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AlphaHolster Belly Gun Holster – Abdominal Band Pistol Holster Review 2022

AlphaHolster Belly Gun Holster – Abdominal Band Pistol Holster Review

The AlphaHolster Belly Gun Holster is a multi-purpose handgun holster specifically designed to carry more than two types of handguns. The holster is the brilliant creation of AlphaBrace and is a highly functional abdominal band holster with an increasingly comfortable, durable, portable, soft and light design. The abdominal band pistol holster is made in the US and has become increasingly in-demand.

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I was in a dire need of a comfortable upgrade since I have to carry my glock around and the last holster I had was becoming too uncomfortable for me, especially since I sweat a lot, the holster made my belly itch all the time. I complained about it to my friend who earnestly talked about this new belly holster from AlphaBrace that everybody in the gun community went absolutely bonkers about in terms of comfort and dimensions. That is when I bought the AlphaHolster and we’ve since been inseparable.
The belly holster is professional-grade with an ambidextrous design, which means it is perfect for left hand and right hand shooters. But the best thing about the belly holster for me was the fact that it is designed to be water resistant, so not only is it waterproof, but it works perfectly well for me since I sweat a lot.  The gun holster is manufactured using high-quality light materials, which makes the product more breathable, which in-turn means that it will never accumulate excessive body heat and/or perspiration whenever in use.
Secondly, the belly holster is ventilated with an elastic design that allows me to comfortably and quickly secure my handgun without putting a single scratch on it. And this really does mean a lot because now I don’t have to worry about the value of my gun plummeting as a result of holster damage.
The gun holster tactfully, safely and discreetly tucks away your concealed weapon, keeping it close to your body, hidden under your clothes. It is really surprising how well it remains concealed when you wear a shirt or a t-shirt; there is no bulge at all. Whenever I am walking around wearing the holster, I sometimes forget that I am wearing it.  I am going to give it an A+ for durability and price.


Here are some really cool things you should consider getting this baby for yourself:

Features and Specifications

The holster comes in different sizes:

Potential Drawbacks

Alright so now I’ll move onto discussing a couple of drawbacks of the belly holster. The fact of the matter is I was quite disappointed with the actual size of the additional magazine clip holsters. Sure, you can easily store a flashlight and mini pocket knife or a pen in there but you will absolutely struggle when storing a magazine clip inside. I tried to fit a varying range of magazine clips of different calibers and unfortunately failed to find a single magazine that was able to fit in the clip holsters in my AlphaHolster. But because I actually carry two magazines with me, it isn’t a bother – but for people who like to carry more than two magazines, you won’t enjoy this belly holster. It’s just impossible to fit a magazine inside the loop.
The sizing of the product also seemed a bit off. You may require wearing a size up from what you initially thought you would require because this belly holster can be a bit tight, which is to better conceal your handgun. However, in most cases the holster becomes a bit too tight, and that can be really uncomfortable.


I give the AlphaHolster 4 stars because of its convenience and affordability. I mean you can’t expect to have everything in a belly-strap gun holster priced that is priced lower than a majority of top rated gun holsters. And the price, coupled with a bunch of features and advantages is what I loved about the belly holster. Sure, there are some drawbacks to it, but the fact that it is waterproof, comes in different colors and has additional loops where I can store my flashlight is something that I simply cannot overlook. I give credit where credit is due.
Plus, the product is also made with high-quality materials and the Velcro is quite solid, which means I don’t have to ever worry about it coming off because of increased heat or sweat.

The Bottom Line

The AlphaHolster is an impressive belly-strap gun holster, especially in that price range – something I have seen after a long time. Apart from its affordability and how durable it is, the thing I am most happy about is the fact that I am able to perfectly conceal my weapon. I can walk and comfortably play golf wearing the holster without having to be bothered by it all. In all honesty – I would strongly recommend this product.

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