All You Need to Know About Best Solar Flagpole Lights – A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

The current world is characterized by a broad range of lighting options. A glance at the recently introduced solar flagpole lights could serve best in portraying the positive direction that we are headed to in the lighting sector. 

Solar flagpole light is a great innovation whose benefits range from lighting up mounted flags to illuminating various outdoor areas including the balcony, deck, porches, pathways to accenting and spicing up flower beds and landscapes.
Solar Flagpole Lights

If you are entirely new to the world of solar flagpole lighting, then you must be a little confused while seeking to purchase a unit that will serve your interests right and in the best way. Fortunately, we are here to help. In this post, we present you with all you need to know about this priceless flag lighting option.

How do solar flagpole lights work? What are the top 5 best solar flagpole lights on the market today? What are the benefits of using this lighting option? How should you install a solar flagpole light?

These, among others, are the questions that we seek to answer in this post along with providing you with the reviews of the top 5 best solar flagpole lights in 2017. Stay tuned.

How do solar flagpole lights work?

Solar flagpole lights feature an integration of LEDs, solar panel system, and a rechargeable battery. Upon proper installation, the solar panel system begins to absorb and convert the sunshine into lighting energy concurrently. The converted energy is stored in the rechargeable battery(s) for later utilization.

On the market today, you will find solar flagpole lights that operate automatically with the help of inbuilt light sensors and others that require manual switching. Nonetheless, whenever illumination is necessary, after turning on, the LEDs begin to utilize the stored energy in the battery to light up any area.

The strength or lighting potential of a given solar-powered light depends on the size, quality, and power of the photovoltaic cells of its solar panel system. Also, the lighting period that a solar flagpole light supports will depend on the amount of sunshine absorbed and gathered per day. The higher the absorbed sunlight, the higher the energy converted and the longer the service time.

Therefore, it’s critical to have your solar flagpole light installed at an angle where the solar panel receives sufficient sunshine for optimal performance.

 What are the critical factors to consider when buying a solar flagpole light?

Purchasing the best solar-powered flagpole light is not a walk in the park. It’s a process that requires considering several factors. From the construction design to the performance potential of a given unit, you can now get to choose the best solar flagpole light by considering the following factors:

The strength of solar cell

Despite the amount of sunshine reaching two different solar flagpole lights at the same angle, you will find a variance in their performance potential. The variation is caused by the difference in the strength and size of the photovoltaic cells from one solar flagpole light to the other. For one, the smaller the surface area for absorbing the sunshine, the lesser is the sunlight absorbed and converted into lighting energy. Again, you may find photovoltaic cells of a similar size producing minimal energy under the same environmental conditions. This variance in sunshine absorption and conversion potential comes in due to the difference in the wattage from one solar flagpole to the other.

Therefore, you will need to go for a unit that comes with large, high-wattage photovoltaic cells if you wish to achieve optimal illumination services from your light.

The size of your flag or any area that’s calling for lighting

The size of the area that you are going to illuminate using a solar flagpole light will determine the unit you purchase. If you will be lighting a small flag, then it’s wise to consider wide-beam flood solar light. On the other hand, if you will be illuminating a giant flag, a narrow-beam solar flagpole light will serve you best. Ensure that you go for a unit that’s in the balance with the flag or any other area that you wish to illuminate using a flagpole light.

 The mounting style and requirements for installation

It’s critical to note that the mounting style of a given solar-powered flagpole light will determine its ability to absorb and convert optimum sunshine. 

Your preferred flagpole light may be designed to suit installation on either of the following areas on the flagpole:

  • Top-

Solar flagpole lights that shine their light downwards should be installed at the head of the flag pole for excellent performance.

  • Midpoint-

Solar-powered units that shine their light upwards should be connected at the midpoint section of the flag pole for effective illumination.

Therefore, it’s wise to consider the most appropriate position to mount your light before making a purchase.

