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Best Inflatable Car Travel Camping Mattress 2021

Some people enjoy roughing it with a tent and a sleeping bag under the stars. Others prefer cabins with electricity and running water. Then there are the campers who like to stay warm in their car when the nights get cold. You also have that added protection where if there are any wild animals nearby, you can just turn the car on and go. Well, here I have found the top 3 best inflatable car travel camping mattresses. They give you the option of roughing it in your car with plenty of comfort. Some are inflatable with a pump and others are just like a portable air mattress. Either way, you will be plenty comfortable.
best inflatable car mattress

Top 3 Best Inflatable Car Travel Camping Mattress

Inflatable Car Mattress Comparison Table


Winterial SUV Heavy-duty

9.8 pounds

3 Trees New Style

5.7 pounds4.7 x 11.2 x 12.2 inches

Only™ Car Mobile Cushion

5.6 pounds15.9 x 9.7 x 5.8 inches

Winterial SUV Heavy-Duty Backseat Car Inflatable Travel Mattress for Camping/Perfect for your Minivan

The Winterial SUV Heavy Duty backseat car travel inflatable mattress is great for camping. It is the perfect car travel inflatable mattress. This inflatable mattress has an electric air inflator, and when finished, it is easily deflated. You will have a solid night’s sleep, and is ideal for most SUVs and Minivans. It is easy and convenient.


3 Trees New Style Inflatable Travel Camping Sleeping Mattress Bed Air Mattress Bed for Car Back Seat

This specific one is for a car mattress bed in the back seat. It comes with pillows and your back seat does not need to be folded down for it to fit. The mattress comes in a few different colours such as blue and neutrals. It is the most ideal car camping sleeping mattress. Included are pillows, an electric car pump, and repair pad and glue kits. This is a high quality inflatable travel mattress (not just for camping!) for your car or SUV backseat. It is environmentally friendly and has cold resistant features. Perfect for long road trips with your children. It is safe for your pets to sleep on as well. The kids will not feel all the bumps and pot holes in the road when driving so they can have a more solid sleep when on the road.


OnlyTM Car Mobile Cushion Air Bed Bedroom Inflation Travel Thicker Mattress Back Seat Extended Mattress

Another great car travel inflatable mattress! This car mattress bed is made of high quality PC which is quite soft and comfortable. Only describes it as feeling like a feather. The car mattress bed is divided into two parts and each can be blown up separately. You are even able to adjust the volume of the air mattress to what is most comfortable for you. Unfolded it is 55.1” x 35.4”. The mattress needs to be kept in temperatures between -13F to 140F which is pretty easy to do. The heaviest amount of weight it can safely hold is 800 pounds. This is not only perfect for camping, but it helps to create a romantic atmosphere when out in the woods all alone. The package includes the airbed, air pump and repair patches and glue kits.



These are the best inflatable car travel camping mattresses out there. They offer a car mattress bed and each have their own air pump so you do not have to purchase additional equipment. People are quite creative and using them for more than just road trips and camping. They are great for tail gating and great as couches when you have lots of company going over your house. Pets and humans are welcome on them and if the pets punctures the mattress, they come with repair cloth and glue in a kit. This will help it last longer over the years.

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