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Best Paintballs for Woodsball: The Most Valuable Advices to Buy The Best Woodsball

Best Paintballs for Woodsball

Seeking the best paintballs for woodsball?
It isn’t easy to get the best product but we have here to help you out. Check out our sweet comparison below!
Well! You are going to play woodsball. A thrilling atmosphere that includes the flying paintballs and folks in decorative and elegant masks running around speaking to you is quite fascinating. Or perhaps it’s a new activity that you’ve never tried earlier and you require a new leisure pursuit that gets the enthusiasm enhanced and bring some thrill in a boring routine.
Well, woodsball suits the best.

5 Best Paintballs for Woodsball Comparision Chart

NameOur RatingPrice
Wrek Elite Premium 1000 Count Paintballs4.5$
Valken Infinity Paintballs (click-a-Color/Count)4.7$
Graffiti-Yellow Fill 2000 Paintballs4.9$
3Skull Paintball Rubber Reusable Paintballs4.4$
Paintballs - 1500 Rounds4.3$

Our Top Picks

  1. Wrek Elite Premium 1000 Count Paintballs
  2. Valken Infinity Paintballs (click-a-Color/Count)
  3. Graffiti-Yellow Fill 2000 Paintballs

Things To Consider

For choosing the best paintballs for woodsball it would be wise to evaluate the product against the set criteria such as:

  1. Price
  2. Quality
  3. Color
  4. Shooting efficiency
  5. Paint quality


Price is the most important factor in buying process. Everyone wants to get the super product, but the mismatch of price and buying capacity becomes a hindrance.It turns us towards compromises for few features and selects a less costly product. Evaluating a product for the price is easier than any other criterion. It leads towards a quick decision as you only have to check your budget against the product price.

—> Pick for Price: Wrek Elite Premium 1000 Count Paintballs

It is superb at a very affordable price. It enables you to play excellent being on a limited budget. It wrecks the target with amazing color and work efficiently. Good for different calibers. No doubt they give wonderful woodsball experience compatible with any other popular product.
On the other hand, if you can bear a flexibility in your budget then you must look for other features that can be of more worth in gaming.


When you decide to buy the best paintballs for woodsball the quality becomes important to measure that must be taken into account. When talking about quality, it means that the paintball must be durable enough to remain intact unless it hits the target. The material for outer shall be checked for it. If it will be weaker than it’ll spoil all the fun by creating a mess around your gun.

—> Pick for Quality: Graffiti-Yellow Fill 2000 Paintballs

Regarding quality, it is matchless and provides excellent performance during the play. Their non-brittle material makes them more durable and excellent for hitting the far target. They do not break on throwing on a hard surface but bounce back to you. On contrast, while shooting at a distant target they splash in a good manner. These are the best ones for distant shooting.


The color is not such a significant feature. It is just matter of choice that which color is your favorite, or you like it more. It makes the activity colorful for choosing your favorite color brings more happiness and pleasure to you.

—> Pick for Color: Valken Infinity Paintballs

I like the bright colors, so I take it more enjoyable while participating in woodsball. But you can select according to your choice. Paintballs are available in orange, white and yellow colors. Both are good, but I prefer orange!

Shooting Efficiency

Shooting efficiency is resembled quality in a sense that a good quality paintball is more efficient in shooting. Low-quality paintballs can burst at the time of the shooting and create a chaos and muddle situation. The good quality paintballs are much more efficient while shooting and splash after touching the target.

—> Pick for Efficiency: Graffiti-Yellow Fill 2000 Paintballs

Paint Quality

The next considerable feature is the paint used in the paintballs. As these are used in woodsball, they splash on the target and color it. So, the paints that are easy to erase looks pretty well for the purpose. But it is not compulsory to choose such a color as pleasure always has a cost.

—> Pick for Paint Quality: Wrek Elite Premium 1000 Count Paintballs

It is observed that the orange paintballs hit hard on shooting, so these are not considered good for the beginner players of woodsball. It is not mandatory to pick a particular color that’s why any color available in the products can be selected.
We’ve even got a deep evaluation of numerous popular top end prototypes to come across every need and budget.

One More Thing You Should Know…

Players of woodsball know well that the game experience whether good or bad depends on multiple factors but the most significant factor is the paintball that is used during the game in your gun. The use of inappropriate paintballs can ruin the whole event. Paintballs are made of a gelatin based material and are filled with liquid paint.
The paintball quality specifies the excellence of experience in the woodsball. A low-quality paintball creates a mess as a result of firing process. It should be tough enough that can bear the jerk of firing and burst after hitting the target. While considering the best quality of paintballs here, we have a comparison of top products.


Woodsball is designed on the army combat pattern is played in vast outdoor areas. The players mimic the old history battles with real equipment and paintballs replace the original bullets to avoid damage and enhance the pleasure.
For having a real fun and game – you must know some important points about your gear – and it refers to identifying what to get, suitable time, and the reason. Assessment of your stuff and your abilities helps to stay longer in working and every dollar you spent returned in form of pleasure.
Hoping that this analysis would be quite helpful for the beginner as well as experienced players of woodsball. It would be significant before deciding to buy the best paintballs for woodsball.
Well! The selection of a suitable product for your requirements often becomes harder when there is a plenty to choose. For avoiding any confusion, it is wise to decide the best product that you need before visiting the market for buying. It not only helps you to avoid any distractions but also makes your purchase relatively quickly.
Making a solid judgment of your budget, requirement, and your gear simplifies the buying procedure to a large extent.

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