Best 5 Tool Vests for Professionals

Carrying the tiny screws and pliers can be a real mess, but not when you have a tool vest. A tool vest is perhaps one of the best accessories possessed by a technician or a hobbyist. The vest makes it utterly easy for the professionals to carry their store gears.

What is tool vest?

There are a number of tool vests available in the market, while some are designed to carry an assortment of pliers, wrenches, tape measures, rulers, and other laser measuring devices. There are others fitted with large pouches of varying sizes to hold the big and small staples of fitting jobs. You will also find rows of small compartments around the waist area.

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One thing is common in both the types – both types of vests help you shift the weight of the tool from hips to the shoulders. Shoulder straps are attached to the vest to accommodate different shoulder sizes and bulky winter clothing adjustable.
Electricians, plumbers, painters, and every handy man swear by this mess saving accessory.

Tool Vest or Tool Belt?

Buyers often get confused between the Tool Vest and Tool Belt. While both of them serve the same purpose, there are many points of difference between them.

Even though tool belts are good, they are not recommended to everyone, because of their nature of carrying the belts. The belts allow you to add additional pouches to them, which makes it easy for the users to select only what is needed. However, as it is mentioned above that the Tool Belt is not for everyone, we consider it the best for the jobs of carpentry only. There is a huge pouch in there to hang the hammer. But, not everyone like something heavy bumping on their lower back, especially if they are in a standing job.

As a solution comes the Tool Vest. You can take it with you for any sort of repairing or construction task. From small DIY enthusiast to the professionals, most of the technicians swear by the ease of the Tool Vest. Whereas people with slender body structure find it difficult to carry the belt, tool vest works wonders. It balances the weight of the tool between shoulders and lower back, keeping you light all the time.
Users of all body sizes can depend on the vest as it has adjustable straps to fit according to your body type. Unlike the tool belts, it offers smooth movement of legs, plus you don’t have to pull your pants up again and again. You might feel a little warm in the tool vest, but it’s not that bad.

On a general basis, we see electricians using these tool vests as it can accommodate all shapes of tools, big or small. No wonder, tool vests have all the major perks to win over the tool belt.

Why you definitely should have a tool vest?

With all the perks in view, we definitely recommend tool vests. They are lightweight and come with mess linings to maintain the breathability on the skin.

Technicians and handy men often complain about how messy their job becomes with so many little tools to handle. There is always a serious risk of losing you tiny equipment, and in such case, nothing works better than the tool vest. Technicians can have their hands free while working and of course it eases the handling of tools when you are on stairs. It’s not any sort of gimmick; in fact, those who have to work on heights consider the vest to be one of the best outfits one can have.
Provided it covers your body from shoulders to the lower back, you can hang the bigger tools in the upper pouches and smaller in the lower ones. There is no such complaint about movement problem or heavy weight with the vest.

Get into a habit of keeping the tools in a particular pocket every time, and your hands will automatically find their way.

How to buy the best tool vest?

Availability of too many products always confuses consumers, and the same goes in the case of tool vest. When you start searching for the right vest according to your job’s demand, you will come across a variety of tool vests.

Some are made to accommodate just the small hand tools like pliers and screw drivers; others can take in everything ranging from full-size hammers to cordless drill. Your perfect choice will be the one that keeps the tools that you use, nearest to your hands.

To be more specific here are some points of consideration:

  • Lightweight: The tools are going to be really heavy, so why not keep their holder a little lightweight. Pick the vest which goes easy on the body and doesn’t make you feel like having something chunky and burdensome. Also, do not get carried away while looking for a light weight vest as it might affect the durability of the product.
  • Adjustable and sturdy straps: Vests does not come in different sizes. However, they come with adjustable straps to suit almost everyone. The right thing will be to find one that comes with long and sturdy straps. With longer straps, you can loosen and tighten it to suit your body and the sturdy straps will increase the life of the vest.
  • Breathable material: Most of the manufacturers are using breathable materials like mesh lining and duck wear canvas for the vests. This ensures the ease of use even during warm weathers. Earlier, there were complaints about sweating issues during the summers, but now, it is easy to find a sweat resistant vest.
  • Comfortable: Proper support is necessary when you are working for long hours. While buying the vest, it’s a must to check all the corners, especially the one around the neck. It should be soft fitted in order to avoid skin irritation.
  • Versatile and smart design: Who are you, a DIY enthusiast or a contractor who handles all sorts of projects? If you are the first the one, then a simple vest with few tool pouches will do the job, but for those who are into a real occupation, better spend on a versatile and smart design. Look for a tool vest that can hold almost every tool like drill equipment and hammer, supporting you on a long run.

What are the top choices of tool vests?

1. Stanley FMST530201 Fatmax Tool Vest

Whether a handy man or an electrician, the Stanley Fatmax Tool Vest suffice the need of every technician, who wishes to keep their tools close to hand.

