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Outdoor Sleeping

Meet Our Team


Danny’s Camping Guide (founded in 2015) is a Moab, Utah. that promotes fun and responsible outdoor recreation. We work closely with the The States Division of Wildlife Resources and other local agencies to protecting the state’s wildlife. The club is also active in numerous community service projects.
If you want to add an extra challenge to your ice fishing this winter, a tournament may be just the thing. Plus, you can help many of our fisheries and often win prizes!
Help many of our fisheries and win prizes!

Our team mission

Our mission is to help our readers build their dream camping trip. Completing your trip may seem impossible, I’m here to help.
“Let’s camp together.”
We exist only because of our readers. We want to give a sense of security to our readers so they don’t worry about the 3 main concerns for campers during a dream trip project.
We at Danny’s Camping Guide will guarantee the safetyand cost of each trip project. “Let’s camp together.”

Danny (Escape trailers)

Camping at the beautiful Wokas Lake Forestry campground with our friends. The water was crystal clear and the lake was refreshing! Even Fani, our dog, who is NOT a water dog, found herself submerged from time to time. The last picture is our overnight in the grand metropolis of Campbell River, looking out at Quadra Island…our next destination. #escapetrailers

Michaela (Campers and Hikers)

So this is my first camping trip in in 2022, hiking solo in Hocking hills! Though I was only there for two days I had the chance to rock climb rectangle rock 65 feet in the air, visit Rockhouse, Cedar Falls, and old man’s Cave. Not to mention I also allowed myself some calmness in the quiet moments of sketching about my travels at a beautiful winery and relaxing in a Himalayan salt cave. Finishing the trip off I built a fire from scratch and celebrated with a little bottle of cognac. I don’t think I would’ve wanted this experience to be any other way and I’m so thankful to have had this time to rest, reboot and go wild before the woes of moving ❤️
#hockinghills #solohiking #camping #rockhouse #cedarfalls #oldmanscave

Sarah (Housewife)

Decided to go camping again with my daughter, my husband, Ali. Took on a great adventure trip to Cloudland Canyon State Park in northwestern Georgia. Brings back memories of cooking meals out over campfires, setting up campsites, and especially sweating out more than enough perspiration. Last night we roasted hot dogs over burning embers and made s’mores. Today planning on going to Rock Coty again in Chattanooga and then white water rafting on the Ocoee River. Here are some initials videos and photos.

Brandon & Ella’s Family

It rained on and off, we packed up and changed campsites and we fought on and off all day because sometimes we are all assholes. Still having fun and tomorrow it will be sunny and we will be the most cheerful little assholes on this planet.
Also Cheetos burn like a match and I still let my kids eat that garbage because at least they shutup for 5 minutes.

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