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Best Deer Skinning Knife

For someone who is a professional hunter or wildlife enthusiast, surviving without a skinning knife is impossible when hunting. You would want to easily skin the deer once you have hunted it. It all comes down to the important question of which type of knife to choose. We have many manufacturers today who make the skinning knives, choosing could be a dilemma for most people. To choose the best deer skinning knife, you have to keep in mind a few things. Below is a guide that talks about the different types of knives and their relevance when it comes to skinning.

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Buck Knives 119 Special Fixed Blade Knife with Leather Sheath - Black Handlefrom $54.99
Havalon XTC-60AZ Piranta Z Folding Skinning Knife with 12 60A Blades Blackfrom $33.73

Best Deer Skinning Knives in 2021 Reviews

Anyone would want to buy the best knives for hunting. Below are the top 3 best deer skinning knives you will ever need in 2016.

Buck Knives 0141VP PackLite Field Master Knife Kit

With this product, you will get a 3.5” skinning blade and additional 2.5” caping blade with a gut hook. This can be said to be an all-in-one package that helps you easily handle your deer skinning needs. Many people who always need a reliable skinning knife pack would go for this one. The reason is that the knives are made of steel, which delivers on impressive strength. With steel, you would be sure that the product will not be corroding anytime soon, so it can have many applications.
The manufacturer gave the product a minimalist design that promises to deliver on better functionality. The design makes it easy to carry around and even hold when using it to skin the deer. The design also affects the overall weight, which is around 12 oz. for the whole package. Portability for such a product should not be hard at all. For the storage of your knives, the manufacturer has included a heavy-duty black nylon sheath. You will get to safely carry the sharp knives without the worry of causing accidents.

Buck Knives 0119 Special Fixed Blade Knife with Leather Sheath

If you have to skin faster, you will need the big blade for your case. This one comes with a large 6” clip blade made of steel for impressive working on your deer. The steel used to make the knife is of high quality which means the knife is here to stay for a long time. You will get to use it on different hunting trips for now and the future. The knife also has edge retention, meaning you do not always have to keep on sharpening it. You will not have to wear it out with regular sharpening.
The manufacturer rates this knife to be great for outdoor activities, in this case, will be skinning. It can also be used for cutting in tight places where other knives seem hard to reach. The black phenolic handle makes it the best deer skinning knife for better durability. The handle makes it feel comfortable whenever using the knife. The genuine leather fitted sheath is an additional feature that guarantees that you have a safer and easier transportation of your knife.

Havalon Piranta Z Folding Blade Skinning Knife

Many people would want to have such a knife, as it delivers on many features that make it the best deer skinning knife. The sharp edges make it commonly used in field dressing and deer skinning. Its sharp edges can be compared to the dependability of a surgical knife. This just shows how the knife can be reliable for most of your hunting needs. The easy grip handle makes it easier to use the knife. At all times you will have a perfect control of the knife thanks to its easy grip handle.
The blade can also be changed easily. You simply have to remove the current one and snap on a new blade with a sharper edge. For its sharp precision, it has also been labeled as the best deer skinning knife. The product on overall is lightweight. You will not have to worry about carrying around a heavy knife on your hunting trip. The rubber sides on the handle panel make it have a comfortable and sure grip. The manufacturer also added a thumb stud on the knife to make it easy for opening by just using one hand.

So, what makes a good deer skinning knife?


If you are going to spend money on hunting gear, at least it has to be durable. You do not want to spend most of your time going back to the store to buy more gear at an extra cost. Both models of the Buck Knives are made of a stainless steel blade. The steel material is known to deliver on the excellent strength that will keep your knives in shape for a very long time. The steel material is still corrosion resistant, thus, your knives will not be rusting even if left outdoors more often.
The Havalona Pritanta blades are also made with high-grade material that can be compared to the surgical blades. Many people would choose it for having sharper edges. On overall, all the three knives have great durability and will keep on serving you when hunting based on your user skills.

