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Best Hammock Tents Reviews 2021

Camping has never gotten so exciting and purposeful, thanks to the Hammock broad array of tents that have been strategically designed to suit all the demands and preferences of campers. Talk of the best hammock tent for camping, 1 person hammock tent, 2 person hammock tent and many more, you can never go wrong with the Hammock brand of tents. Relevantly, there are around 4 top-notch, state of the art hammock tents that rank high up in terms of quality, service and purpose provision:

Top 4 Best hammock tents Reviews

Hammock Tent  Comparison Table


Clark Vertex 2-Person

Mountain Green5.06 pounds

Hennessy Hammock

Green2.75 pounds

Lawson Hammock

Forest Green4 pounds

Grand Trunk

Woodland Camo2.25 pounds

Clark Vertex 2-person Double hammock

When you think of a romantic getaway camping expedition, well! Think of the Clark Vertex 2-person Double hammock. This tent is specifically designed to comfortably sit 2 people with ample room for various movements. Likewise, it is among the best forms of tents that are reverted with triple stitching to ensure potent durability. Additionally, this tent comes with fully zippered unit that acts as an extension in case you are the kind of people who love to customize a few aspects to suit your taste. Fundamentally, the Clark Vertex 2-person Double hammock has a breathable polyester fabric reverted by nylon patches to act as windows hence allow light and air into the tent amicably.

By now, you must be assuming that this asset needs quite the bank crashing and pondering. This incomparable item is expensive and also requires added shipping fee? Furthermore, it has a specific vertex hammock tent bug net that is used to trap any bugs that may come onto the tent thereby ensuring your full safety from all those greasily looking bugs and insects. The Tent sufficiently houses objects not taller than 7ft and preferably its fitted with box type dimension of 5’x6’x8’ that enables fit comfortably 250 lbs. The Clark vertex is fully zippered and hence you have an efficient security system at your disposal. This is prominently described as the best 2 person hammock tent based on the prospects of its design.
Key Features:

Double hammock is a master tent for the 2- companion domain and with its admirable and attractive features; you have a well- placed worth for your money. The down side that may be accosted to this tent is that critiques have termed it to be a bit extravagantly priced hence not easily affordable and other brands of that offer almost same features to it price it far cheaper.

Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym series

Are you the kind of person who prefers the wild expedition of camping out in the woods, or other terrestrial challenging areas? Well, by all means this is the best two person hammock tent for you and purposefully designed to articulate the tough wood conditions to offer some form of comfort and serenity.

Remarkably, this tent is a special hammock tent for hiking expedition since with its design you can firmly and safely erect it anywhere provided it has anchorage to the ground. To add to the mouth watering feeling it gives, the Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym series has a capacity limit of 114kg /25Olbs thereby can accommodate a maximum of two people. The tent comes with 10 ropes that specifically are used to suspend the top and mid regions of the tent thereby enabling a firm structure. The fabric used to make this tent is 210 D oxford Nylon and an additional 70D polyester polyurethane that holistically come together to formidably develop a compact texture of the tent. This furthermore enables durability and saves it from tire and wear due to thickets and thorns in the woods or expeditions.
Purposefully, this tent has the room of both overhead bed suspensions and the additional cot beds that come separately from the tent on purchase. As a structural customization, the Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym series has a parallelogram shaped floor space to that enables it have 2 additional supporting points as opposed to the square shaped floors. This is a 1 person hammock tent preferably since it has a weight limit of 114kg and height limit of 6’ tall.
Key Features:

For all expedition lovers, this asset is a must have and primal basic need of any hiker or camper all the same, since you just don’t get a tent, rather you get a quality tent that gives you the full experience of hiking and camping out in the wild. Talk about potent tent quality, aeration, lighting and other vital aspect of tenting, the Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym series gives you all of them in full.
Likewise, you don’t have to worry yourself with tear and wear from the harsh hiking and expedition activities as it has the number one fabric tougher-the 210 oxford nylon and 70D polyurethane. Relevantly, this tent has had modifications making it an improved 3 person hammock tent suitable for housing people comfortably.

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

Now this is the prime best hammock tent for backpacking and has been universally accredited as the No 1 backpacker with the Outside and American Guide predominantly recommending it to all campers and expedition oriented people. From research done by the American campers union, it was revealed that for most campers or outside travellers, the prime interest is based on having an efficient camping gear that not only passes for housing and accommodation but is also prominently articulated to other aspects of camping such as backpacking, spread, safety, waterproof facilities and flytraps. The Lawson hammock tent series was awarded the accolade of the best gear of the year award therefore proving that this indeed is the Ultimate gear.

With the technology applied in the making of the Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock fabric, it is by virtue the best waterproof hammock tent that fully safeguards the campers from any harsh weather conditions such as hails and storms. In 2012, the American Campers Union struck headlines when one of their potent campers was locked out in the California September storm that drew various tornedos in its path. Surprisingly ,the camper came out of the entire ordeal without as much as a drop of rain or scratch, and when asked he accredited his survival to the fact that the Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock tent was indeed the true definition if waterproof. Talk about true quality!!
Key Features

Primarily, this is the best hammock tent for camping and by all means any given camper should strive to have at least one of these game changers. I once had the privilege of sleeping in Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock tent at one of my outings and camping experiences and remarkably it was simply an experience worth the time.
The aeration level in the tent are very well bolstered one wouldn’t know the difference between the outside air and while in the tent. This tent indeed stands up and meets all its accolade principles.

Greek Trunk Sketter Beeter Pro Mosquito Hammock

There is nothing so stubborn in any camping experience than the bothering and troublesome mosquitoes that always seem to take pleasure in drawing out the camping thrill in us. Personally, I abhor mosquitoes and any other bugs for that matter and when I came to learn about the Greek Trunk Sketter Beeter Pro Mosquito Hammock, it was simply an answered prayer.

This remarkable best jungle hammock tent has all safety measures in suit to ensure the full leisure of the camper and you are completely guarded from the bothersome bugs and mosquitoes. In terms of design, the Greek Trunk Skelter Beeter Pro Mosquito Hammock tent is primarily a multi-numbered tent that can accommodate a maximum people comfortably. The Price tag placed on this life saver will literally shake the hair off your head: can you imagine a hammock tent for price that’s so little? You can have yourself the Greek Trunk Sketter Beeter Pro Mosquito Hammock with free shipping offered as a customer service prospect.
Ideally, I find this tent best 2/3 person hammock price tag and with the current economic inflation, we all can save a coin or two. Rationally, this tent also passes as a 1 person hammock tent since it has sizes that specifically are designed to house only one camper- for all those campers who specifically prefer the serenity of their own company.
Key Features

Precisely, this best jungle hammock tent is all a camper needs since not only are you protected from insects but also you have the full campers experience and thrill with the modifications that are bolstered all throughout the makeup of the tent. The price tag on this tent may at one point raise a few eye brows, with some depicting and condemning it to be of poor quality and hence its cheapness.
Well! Vehemently, I rebuke such claims and in the same taste go ahead to champion the Greek Trunk Sketter Beeter Pro Mosquito Hammock tent as formidable and quality oriented tent, the pricing is merely due to the fact that it has no shipping prospects and importation fees accosted to it.


Tenting products and tents themselves are indeed very core, and vital tools for any camping and outside expedition. Precisely, the hammock franchise has a very well developed product line and series of tents based on the specifications, parameters of design and purpose. This is by all means the best step and strategy in terms of fully satisfying the customers who as advocated by experts, have a varied preference range.

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