choice for your family? Check out this bargain picnic cooler box from Coleman. It may be compact but it can certainly hold some sandwiches and snacks for a day out.

#3 Best Insulated Picnic Cooler with Tote: CleverMade’s Collapsible Cooler Bag

If you’re looking for an extra-large picnic cooler with lots of compartments this one is for you. Well insulated and collapsible, this one ticks all the boxes.

#4 Best Small Picnic Cooler: eBags’ Crew Cooler II Soft Sided Insulated Lunch Box – For Work, Travel & Weekends

This small picnic cooler from eBags is the perfect choice for those of you wanting an insulated lunch box. Whether it be for solo days out or purely for your packed lunch.

#5 Best Picnic Basket Cooler: ALLCAMP Large Size Picnic Basket Cooler Portable Collapsible 22L Insulated Cooler Bag (Gray)

Love the idea of a traditional picnic basket but fancy a modern twist? Check out this insulated picnic basket from ALLCAMP for the ultimate picnic.

What is a picnic cooler?

First things first, we’re sure most of you know what a picnic cooler is but let’s clarify for those of you who don’t. A picnic cooler is a portable device that you can use to take food and drink items with you whether it be on a long journey, trip to the park, or a day out. It ensures that the food you have prepared stays nice and fresh and, especially with meat items, keeps it at a temperature that makes it safe to eat even though it’s been out of the refrigerator for some time. They are a great item to have if you love being in the outdoors and can also save you money in the long run as you won’t need to eat out at cafes and restaurants as frequently.

What sort of picnic cooler do I need?

There are a variety of picnic coolers out there to suit different requirements. It might be that you envisage an evening of chilled champagne and strawberries in the park or on the beach. In this case, a small picnic cooler will suffice and the insulation requirements of the cooler will not be as robust. Whereas if you are hoping to fill the contents of your picnic cooler with enough food to feed a family of 5 on a day out you’ll want a pretty robust picnic cooler that has the insulation capabilities to keep your food tasting great and be safe to eat.

Features to lookout for in a picnic cooler

Not all picnic coolers are made equal, and certain features will be more important to you than others depending on what purpose you intend on using it for. Here are some features to consider before you purchase.

#1 Compartments

While picnic coolers may look similar on the outside, on the inside it’s a different story. The number of type of compartments is an important consideration when it comes to selecting a picnic cooler. If you’re solely going to be using your cooler for food, it might not be a problem having one large bag with no compartments. However, if you want to keep drinks inside too or you like the idea of keeping the different aspects of your picnic in different places then lookout for a coolbag that has a variety of compartments inside.

#2 Insulation

Make sure you check out the insulation rating on your chosen picnic cooler before taking the plunge. This is not so important if you will solely be transporting chilled drinks or veggie items. However, if you’re going to be consuming meat and dairy you want to make sure that the cooler has some good quality insulation. The last thing you want is to give everyone food poisoning on a lovely family outing! For this reason, avoid going for overly cheap coolbags as it is certainly not worth the risk.

#3 Carrying Options

Another important feature to consider for your picnic cooler is the way it can be carried. If you’re going to be needing to carry the picnic cooler for long periods (say on a walk) then it is a good idea to go for one that has back straps. Equally, if you will be carrying the coolbag for long periods, you will need to opt for one that is as lightweight as possible. If you will be solely transporting your picnic cooler from kitchen to car and car to picnic table the ease of maneuverability is not so important. A sturdy handle will suffice.

#4 Durability

Before selecting your picnic cooler it is also wise to think about how frequently you will be using it. If you’re envisaging picnics every weekend then it will be worthwhile investing in a high-end model so that you can be using it for as long as possible. However, if you’re only going to be using it on an odd day out or annual holiday a mid-range model will likely be the better option.

Best way to make cooler ice

To keep your food cool in the picnic cooler you will need the best lunch cooler ice packs. These can be purchased from your local store, but we prefer the best homemade cooler ice packs for our coolbag. Here is how you can make them.

Best Picnic Coolers: Our Top Picks for 2021

Now you know what to lookout for in your picnic cooler, let’s take a look at the best-rated picnic coolers currently on the market.