Most flagpole lights on the market today offer easy installation guidelines along with the package. It’s important to read through the installation manual before carrying out the process. In most cases, all that’s necessary is tightening of the featured mounting bolts. The installation tool(s) may come with your package or be purchased separately. 

 Are solar flagpole lights waterproof?

Yes. Solar flagpole lights are designed to remain mounted on the flagpole throughout their lifetime. Therefore, you won’t have to uninstall your unit whenever rain comes knocking. They come with waterproofing ability to ensure all their interior components are shielded from moisture damage. It’s important for you to check the waterproofing level of your preferred unit before purchase. The higher the waterproof level, the more likely is your unit to last long. 

 Top 5 Best Solar Flagpole Lights in 2017 Reviews

5. BYB Solar Flag Pole Flagpole Light

BYB Solar Flag Pole Flagpole Light

With just the first glance at the BYB Solar Flag Pole Flagpole Light, you can tell that this is a product designed with the utmost goal being user satisfaction. It’s a solar flag pole light that brings you a creative design, amazing features, and outstanding design.

It features 26 ultra-bright LEDs that provide excellent illumination in any environment. The 6-piece 5V 600mA solar panel fitted at its top collects sunlight effectively while converting it into lighting energy to keep your flag illuminated throughout the night.

This light calls for no panic during installation thanks to its 100% solar powered system. You won’t have to struggle with stubborn wires while installing this unit. Even more, you can now say no more to the hefty electricity bills that come with your effort to illuminate your flag as a show of patriotism.


  • High-grade ABS plastic installation
  • Ultra-brightness thanks to the 26 LEDs on this unit
  • Excellent illumination time thanks to the high-grade solar panel 
  • Easy installation with no tools required
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed with the extended warranty and satisfaction test periods
  • Suits installation with a broad range of poles from 15-25 feet long and 0.5-inch thickness


  • This unit comes with no operational guidelines. Therefore, you might forget to switch it on after installation. Again, there is no power indicator light to signal whether this flagpole light is turned on/off.

4. Nature Power 22015 Solar Powered Flag Light

Nature Power 22015 Solar Powered Flag Light

Allow nature to take its course in lighting up your outdoor surroundings by installing the Nature Power 22015 Solar Powered Flag Light. It’s a standard solar powered flagpole light that comes with impressive features for the price. 

With 4 LEDs, this unit emits up to 56 lumens to keep your pennants, balcony paths, business banners, among other areas visibly apparent throughout the night.

We love its innovative solar panels that, when inclined appropriately, convert sun rays into sufficient lighting energy. The converted energy is stored in a rechargeable battery to serve illumination purposes during the night. The battery will keep this light working for up to 10 hours when fully charged.

Even more, the featured sensor allows this solar flagpole light to function without your intervention. It will turn itself on at dusk and off before sunrise. Therefore, even in your absence, you can be sure of your property’s security. 

Say no more to the exhausting power bills that come with your effort to light up your outdoor environment with the Nature Power 22015 Solar Powered Flag Light. You can be sure to reap maximum benefits from this unit.


  • Great lighting with 4 LEDs producing up to 56 lumens
  • Installs easily on most flagpole types and sizes and comes with no stubborn wires to connect
  • Superior ABS plastic construction allows this unit to last long while serving you regardless of the environmental condition
  • Provides about 10 hours of super-bright lighting when fully charged


  • No provision for brightness level adjustment

 3. TOTOBAY 30 LED Solar Power Flag Pole Lights

TOTOBAY 30 LED Solar Power Flag Pole Lights

TOTOBAY is the proud manufacturer of this fantastic flag-top lighting product. It ranked among the top 5 best products in this category due to its great design and convenient performance. This unit brings you 30 ultra-bright LEDs that will keep your outdoor environment well lit for up to 10 hours when fully charged. Its lighting ability makes it ideal for illuminating flags, porches, pennants, home landscaping, among other areas.

We love the fact that this unit is 100% solar powered as you won’t have to fret about energy bills. Also, its solar energy system allows for easy installation as you don’t have to deal with stubborn electrical wires.

