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Best Glue for Leather On The Market In 2021 Our Reviews & Our Top Picks

Best Glue for Leather Reviews

Working with leather can be both challenging and rewarding. However, you won’t have any chance of getting the finish you desire with just any glue. Fortunately, there are loads of great glues suitable for leather out there.
In this post, we will introduce you to what leather glue is, what you should look out for, and what sorts of things you can glue together. We will also give you the low down on 10 of our favorite glues for different needs to make choosing the right glue easier.
Best Glue for Leather Reviews

Our Top Picks

Best glue for leather to metal: Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue 4

For a strong and versatile glue capable of sticking leather to metal and glue. This powerful stuff holds up against the trials and tribulations of daily use.

Best glue for leather and fabric: Gorilla’s Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive

For a glue that works great on projects with fabric and leather. This spray can glue allows you to cover large areas evenly with strong adhesive.

Best glue for leather to wood: Elmer’s Krazy Glue Brush-On

For a super strong glue capable of standing up to the test of holding leather and glue in place. This super-strong glue dries fast and is crazy strong.

Best glue for leather to plastic: HG Power Glue’s Strong Super Glue for Plastics

For a leather glue strong enough for working with plastic, this adhesive is ideal and great for people who love upcycling projects.

Best glue for leather shoe soles: Shoegoo’s She Goo Mini Adhesive

For those in need of a glue to rescue their favorite pair of shoes. This is the best glue for leather shoes that will keep them going for years to come.

Best glue for leather repair: Gorilla’s Strong & Fast Formula Super Glue

For a long-lasting glue ideal for leather repair work, this super-strong stuff from Gorilla is flexible and strong.

Best glue for leather couches: Barge’s All Purpose Cement Quart

For a leather cement ideal for fixing couches and car seats, this professional quality cement will have things looking as good as they used to in no time.

Best glue for leather jewelry: by Aleene’s Permanent Fabric Fusion Adhesive

For a leather suitable for use making necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry, this glue is hard to beat.

Best glue for leather purses & jackets: Beacon Adhesives’ 527 Multi-Use Glue

For a versatile glue ideal for tough leather project work. This glue is powerful and great for making leather bags, jackets, purses and more.

Best glue for leather belts: by Aleene’s Leather & Suede Glue

For a glue ideal for working with leather belts and watch straps, look no further than this dry cleanable glue.

NameOur RatingPrice
Gorilla 7700104 Super Glue Gel4.5$
Barge All Purpose Cement4.4$
Aleene's Leather & Suede Glue4.0$
Tandy Leather Eco-Flo Leathercraft Glue4.2$

What is the best glue for leather?

Because leather is both flexible and heavy, many normal types of glue will not be able to cope with holding it in place. Classic craft glues might not dry quickly enough and it will fall out of position or they could ease off over time. The best glues to choose for leather are essentially superglues and professional-grade contact cement.

What to look out for when purchasing best glue for leather

When choosing a glue for leather, fundamentally, it needs to be incredibly strong. However, they need to have a good level of flexibility as the leather you use it on will likely require this. Rigid glues will soon crack and make things look worse than before you started if you’re not careful. Make sure it is impact resistant to avoid this. You should also check what color it will dry as. Some glues start white and end clear, whilst others will dry white. Sometimes that is desirable and other times you want a clear finish.

#1 Bonding speed

One unique feature to look for is the speed in which it bonds with leather, plastic, rubber or any material you’re looking to bond it with. You can measure it in seconds, and the factors that affect the speed are materials, performance grade of the glue, and the environment you’re working with higher humidity and warmer environment, the glue will bond quicker.

#2 No mixing needed

If there is no mixing involved, the glue can be used in an instant. That is one of the features to look for when searching for the best products. Finding the right glue, you do not have to mix or combine different components for them to work.

#3 Compatibility with your material

Super glues are versatile and can be used on any material, aside from leather. They can also bond with ceramics, metals, glass, and many other types of plastics and rubbers. It’s one of the reasons you must select glue that works well with the material type you’re bonding it with for the best results.
Versatility is one of the most important factors when shopping around for an adhesive. You should be looking for one that works for many applications. But if you’re bonding fabric material, you must use a rigid adhesive though.