#1 Best Picnic Cooler Bag: Inno Stage 40L Large Insulated Cooler Torte

This luxury picnic cooler bag from Inno Stage is designed with a romantic supper in mind. It comes with a portable bamboo snack table with an inbuilt wine glass and bottle holder meaning you don’t need to worry about your wine glass wobbling over on an uneven surface. The small table makes a great addition to any picnic and can be used as the perfect setting for a meal for two. This handy table slots into the pocket at the bag of the bag.
This picnic cooler bag is not restricted to couples. Thanks to its large 40 liter capacity it can also cater to a family of 4-6 or work well if you’re feeding a gathering of friends. This insulated cooler bag has an aluminum lining to keep your food and drink fresh and there are pockets on the sides that are specifically for your drinks. Carrying this cooler bag is also a breeze thanks to the leather straps and removable shoulder strap. A great choice for a sophisticated picnic!
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#2 Best Picnic Cooler Box: Coleman Excursion Portable Cooler, 9 Quart

This best ice chest cooler from Coleman is an economical choice if you’re looking for a simple picnic cooler box for a family picnic. It is pretty compact, measuring 9 quarts which means that it can carry either 9 cans or a full family meal. This cooler box makes a great addition to your day out and is easy to carry thanks to the sturdy one-handed carrying handle.
There are no compartments in this picnic cooler box, however, its sturdy construction means it is easy to arrange your food inside to make the perfect picnic. This cooler box is a good choice if you’re looking for something basic that does the job. It is great value coming in at under $10 so a good choice if you’re on a budget too. Whether you want to use it for a family picnic or to keep the drinks cool on a camping trip this is a great all-rounder.
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#3 Best Insulated Picnic Cooler with Tote: CleverMade’s Collapsible Cooler Bag

If you’re looking for a large picnic cooler with excellent insulation, then look no further than this impressive cooler. Made from a range of materials to maximize insulation and finished with a stylish outer layer of tote, this cooler looks good too. It is large enough and strong enough to hold a whopping 50Lbs worth of your favorite picnic items. For a classic picnic cooler with plenty of room that looks great, you can’t go far wrong with this option.
Other pros of this cooler are that: it is made with a leak-proof interior so you don’t have to worry about spills from melted ice on the go; it has a number of additional pockets for phones and other vital items for your day out; it folds down completely flat when empty but stands alone when needed, making it easier to load and unload, and it has comfortable handles that don’t dig in even when full. The downside of this cooler is that it is a bit cheaply made.
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#4 Best Small Picnic Cooler: eBags’ Crew Cooler II Soft Sided Insulated Lunch Box – For Work, Travel & Weekends

If you’re after a decent small picnic cooler perfect for travel, then you’ll love this small cooler. The main compartment is insulated on every side (all 6 of them) and suitable for use with ice and ice-blocks for things that need to be kept extra cold. It also has a number of useful compartments that can be used for things that need to be kept dry or quite as cold. This small size is perfect for people on the go who just want a few essential goods to carry along with them.
Other good things about this cooler are that: it is designed for durability and uses ballistic nylon; it is big enough to hold at least a 6-pack of beers as well as a sandwich snack and leaving plenty of room for ice to keep things nice and cool; it has a special handle to make it easy to clip onto suitcases as it was originally designed for flight attendants and pilots, and; the range of pockets make it easy to keep things organized and easily to hand when traveling. The downside of this cooler is that it is quite expensive for its size.
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#5 Best Picnic Basket Cooler: ALLCAMP Large Size Picnic Basket Cooler Portable Collapsible 22L Insulated Cooler Bag (Gray)

This modern take on the traditional picnic basket by ALLCAMP combines style with practicality. This picnic basket is fully insulated and is made with a heat-sealed leak-proof lining to keep your food and drink safely. There is plenty of room in this 22 liter capacity cool basket for your food and drink making it the perfect addition to your picnic, camping trip, or even if you’re doing a spot of shopping.
What’s also fantastic about this picnic basket cooler is that it is collapsible. So whenever you’re not using it simply fold it up and store it in your closet for the next time. This is a great feature, especially if you’re short on storage space. With this picnic basket in your repertoire picnics are sure to become a regular feature of your summer!
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Investing in a good picnic basket is a sure-fire way to get yourself and your family outdoors this summer. There are some fantastic products out there that are designed to keep your food and drinks fresh and good to eat whatever excursion you’re on. Make sure you think about what features you want your picnic cooler to have by checking out our buying guide above before you make your final purchase. Enjoy!

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