Even more, the in-built light sensor in this solar flag pole light allows it to save on power significantly. Again, you won’t struggle with getting this light to work as it will switch itself on at dusk and off right before the sun rises. 

This is a great option for anyone looking for an efficient, reliable and robust solar flag pole light without breaking the bank.


  • Ultra-bright illumination performance through the 30 LEDs
  • Fast charging through the 11-piece solar panel system
  • Provides up to 10 hours of super bright illumination thanks to its 2200mAh battery
  • Affordable price


  • No provision for brightness level adjustment
  • You will need to get a longer and sturdier bolt for the excellent installation of this solar flag pole light on any pole

 2. Sunnytech 2nd Generation Solar-powered Flag Pole Light 


 Among the widely sort solar flagpole lights across the globe, is this product by the Sunnytech manufacturing. Its fabulous design as well a high-performance build are the core reasons behind the love it’s receiving on the market today. We were impressed by its larger LEDs relative to those in other solar flagpole lights by different manufacturers. The large 20 LEDs allow this unit to provide up to 20% more light as compared to other competitive products within its price range. Also, it’s rechargeable 4500 mAh battery, when fully charged manages to provide up to 18 hours of ultra-bright lighting in any environment. Even more, like the solar flagpole light by Deneve, this unit comes with an in-built light sensor that automatically turns it on just before sunset and off at dawn.

You won’t struggle with installing this solar flagpole light. In fact, it fits through rigged bolts. It fits on a broad range of flagpoles.


  • Installs easily on a wide variety of flagpole sizes and types
  • The large circumference LEDs provide excellent light coverage for optimum security and vision around your outdoor surroundings. 
  • Provides up to 18 hours of ultra-bright lighting when installed correctly
  • In-built sensor ensures continuous and efficient performance without your intervention


  • Its plastic build is quite delicate and fragile
  • Provides no option for varying the brightness level
  • Quite pricey
  1. Solar Flag Pole Flagpole Light By Deneve 

Solar Flag Pole Flagpole Light By Deneve 

Coming to you at an affordable price tag, this solar flagpole lights by the re-known DENEVE Company are worth considering. They present to you an amazing way to light up your surroundings. With an incredible and practical output of 1300 lumens, you can be confident to achieve sufficient illumination for your outdoors from this solar flagpole light that comes with 20 LEDs. In fact, it will illuminate your environment for up to 18 hours depending on the amount of solar energy accumulated during the day.

Again, we are pleased by the ability of this light to fit in a wide range of outdoor flagpoles. The fact that this flagpole light is entirely solar powered means you won’t need to struggle with the complicated and stubborn wiring installation.  

What’s interesting is the fact that this flagpole light comes with an in-built light sensor. Therefore, it will automatically turn itself on and off during sunset or sunrise respectively. This flagpole light by Deneve brings you 3 rechargeable batteries for utmost lighting convenience. We recommend this flagpole light for lighting up balconies, decks, pathways, porches, spicing up your landscape, among other useful purposes.  


  • Installs easily on a broad range of flagpoles
  • Excellent power efficiency thanks to the in-built light sensor
  • 20 LEDs of up to 1300 lumens are ideal for lighting any environment
  • With provision of up to 18 hours of ultra-bright lighting, you can be sure to keep your outdoor surroundings lit and secure throughout the night
  • The included 3 rechargeable batteries will serve you for an extended period and in the best way


  • The in-built sensor- Despite making this flagpole light easy and convenient to operate, it blocks the user from deciding when to turn the light on/off. Again, you can’t adjust the light’s brightness to suit your preferences.

What’s the maximum brightness level offered by solar flagpole lights?

The optimal intensity level of solar flagpole lights can’t be fully specified. It’s a subject that’s affected by various factors including the number of LEDs in a particular unit and the amount of energy stored for illumination purposes.

Typically, on the market today, you will find solar flagpole lights that offer ultra-brightness of up to 1300 lumens. However, the brightness level varies as you move from one unit to another. 