#4 High strength

Super glues are strong, aside from them being able to bond easily and quickly. Again, there will be a difference in their performance based on the materials, environment, and grade. In general, super glues are strong versus MS polymers and silicones.

#5 Sandability

Some glue sand well, but not all of them. If you’re looking to sand materials once they have bonded, you must consider certain factors. Types that sand well include epoxies, PVAs, and super glues. Those that won’t include rubber cement, goop and PL 200.

#6 Temperature

There are different types of glue per application. Some of them need a warmer temperature to bond; others require only room temperature. Generally, PVA can set in above zero temperatures provided the surroundings have enough air circulation. In addition, contact cements and solvent-based adhesives can work well in temperatures above zero as well.

#7 Budget

The best glues are budget-saving because they do not require much amount in every application. Versus generic glues on the market, they are tougher and stronger made with high-quality materials. In fact, just a drop of it is sufficient in covering an area of 25 millimeters.
Avoid using too much of it because it will only reduce the bond strength and curing process. Generally, super glues work well even when used in small amounts like a pen tip.
Aside from choosing the right glue for leather and other materials, you must select the best adhesive product factoring in the cost. For one spray, adhesives are costly and they don’t go as far as other paste or liquid adhesives. If you’re not looking to use it for the smoothness, then skip it.
Cyanoacrylate isn’t cheap, but it goes a long way with only a small amount required to complete the job. In all cases, you should keep the glue properly to avoid it evaporation and dehydration.

Top 10 best glue for leather reviews

So now you know the key things about picking a leather glue. Now, it’s time to take a look at our top ten leather glue types for every need.

#1 Best glue for leather to metal: Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue 4

If you need a strong glue suitable for use with leather and challenging materials, then you’ll love this glue which is the best glue for leather to wood and metal. Its strength makes it suitable for use on repairs to things you use every day. This versatile glue can also be used on things that need to be hung vertically, is impressively resistant to extreme temperature and impact. The precision nozzle makes it easy to apply precisely too. For a top-notch leather glue ideal for use with metal and wood, this glue is what you need.
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#2 Best glue for leather and fabric: Gorilla’s Heavy Duty Adhesive Spray

When working with super glue for leather it is easy to get sticky fingers and hard to get them clean. Fortunately, with this spray, you can cover large areas in glue whilst keeping your hands out f the way. This is ideal when working with leather and fabric which require larger areas to be evenly glued together. You also get a decent amount of time to carefully position your materials together with the drying time offered by this glue. If you are looking for a fabric glue for leather materials, this adhesive glue for leather is for you.
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#3 Best glue for leather to wood: Elmer’s Krazy Glue Brush-On

If you are on the hunt for a glue strong enough to hold glue and leather firmly in place, then you need to try this crazy (Krazy) glue. You have instant bonding to wood, ceramic, vinyl and pretty much anything you can think of. The handy brush means you can keep your fingers clean and precisely apply the glue. This guarantees a smooth and clean finish even if you are known for having a heavy-handed touch. The no-clog nozzle also ensures you can store this safely and find it accessible on your return to it! This glue is great stuff for people needing to stick leather to wood.
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#4 Best glue for leather to plastic: HG Power Glue’s Strong Super Glue for Plastics

If you are looking for a glue strong enough to hold leather and plastic together neatly, then you should check this super glue out. The impressive make-up of this glue means it can stick to 93% of known materials. This glue is a good choice for people who love upcycling. Why not try turning a plastic chair into a beautifully upholstered leather smoking chair? Or create your ideal purse or wallet? This glue stands up to anything you throw at it and allows you to benefit from the functionality of plastic with the style of leather.
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#5 Best glue for leather shoe soles: Shoegoo’s She Goo Mini Adhesive

If you need glue for leather shoes repair, then this glue should bring a smile to your face. This glue for leather shoes is designed to seal and repair damage shoes. The strong seal ensures your favorite pair of leather shoes will stay water-resistant after you fix them up. It is also strong enough to stand up to the wear and tear time will throw at it. Whilst these tubes are small, you don’t need much of this glue to create a strong bond. This shoe glue for leather stands out from others on the market for shoe repair.
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#6 Best glue for leather repair: Gorilla’s Strong & Fast Formula Super Glue