First of all, it’s extremely light-weighted and second; it comes handy for the tools you need to reach out the most. Multiple user compartments have been provided to tuck in the tools of different sizes.

Given that it uses mesh material to maintain the breathability of the vest, users don’t need to worry about sweating in the summers. The shoulder straps lets you adjust the vest according to your ease, and it works perfectly on both winter and summer clothes.

We like the light reflective strips which make it easy to track the tools even in the dark. From the safety point of view, it’s an excellent addition. When you order the vest, you can request the removal of modular compartments and hammer pouch. With so many features, it certainly is a worthy investment.


  • Handy
  • Breathable material
  • Lightweight


  • Neck part is rough
  • Open pockets

2. Vest Tech High Visibility Tool Vest with Built in Hydration Pouch

Even though you are going to find it a little pricey, Vest Tech is the best professionals can find on the market. With a number of pouches in the front and back, and back support belt, the weight of the tool is evenly distributed on the upper torso and lower back. There are both closed and open pouches, so you won’t have to worry about tools falling out.

The straps are adjustable for about 40”-60” around the chest, which makes it suitable for most of the body types. A two-liter hydration pouch is attached to the vest for extreme weathers.

Buy it, and you are going to like the bright orange color and reflective tape, which makes handling of the vest easy even in the dark. You can also buy it in black color. All over, it’s an ideal choice for professionals!


  • Comes in more colors
  • Built-in hydration pouch
  • Back support belt


  • A little pricey

3. Occidental Leather 2575 Oxy Pro Work Vest

Users like the handiness of this vest as it comes with a whopping 28 open pockets and tool holder. You can have all your tools arranged in the pockets, which happens to be evenly distributed. Even the weight is equally distributed between the shoulders and the back.

Very light weighted material has been used to make this vest. Plus, air flow is promoted with open back design, which is likely to keep you sweat free in all weathers.

We saw only one down side; you are going to miss the straps to adjust it around the shoulders. If you are ok with this, then go for it.


  • Distributed weight
  • Secure front buckles


  • Open pockets
  • No shoulder straps

4. Blaklader Workwear Roughneck Kangaroo Vest

Both DIY enthusiast and handymen swear by the Blaklader Workwear Roughneck Kangaroo Vest. Although it doesn’t come with adjustable shoulder strap, it comes in three different sizes medium, large, and Xlarge.

Made from the 11-ounce polyester cotton blend, the vest proves to be one of the most durable and lightweight vests on the list. As it comes with both closed and open pockets, you don’t have to worry about those tiny screws falling.

The vest is extended back for comfortable fit and proper distribution of weight around the shoulders. A good pick, if you are looking for some basic day to day job.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • No Straps.

5. Bucket Boss 80450 Duckwear Supervest

If you are a blacksmith or carpenter with day long jobs, then do look for the Bucket Boss 80450 Duckwear Supervest. You will be surprised to see how lightweight the vest is and it even maintains the clause of durability.

Along with being a tool carrier, it will protect you from flying debris and sawdust. The upper pockets are closed and keep the tools from falling. The pockets on the bottom are removable so you can remove it as per your need.

The mesh shoulder and back keep you cool even in the rough weather. We find it a practical choice for the price it is available at. It doesn’t flaunt straps, but it does come in two different sizes large/Xlarge, Medium/small.


  • Mesh back and shoulders
  • Removable bottom pockets
  • Web hammer loop


  • No straps
  • Only two sizes available

How to use the tool vest?

Even if you have the best vest with you and you don’t use it cautiously, it will hardly yield you any comfort. To rip the maximum benefit carry only those tools that are utterly essential and let the others rest in the tool box. It will not just lighten the weight, but will also increase the life of the vest.

If the vest comes with shoulder straps, tighten it from time to time for the perfect fit. Place the tools according to the priority for easy handling.

Users complain about sweating issues under the vest. To avoid this, you need to wear something breathable inside, like a light-cotton T-shirt. Always remember that even if the vest comes with mesh lining, it is an extra layer of clothing. So, to even out the effect you need something breathable under it.

Last but not the least; you must spend few minutes in caring for your precious little accessory. It might catch a lot of dirt, so to maintain the hygiene; it should be wiped once in a while. Read the washing instruction and if it allows machine or hand wash, do it at least once a week.

Bottom Line

This is it! We hope you got all your dilemmas cleared with this write-up. Of all the products, we consider Bucket Boss 80450 ideal for carpenters and black smiths, Blaklader Workwear for DIY enthusiasts and handymen, Occidental Leather 2575 Oxy Pro Work Vest for light jobs, and Vest Tech and Stanley for all sorts of professionals.

Still, we would like you to look into your requirement before you pick one of the vests. Ask yourself questions like: Why you need the vest? How many tools you are going to carry? You need big tools or small? By answering these questions you can easily trim your choice and finally reach for the best vest.