Size and Weight

The size still matters a lot for many people. You would not want to end up with a big for nothing knife and also not so small knife that it cannot deliver on your needs as the hunter. The buck knives pack lite model seems to have the right size for different types of functions you will have to do when skinning the deer. With a 3.5”skinning blade, it should be easy to do your skinning faster. The sizable blade also makes it easy to skin in the tight space. The overall weight you get when buying the product is 12 oz. which should be easy to carry around with no problem at all.
The Buck 0119 model is the biggest among the three with a large blade measuring 6”. The large blade is often great for skinning, and that is what the knife is made specifically to do. You can cover a lot of ground when skinning with this type of knife. Weighing at 7.5 oz. it should not feel like a lot of weight for you.
The Havalon Piranta model comes with a set of blades to use. With the product, you get to switch between blades based on the needs at the moment. Most of these blades are great for skinning, making the product to be the best deer skinning knife. The pack comes with 2 ¾” blades, which you can switch when one becomes dull.


In the mind of the hunter, he will always want to get the best deer skinning knife with more functionalities other than just one. This means that he gets to save money and it is just easier to have all the knives you need with you on a hunting trip. The Buck Knives 0141VP knife kit without a doubt takes the day for having more functionality. When you buy the kit, you will be getting three knives which can be used for both skinning and gutting of the deer. The same cannot be said for the other two models, which can be best-suited jut for one functionality. The pack for this model includes the skinner, caper, and gut hook, which are all important for the deer hunting needs.
The 0119 buck knife model is best suited for skinning. It can do some gutting, but not as good as the master knife kit. Most hunters would use it for cutting in tight spaces whenever the need arises. This is the same case even for the Havalon Piranta folding blade which is best suited for skinning.

Ease of Use

When it comes to ease of use, you will need a knife that can be easy to handle for various applications. In this case, the Buck Knives 0119 model gets to be the easiest to use. You will simply have to pull it out of the sheath and get to work. Its comfort grip handle is an additional feature that will make it easy to use the knife with a lot of ease. Anyone would feel comfortable when holding the knife in the hand.
The Havalon Piranta model, on the other hand, might have an ABS plastic handle, but it also still delivers on the needs of many hunters. The handle is still comfortable to feel and also have a sure grip. This means that you get an easy time working on your deer with this knife too.
The 0141VP knife kit does not offer so much comfort in handling. It sure has many knives in one kit, but the comfort of using it is quite different. The knives do not have handles which you would say make it easy to use them. You have to be skilled enough with the knives just to handle them. This makes the pack to attract specific types of hunters and not for all.


The safety is all important, especially when moving around with a sharp knife. The manufacturers made sure that the knives had to be kept secure to avoid any injuries along the way. For the Buck Knives 0141VP pack lite knife kit, it comes with a heavy duty black nylon sheath. The sheath can handle continuous use for a long time without tearing from the sharpness of the knife. It also has removable liners for the sheath that makes cleaning much easier. You simply take it out and clean it before replacing it. There is an additional zipper storage that provides enough space to store some of your valuables while hunting. It is also rated as the best storage sheath as it can hold three knives, unlike the other models where it is just one knife.
The Buck knives 0119 special fixed blade, on the other hand, comes with a genuine leather sheath that makes it easy to carry the knife around. The only down side is that the sheath can only have one knife in it. The Havalon Piranta model is a folding blade so the sheath is not necessary here. You simply have to fold it down when carrying it around.


With so many lucrative options in the world of best skinning knives, you can be confused a bit from which to choose. From the above details, you can now make the choice of which is the best knife to buy today for your hunting needs. Just know that the best knife will help you achieve the much-coveted finesse and impressive accuracy when it comes to hunting. You might also want to develop your skill further before you can use it on skinning. This is because skinning the deer is not just about having the right knife, but skill too is important.

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