If you are trying to find the best glue for leather to leather repair work, then you’ll love this glue from Gorilla. The formula is made with rubber particles that give your bond extra resistance against impact. You get a decent length of time to position the materials in place before full bonding occurs, which is ideal for leather repair work. You can also use this glue when working on leather projects, whether that’s making a handbag, purse, or jacket. The downside of this glue is that it can get a bit clogged up.
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#7 Best glue for leather couches: Barge’s All Purpose Cement Quart

If you need to repair your sofa or car seat, this is the best glue for leather car seat repair and fixing leather couches that have been ripped to shreds. This professional strength adhesive stands up to the test of time making it the best glue for leather sofas. However, it also has enough flex to be suitable for use on sofa cracks or rips that you tend to get with time on car seats. You’ll be able to fix your couch up as good as new with this great leather cement glue.
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#8 Best glue for leather jewelry: by Aleene’s Permanent Fabric Fusion Adhesive

If you love making your own jewelry or want to give it a shot then this is the best glue for leather bracelets, necklaces, and all things leather jewelry. With fast drying times but a decent amount of wiggle room to carefully position things in place, this glue is ideal for fiddly and precise jobs. It is also easy to wash off your hands with just soap and water thanks to being made with non-toxic materials. However, once dry all will be well, and you’ll get a lovely finish to jewelry projects.
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#9 Best glue for leather purses & jackets: Beacon Adhesives’ 527 Multi-Use Glue

If you love tackling challenging leather-work projects then, you’ll love glue for leather jackets, purses, and bags. This stuff offers a bond that cannot be broken and is versatile enough for use on everything from ceramics to metal and cork to sparkly gems. This makes it ideal for creating your own stylish mosaics on leather bags or giving a sparkling finish to a leather jacket pocket. This stuff is great and ideal for those more challenging leather projects.
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#10 Best glue for leather belts: by Aleene’s Leather & Suede Glue

This glue is easy to work with and to clean off when dried making it the best glue for leather watch straps and belts. The handy nozzle stays clear from gunk. The nozzle also makes it easy to apply glue precisely where you need it. Suitable for use with both suede and leather, this is a great all-around glue for those who love upcycling their clothes for home use or for sale. Turn something old into something new with this great glue.
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Difference Between Leather Glue vs Contact Cement

Both contact cement and other leather glues offer strong adhesive properties alongside decent flexibility. They can also give a clean finish keeping your leather looking as good as new. However, they differ in how you apply them to what you plan to stick together. With contact cement, you have to apply the cement to both sides of what you plan to stick together. It will need to be held in place for a good 15 minutes or as instructed.
When it comes to leather glues & superglues, they dry much quicker. You also only need to be applied to one side of what you are sticking together. However, this means you just get a few seconds to wiggle them into place. Nevertheless, this is usually long enough to give you time to make a neat finish – just check the label as some leather glues dry more quickly than others.

Can Super Glue be used on leather?

So, can you use super glue for leather? The answer is yes, but be sure to check the material listing on the product. Not all superglues are suitable for use with leather as some dry too rigidly. Make sure they are flexible and impact-resistant and you’re fine.

How do you glue leather to leather?

If you want to glue leather to leather, contact cement tends to be the best. However, extra-flexible leather glues, like those offered by Gorilla can be easier to work with. The key thing to remember is that you will need an even application of your glue or cement. Make sure to line it up carefully before taking the plunge and sticking it together. If you use cement, you will have time to wiggle it into position. With superglue, that time will be short and harder to do as the glue dries rapidly on contact.

Is Gorilla Glue good for leather?

Gorilla does a great range of super glues suitable for use with leather. Using a special formula including small rubber molecules, their glue is able to retain its strength whilst offering maximum flexibility. They also offer superglue spray which is ideal if you are working with large pieces of leather. The leather spray glue ensures an even application on a wide area and allows you to cover a huge area quickly without the glue drying out.


Working with leather can be challenging but it can also be extremely rewarding. However, it is important to use the right glue if you don’t want to ruin the finish of what you are fixing, making, or touching up. Follow the tips up above and you’ll be able to find the right glue for your needs. You can also check our list of favorites for different leather requirements.

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