It’s important to go for a solar flagpole light with adjustable brightness level. This way, you will manage to set your preferred illumination brightness with ease.

How should one fix a solar flagpole light that stops working?

flagpole lightsUnderstanding the several reasons why your solar flagpole light might fail to work is the first step to fixing it. Some of the reasons why your flagpole light might not be working include:

  • Failing to turn it on after installation
  • A pull tab on the battery
  • Blocked or obstructed solar panel
  • Poor positioning of the light for optimal illumination of the preferred areas

By considering these reasons that may lead to your unit not working at all or correctly, you should manage to get it work in the best way. You should ensure that it’s turned on after installation, remove any tab that might be preventing the battery from performing and clean the solar panel to remove any substance that may be blocking it from absorbing and converting the sunshine into lighting energy. Even more, it’s wise to consider positioning your unit in the best way for proper illumination of your flag or another area.

If after all these procedures fail to get your solar flagpole light to work, you should check with the seller to ensure that the unit is not faulty or for a replacement. 

 How long should a solar flagpole light be charged? And how long does a solar flagpole light work before replacement?

Typically, solar flagpole lights demand full-day charging through their solar panel systems. By letting your unit charge throughout the day, you allow it to gather sufficient energy for an extended period of illumination throughout the night.

The lighting period differs from one solar flagpole light to the other depending on several factors including battery power capacity, solar panel quality, number of LEDs being powered, brightness level produced, among others.

Under optimal environmental conditions, a standard solar flagpole light should provide up to 12 hours of illumination. 

In matters durability, a solar-powered flagpole light should provide a service of up to 1000 nights of excellent lighting.

 What’s the average lifespan of solar flagpole light batteries?

Typically, a high-quality replaceable and rechargeable flagpole light battery should last up to 36 months. Whenever the unit stops working due to a faulty, expired battery, you will need to replace it with immediate effect. You should confirm the type of battery used by your solar flagpole light before heading to the market to get a replacement. 

 How should you set up your solar flagpole light on the flagpole for optimal performance?

The following steps should lead you into mounting your solar flagpole light in the best way:

  •  Getting the flagpole ready for mounting of the light

Begin by switching the unit on through the on/off knob. You should also check to ensure that the recharging system is turned on. Lower your flagpole to the lowest level and unscrew its ornament top.

  • Mounting and tightening the solar light on the flagpole

Begin by inserting the adaptor through ball bearing hole at the upper part of the lighting device

Tighten the featured nut stopper onto the adaptor until it holds the light unit securely

Tighten the ornament top securely and the nut onto the adaptor top

Tighten the light securely onto your flagpole’s top or midpoint

  •  Test the light

After letting it charge for a while, you should cover the solar panel. If the unit is working correctly, the built-in sensor should switch it on automatically. Again, by uncovering the solar panel, the sensor should switch the unit off automatically.

  • Concluding the mounting process

Using the flag clip, attach the solar panel to the pole through the connecting chain. 

Raise the flag pole and begin to enjoy excellent illumination of your flag or outdoor surrounding. 

How should one maintain a solar flagpole light for optimal and durable performance?

 No tangible maintenance practices are mandatory for solar flagpole lights. 

However, it’s essential to perform occasional cleaning of the entire solar panel and the lens. By cleaning the lens, you will maintain it clear while the solar panel will always receive maximum sunshine for optimal performance. 


Wrapping it up, despite the difficulty that comes with finding a solar flagpole light that’s ultra-compatible with your needs and preferences, the research and analysis process is more than worth the time. Finding the best product to illuminate any area will never come easy. You will need to dive into the market, test most of the available options before settling on one product.

In this post, we have reviewed the top 5 best solar flagpole lights in 2017. We are confident that any of these choices will serve you in a great way. You should count yourself lucky for finding a unit among our choices that is in line with your requirements.

Beyond purchasing a high-quality solar flagpole light, ensure that it’s installed in the best way for optimal performance and durability. It’s time to enjoy the renewable energy. We wish you all the best when buying, installing and using a solar-powered flagpole light.